Stuck for a Post Idea, Tag Yourself

I used to edit my tags and even then think I was ending up with far too many useless tags which I would only end up using once and then look silly for having so many tags with so little content. I’ve changed my mind.

All those tags (and now I regret deleting so many before now) are pointers, giving me new direction when I need something to post about and feel I have no clue where to start. Not that I often find myself in this situation as I also keep an idea file where I stash news articles, pages ripped from magazines and another digital file for anything online).

Anyway, if you need an idea for a post go through all the tags on your blog. Use them to see ideas you posted a little about and could post more about now. Maybe you’ve since found new information, formed different opinions or come up with a new angle on the same topic. The options are kind of endless, once you find a direction to head into.

Happy tag surfing!

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