Yahoo! Profiles (and Avatars) are Going Away

Yahoo! is phasing out their Profiles. You can’t look up someone else and, I couldn’t even find my own to see what I had written about myself. (Though Yahoo! recommends I save anything in my “About Me” and “My Interests”, I can’t even get my profile to load up at all).

yahoo profiles

I thought I would look up my Yahoo Avatar but that put me back on the “Going Away” page for Profiles. So, it seems the Avatars are also going away.

Maybe Yahoo is using logic in removing things which have not been greatly used. But, I think they have it wrong.

Why not bring the Yahoo Profiles and Avatars into the new world of social media instead?

Connect Profiles and Avatars to Tumblr and Flickr. How much more colourful and interesting they could have made those sites/ services with the addition of the Avatars and an expanded profile. Yahoo Profiles (with it’s long running database of users) could have rivalled for giving people a profile page to connect all your accounts and people in one place.

yahoo avatars

So why didn’t anyone at Yahoo do this?

I don’t know. But, it does seem Yahoo prefers to buy and then bail out on a lot of sites and services. There must be some business or marketing sense to it, I hope. I don’t see it. I do see what could have been wonderful as a web profile being lost instead. For no great reason other than taking the slow road to nowhere.

I looked at Yahoo Groups this week, just out of curiousity. At one time I ran email lists and newsletters through Yahoo Groups, when they were called something else and before then when they were MailCity and eGroups which were bought by Yahoo. But, the Groups are pretty silent now. Why aren’t bloggers using Yahoo Groups to run email lists? It’s free. It’s easy to set up and work with. It’s reliable… isn’t it? Hard to be sure when it looks so stagnant and neglected.

Why Yahoo!. Why?

I don’t want to see Yahoo! die. I’ve been watching them slip away for years though. No one seems to be excited about the possibilities any more. They almost seem content to slip into obscurity.

Avatars from

These all came from, a game site. I don’t know when they started using avatars but it gave me a reason to go back to the site. I haven’t played any games there in years. If you are there and want to see me, my account is lauragrrlca. I may not play again for awhile. But some of the games there were worth a second look. I did try one which did not work well on my PC but chances are it’s a Linux thing. 

Is Vox Better than WordPress and Blogger?

I originally wrote this in 2006. Vox is still around. I never did much with my account there but have kept it. I wish I had a plan for another blog to run with Vox. I don’t see it happening soon.

Have a look, take a spin around this free weblog host and decide for yourself. It’s from Six Apart, known for Movable Type. Is Vox their way of competing with WordPress and Blogger?

Vox is a network like OKCupid, including boards, quizzes and personal avatars. One of the interesting features of Vox is Collections, like a scrapbook on the side. It’s simple make changes and add the newest features. There are a LOT of templates to choose from. I selected the Toronto cityscape.

I joined Vox to look around. Whatever your opinion it really does compare well with other free blog hosts I’ve reviewed. I don’t need another blog but I want to be involved wtih this network and the feeling of community which is building here. I’m going to stick around.

Thursday Thirteen #17: Avatar Making Sites

Just wrote a post for the EntreCard blog about avatars. Here are thirteen of the sites I found for making avatars. Handy for adding a face to your site if you can’t draw a circle or get far using graphic software. (I’m still working on that myself).

Bless This Chick

The Weather Pixie

Horoscope Avatar Maker



Wee World

Doppel Me

Create My Picture

Lego Avatar

South Park Avatar

Simpsons Movie Avatar

PowerPuff Girls Avatar

Doll Palace