Super Villain Grrl Takes Over

The Mother Ship has finally landed. Celebrations are breaking out all over the planet and everyone is gathering up their essentials and other not so necessary stuff to take off for the Mother Planet. There are posters and blog posts going up all around the world and everyone is patting each other on the back and hugging and even kissing in pure joy.

Oddly enough, no one is questioning this whole Mother Ship and Mother Planet concept. It’s as if everyone on the planet was brainwashed all at once. Don’t they remember we never came from any other place?

What dastardly plot is this and how can you, as Super Villain Grrl, fit this in to your diabolical plot to take over the world? Also, kind of a problem if everyone leave the planet to you and there aren’t any minions to do your bidding. Definitely spoils the whole world domination thing.

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