E is for Earth

Earth in ASCII artI’ve admired others who created the Earth in ASCII art. I especially like this first Earth which was done by Hayley (hjw). So, I tried to create my Earth within the same dimensions she used for her view of the globe. I think her globe is much better, but I can live with mine. It took a couple of days to get it this far.

Posted for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

C is for Canada

ascii art canada


I may be the only one who gets the idea behind my design. But, here it is. I wanted to do something fresh because I started the A to Z Blogging Challenge to help get myself back on track. I used to post daily, then I got too many other sites and put that extra pressure on myself. Blogging became a chore and I lost track of the elements I really like about web publishing. One of them being creating my own images whether my own photos, hand drawn cartoons or ASCII art (like this).

SITS Girls Spring Fling

We’d like to formally invite you to our Spring Fling, completely geared at being easy, fun, and interactive. From May 7th to May 18th, here is what you can expect from us:

One entire week devoted to building your following on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. {And don’t worry a bit if you do not already have any of these accounts. We’ll be showing you how to get started too.}

Another week spent helping you to “spring clean” your blog by figuring out ways you can improve your blog design, About Me page, Best Of page, and other key elements.

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Zeal and Zip and Zest

Today is the last day of the A – Z Blogging Challenge. Today, Z is for zeal.

A long time ago I was a volunteer for a web directory called Zeal, they called the people who worked for them zealots. They gave us badges instead of actual pay. It was different from the Open Directory, where I also worked. But, Zeal closed down years ago. Now I work for BOTW, Best of the Web. Sometimes, I wish I was putting in more time there. I do like finding sites to list and tidying up existing listings.

Anyway, zeal is my word for the day of zed because zeal is about having passion and finding something you really enjoy and care about. Zeal is an action word. What are some things you have zeal (persistent, fervent, devotion to a cause) for? Do you have some of these things in your life each day? How can you find time or space to fit in at least a little of something you feel zealous about into each day?

Yowling to Get Noticed

Today is Y on the A- Z Blogging Challenge. A lot of words begin with Y. But for some reason I thought of ‘yowl’. That sound a cat makes when it wants to get noticed.

What other words can you think of for sounds cats make? Skip the easy ones like meow and purring. If you were going to write a story with an animal as a sidekick what animal would it be? How would the animal communicate or would it just be like an ornament, sort of moved around like a dead weight?