The Space Seed Adventure

A little seed fell down from outer space. Of course, it wasn’t an ordinary seed, otherwise it would have just burnt up in Earth’s atmosphere. Instead, it fell into an ordinary garden in an ordinary backyard in Ontario. The seed landed on a garden bed and luckily the gardener was watering that day. The seed was washed down into a crack in the dirt and surrounded by water. It had the chance to root and took it!

At first the gardener, who was a middle aged woman named Nancy, thought it was a very unusual weed. So she left it to grow, out of curiousity and thinking how great it would be to have something different to show off to the local garden club. It grew a lot, bigger and bigger, taking over that area of her garden. But, Nancy didn’t have the heart to pull it out when it was thriving so well.

At the beginning of July she noticed a flower pod coming up. It grew quickly and took so much energy from the plant that the rest of it began to wither. Nancy added more compost and that seemed to help. The pod became thinner so that one morning as she studied it she could see inside. It looked like a little boy was all curled up in there, sitting with his arms curled around his legs looking right back, studying her!

Nancy thought it must be kind of dull for a young person to just be sitting there so patiently. So she brought out a comfortable yard chair, some books and a light for when it got dark outside. She read to the boy. Reading about pirates, mathematics and of course important things like compost and garden snails too. The boy would smile each morning as she came out to begin her watering and then sit quietly as she spent hours and hours reading to him. Nancy was so busy she forgot to feel lonely.

At the end of September the flower opened. By then it was a full grown, middle aged man who stepped out sometime during the night and waited for Nancy to venture out in the morning. The man smiled, thinking of how surprised Nancy would be. Then he looked up, way up into space, hoping for another space seed to land soon so his cat, Clover, could live with Nancy too.

Write your own space seed adventure.

Unlofting Your Big Goals

It’s kind of easy to have a high and mighty, lofty goal in the future. It seems so far ahead of us, almost out of reach. Makes it easy to set the big goal on a pedestal, on the backburner, procrastinate and possibly lose sight of it completely.

Do something each week to acknowledge your big goals, even if they are too far ahead to do anything towards achieving them right now. Keep them active in your mind, where they don’t get lost in the clutter of everyday things, smaller goals and all the steps you are taking to the big goal.

Little things can mean a lot. Post a note about your big goal on your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, somewhere you will see it regulary and make sure you actually read it rather than becoming blind to it. Put your goal as a label on a penny jar and each time you add your pennies to the jar, see your goal posted there. (When the jar is ful spend the pennies!)  Reorganize the books on your shelf to spell out something related to your goal when you use the first letters of the titles. You get the idea, it doesn’t have to be something too crazy, just keep your big goals as something real versus something lofty and out of reach.

Do You Know about BookCrossing?

Read, Recycle, Release with BookCrossing!

Welcome Welcome to BookCrossing, where books have adventures of their own. BookCrossing is earth-friendly, and gives you a way to share your books, clear your shelves, and conserve precious resources at the same time. Through our own unique method of recycling reads, BookCrossers give life to books. BookCrossing books are not stagnant dust collectors, but living entities travelling the world as true BookCrossing emissaries. Our books find new readers and introduce them to the wonders of BookCrossing.

It’s been awhile since I looked at my BookCrossing account. It was especially fun when I lived in the city, Toronto. I didn’t have so much luck when I moved. I’m hoping to find more people involved in my area these days. At the very least I’d like to find at least one person who reads what I like so we can trade books. Wish me luck!

Tell the World Who you Are

Well behaved women rarely make history.

I know we are intended to think of the above as a reason to take risks, challenge ourselves and look outside our comfort zones. But, behaving badly can also mean acting like a slut, being mean and nasty and other sorts of negative things. Yet, some of those negative things can get you into the history books too. I guess the quote is really about pulling out all the stops and going for it.

But that backfires on women. There is still a double standard.

Still, we should not keep our head in the sand, live in our tidy constructions and feel safe. There is a real thrill with taking a risk, trying a wild ride and doing something you really want to do but had to let go of your fear just to try.

We are all afraid of something, of how others will see us and of what we might lose in the process. But, wouldn’t it be worse if you never dared at all? Don’t just jump in with both feet but don’t let that keep you from jumping at all.

Jump on something this week. Something you don’t think you dare to do cause it’s just not something others would think you should do. Don’t let them dictate to you too far.

“The world will tell you who you are, until you tell the world.”

Don’t Get Angry, Get Mad

Your new house has a basement with a secret room. The entrance to the room is hidden and no one else has noticed it. Of course, you’re the only one who goes down to the basement much, for the laundry room. You begin using the room to store your books, some other personal things and some shopping excursions which you’d rather keep to yourself. Then, you meet a contractor, an old guy who is mostly retired but could use the odd job to keep the bills paid. So you hire him to refurbish that secret room, even give it a spooky security door. A door that locks by a code you set, from the outside. Now no one can get in there even if they do notice it some day.

A few years go by. The kids are all in school, you’re working a part time job and starting your own home business. The husband is doing well, working a lot of overtime and making good money.

Then, the day comes, when you discover your husband has his own secrets. He’s been keeping a place of his own too, sort of. His comes with another woman and it’s in some fancy highrise downtown. He’s also been stashing money in all kinds of accounts all over the place. You take all the information down into your secret room and just sit awhile. You cry, you rage and then you begin to plot.

It doesn’t take too long to clear out your secret room, though those books were pretty heavy. The contractor comes back for one last job, installing cameras and a thick plexiglass window in the hidden doorway of the secret room. The contractor is curious about your latest renovations but figures it’s some new kind of entertainment centre you’re building down there now.

And it is… sort of. You, at least, are very entertained watching your faithless husband pace and rant in his new accommodations. How long do you leave him there and what do you tell the kids?

Entertain the Thought of Fantasy Creatures

You walk through a door. On every other day since you began living in this place that door has gone from the living room to the kitchen. Not today. If you look back over your should you can still see the living room, just as you left it. But, looking ahead of you, instead of the kitchen you expected to see there are gnomes, trolls, elves, fairies and… isn’t that a unicorn…? Over your head a small dragon breathes blue fire and then lands on your shoulder.

If you look carefully you can see your coffee pot, an elf is sitting on it. They are all much smaller than they appeared in any of the fairy tale books you read. Some of them have not really looked up and noticed you. Some of them are looking at you as if waiting for you to do some kind of a trick to entertain them.

What kind of a trick could you do?

Educating the Modern Android

Your new best friend is a robot. You crazy mad scientist you! Your android works, it will change the world and make you rich and famous, eventually…. First you have to educated it. You need to do it fast too. This android is eager to get out into the world and as strong as it is it isn’t a mental giant and it easily becomes a danger to itself. Like the time it decided to dive off into the pool, not understanding that a pool needs water. Ouch! So, what do you do to speed educate your metallic (thick headed in a real way) creation? It can speed read, that will help. But you need to choose the books it will read, in an order that will help it understand more as it goes along. No point in starting with online dating before it even knows there is an opposite sex, right? Not that you even want to get into anything about dating with it this soon. But, where to start?…