Support Yourself as an Authority

It is all too easy to doubt yourself. Just wait a few seconds and the doubts will begin seeping in. One terrible thing we do to ourselves is comparing to others. This nitpicking at ourselves undermines our abilities and confidence. Give yourself some credit and… stop demanding perfection of yourself.

It is OK to make a mistake –  you can change mistakes into positives.

Let yourself have an addendum if you find out something more. Write a follow up if you change your mind.

Don’t think you must have everything right every time. Let yourself learn and share that with people. I’d trust an authority still learning over one who is unbending and thinks they already know it all. No one knows it all.

Share what you discover and learn. How did you find out about it? What was your experience trying out the new idea or method? Be human and share what you know, what you discover and even the stuff that doesn’t work out at all.

Your mistakes are genuine proof that you are involved and care about your topic (whatever you are an authority for).

Never Doubt Yourself

Do not doubt yourself as an author. Be firm and resolute in your writing.

Never say “IMO” or “in my opinion.” Your reader already knows it’s your opinion. Speaking that way screams uncertainty, and casts doubt on the content you’re presenting.

YOU are the expert. Don’t forget.

Read Industry Stuff Often.

Read a lot of blogs and websites in your industry on a regular basis to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on.

This keeps you informed and on top of trends. You’ll be able to write from a solid frame of reference and won’t appear detached.

Source: 10 Writing Tips for More Engaging Content

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