Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Group

This is a group for anyone who has ever dreamt of waking up one day and finding the world we know now has been stripped away. All of society gone, wiped out. Only the ghostly remnants of society remain as deserted cities and abandoned eerie highways.

A world where only the strong and determined survive.

To all of those of us who fantasize about living in a city like the overgrown, abandoned ruins of Chernobyl.

Whatever form your chosen apocalypse takes, be it viral outbreak, terrorism, nuclear holacaust, zombies, alien invasion or biological contagion then this is the group for you! Meet like minded people and discuss plans, strategies, share artwork etc.

Welcome to the world after…

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Stranded on an Alien Spaceship for Life

Along on an alien spaceship, headed to the other end of the universe (an unknown) and all the time of your life ahead of you. Forget being stranded on a deserted island… what would you miss from planet Earth, stranded on an alien spaceship for the rest of your life?
stargate universeSource: Unsolved Mysteries: 15 TV Cliffhangers – Rotten Tomatoes

Stargate Universe started out so well. I wish they had kept it going (with the alien ship which seemed to have a personality and mind of its own for at least awhile). Then the show got complicated with people jumping around from Earth and back and having some mini wars… I lost the plot about mid-way. I was happy when they were trapped on the ship, learning how it worked, finding odd aliens and planets along the way.

I would watch it all again and would still like to see it continued with more stories and characters.

Enjoy Dating When you Don’t Have To

There are a lot of dating sites around now. Most of them seem to be spin offs from a few major chains. If you scroll down to the end you can see which one it really is versus the niche domain it’s trying to cover. Large Friends, Christian Friends, Furry Friends, they all end up being part of the same main network. It’s disappointing because they all have the same kind of scam going. They say they are free. Free to join. Free to post your profile. But, they stop being free at the crucial moment. If you use their free search and find someone you want to contact… you’re off the free zone.

I’d really like to find a Dating Agency that worked for me. There are some which are still completely free. You can find them just by searching for that sentence. I’ve written about them before myself.

Today I’m thinking about the fun of reading dating sites, when you know you aren’t really looking for anyone. The best way to do this is to pick a location far from your own. Read about dating in Alaska, dating in Hong Kong, dating in Birmingham, or some place you actually would like to travel to. You might pick up some interesting local culture. Maybe find great places to get a coffee or eat out.

When you’re feeling a bit down about dating in general, that is a great time to read dating sites too. It costs nothing to pick on someone’s profile when you’re not sending them a note or caring about meeting any of them. Find the worst one, the one full of the most nonsense and just be glad that’s not someone you’re ever likely to end up on a blind date with!

Take that dating profile and write a future for him or her. Write as if they do meet someone and things work out for awhile…. and then… Give them a scenario. A love story gone wrong.

  • Man found in Tibet with amnesia, wearing only longjohns and a gap-tooth grin.
  • Dating couple ignite long time family feud due to stubbed toe.
  • Soap actress puts love on hold after birthing triplets with her faithless online lover.
  • Newlyweds split due to irreconcilable differences after alien abduction.
  • Dating lawyers end up duelling in Chinese food restaurant.

Paracosm: Your Own Little World

A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world involving humans and/or animals, or perhaps even fantasy or alien creations. Often having its own geography, history, and language, it is an experience that is developed during childhood and continues over a long period of time: months or even years.

via Paracosm – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I was told I was living in my own little world, as a kid. I haven’t fully moved in or integrated into this one as an adult. I do acknowledge it’s existence. It’s nice having a world of your own making to fall back into. I’ve always got company there. The things I like are just waiting for me.

What would your paracosm look like? What would you find there? Likely all sorts of things you put away to make room for being an adult, a Mother, a Father, a full time employee, a career-minded individual, a bill-paying tax payer, and all of those things we do as responsible adults in the real world.

Take a minute to dip a toe into your own little world. Remember who you are, the core of yourself. You are more than the adult you had to grow up to be.

An Alien Christmas

Christmas Eve is magical just because it comes right before Christmas and all the stuff everyone has been looking forward to, thinking about and planning most of this month (if not before). Most families have Christmas traditions and rituals of one kind or another. Think of your own.

Now, think about holiday and seasonal rituals and how some one from another culture, another planet even, might see all the things we do for and around Christmas. What would seem to be the strangest thing of all? Write about it from the point of view of an alien or time traveler who has never heard of Christmas.

The Head-centricity of it All

We are head-centric. Think of all the time we spend on working on our own heads. Physically with hair, make up, teeth and then facial hair. Mentally, thinking too much, trying to fit in and so on. How much of our standard day is spent on something to do with our heads.

How would it be for an alien who does not have a head? Instead they carry their brain somewhere else and their body image is based on the full body presentation. In short, they do not have a face to present to the world. They don’t have to worry about having a whiter smile. They don’t care about how kissable their lips look.

How would it change your world if you didn’t have to be head-centric and think about the face you show the world? What would you worry about instead?

It’s Raining Alien Men

You may not have noticed but I like science fiction. I think about alien life. What they might be like, physically, mentally and culturally. There are endless options, more than we can know with our small database from our own experiences on this one planet. One fun thing is to imagine alien men. It’s fun.

Put some time into designing your own alien male. He can be anything, any look, any behaviour, anything at all that you can imagine or have ever desired. It’s kind of like reinventing men, but better. They don’t even have to be green, though you could find them easier that way.

Hiding Who you Really Are

You’re part of a team exploring an underground world, the domain of some mysterious aliens that failed in a plot to take over the Earth. The space aliens were on Earth for a few generations in human time. But, finally someone came up with a brilliant idea and won the day, for the humans.

What no one on your team knows is that you are actually an android built by the space aliens. You’re hoping no one finds out cause you know they won’t like it. How do you feel, being an alien and yet part of the humans too? How does it feel to be part of both worlds, both cultures and yet having to hide who you really are?

Peter’s Evil Overlord List

Thanks to ejm (Blog from Our Kitchen) for the link.

Being an Evil Overlord seems to be a good career choice. It pays well, there are all sorts of perks and you can set your own hours. However every Evil Overlord I’ve read about in books or seen in movies invariably gets overthrown and destroyed in the end. I’ve noticed that no matter whether they are barbarian lords, deranged wizards, mad scientists or alien invaders, they always seem to make the same basic mistakes every single time. With that in mind, allow me to present…

The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

Read Peter’s List if you like or just start creating your own. Peter’s List ended at #231 see if you can write 5 points of your own.

Here are five of my own:

  1. I will make sure the evil pet cat does not shed. There is nothing so embarrassing as having cat hair all over you when you’re threatening to be really tough and evil.
  2. If I am captured (for a short time) I will tell them all about my plans to take over the world, when they think they know it all and have me securely caged up, I will escape and get back to work on my REAL evil plans to take over the world.
  3. I will keep a fancy glass room in my dark, secret castle so I can have sunlight, gardens and a tea room to lull them all into thinking I’m not really as evil as I seem. It will also be a nice place to have my minions bring my breakfast each morning.
  4. My minions will also sleep in suspended animation each night so they know I have the choice to wake them up, or not, each day and they should appreciate that fact.
  5. I will not wear black. That’s just so over done and expected. Instead I will wear dark, deep red… or green, orange, etc. Keep them guessing.

Battling the Alien Mating Dance

Several aliens have landed in your living room. Not the aliens from another country, no, these guys are most definitely from another planet, or three. Once you get over how way out they look with extra sets of eyes, fingers, heads and that purple colour on one guy and the neon blue on another, you wonder why they are here. Sure, odd things like this seem to happen to you all the time, but come on… today is your birthday, couldn’t the weirdness of the world (the universe?) give you one day off a year?

I guess not cause the aliens are all male and each is set on battling to the death to win you so they can take you home to their planet for mating season. Lucky you.

Although one of the aliens is kind of attractive in a spacey way… you really did have a different plan for husband/ mating material. So now you have to trick the aliens into thinking you aren’t really at home, even though they have all seen you. Surely you can fool a pack of guys who have never been to your planet before?… Think! Quick!