Why Aren’t You Writing for HubPages?

Note: This was originally posted on the HubPages site, June 2012. I have stopped writing at HubPages but still recommend the site for new writers or those who don’t want to set up their own site or weblog.

I was thinking about what I get out of writing for HubPages and decided it would actually make a good post. Other writers should know the benefits, the less obvious benefits, to writing for HubPages or other networks.

Yes, you get paid. But, yes… you actually do get paid.
You get to practice in front of a live audience.
You get your name out there, on topics relevant to you and your interests.
You get to dabble in blogging without opening a site or buying anything.
You can work on your spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Meet other writers and other people sharing your interests or interested in you.
Promote yourself on social media by linking back to your accounts on Twitter and etc.
If you have a site you can give yourself back links and interlink between relevant posts.
Learn from the guides, tips and rules on the network. Watch for changes to how they do things and find out the reasons behind them.
Get fresh, new ideas from what other people are posting. Use the ideas in your own way.
Making Money at HubPages

My time writing for HubPages is a bit skewed. I opened an account and didn’t start using it until about 3 years later. So my results are different from what your own may be. Of course, no one is going to have the exact same experience anyway.

However, when it comes to my time here versus my money earned, things are a bit complicated.

Still, as far as being paid by HubPages. I am getting paid and I am making money here. I signed up for other writing networks and did not get any money for my work and my time. In fact, I’ve only been paid for work on my own blog (which is outside of any writing network) and HubPages. None of the other networks have paid me a thing in the past year. So, of course, I am putting more into HubPages and my own sites.

My first payment from HubPags was just over $50 and I am halfway to a second $50 payment. Due to my own efforts – choosing topics, writing headlines, writing content and finding context, etc – I have made $25 in three months.

Now, if you look at your cost of living that doesn’t seem like much. But, it’s pretty good for a writing network. I know others are making more money in different ways. I’m not comparing apples and oranges though. I’m quite pleased with the money from HubPages.

Of course, the secret is time management. Don’t over do it. Keep your time, work and the returns you get in balance.

There’s More to Writing for a Network than Money

People always want to know about making money. But, as a writer, there is more you can get out of writing for an online network than money alone.

Don’t forget the importance of feedback, building up your skills, learning how things work and building a reputation/ creating an online presence for yourself. Those are all real things you can get from writing for a network like HubPages.

I also like HubPages because it gives me a goal to work towards. When I write for myself I have no boss, no one looking over my shoulder or keeping me on track. I sometimes go off on my own and daydream about some new idea or write a post because it appeals to me, just me. Having a bit of a task master at HubPages is a good thing. You need to keep your focus, watch how and what you write/ post and you can see the results and set yourself goals to improving based on the numbers HubPages tracks for you.

Right now I’m working on getting traffic numbers up. I want to go from 10K to 100K around the end of this year. It may be too much to reach for. But, I’m past the quarter point. Progress, even if I may fall short at the end, I can still see things might work out. I’m pushing extra buttons by promoting my posts, linking to them and continuing to write new posts.

Why Not Give HubPages a Try?

I’m not going to stick in a referral link here. If you do join I would appreciate the referral but I’m Canadian and I’m just not comfortable asking for something for myself.

But, if you have read this and think writing for a network is a good idea, try HubPages. You don’t have to pay to join, you don’t even have to start writing right away. Think about it, consider how useful it could be for you and then give it a spin.

Send me a note when you make your first post. I’ll leave you a welcome comment.

Bring Back The Equalizer

The EqualizerOne 80’s TV show they should make over is, The Equalizer. Does anyone else remember that one? Edward Woodward starred in it. He was an older man, retired from the CIA or something. Kind of a crusty, grumpy old guy at times but he would take up a cause from the little guy and fight for it. But, he stayed on the straight and narrow, if someone lied or became dodgy he didn’t just meekly accept it.

At least that’s how I remember it. The actor, Edward Woodward, died in 2009. (I looked it up). So they can’t bring him back as his Father or Grandfather or anything else like that. It would have to be a new character without links to the old Equalizer, which would work just fine really.

I remember my Dad watching the show. I didn’t usually like all his cop shows, but The Equalizer was different. That show had a personality of it’s own.

I’ve been watching the remake of Beauty and the Beast, based on the 80’s show which starred Linda Hamilton. I’m really disappointed in it. The new show lacks all the romance and poetry and the world building fantasy of the old show. The very things that worked so well have all been stripped away. Instead they have tried to go for a newer angle, newer urban legends. Instead of people living in home made communities under the city they have governments creating super soldiers.

What old 80’s show would you like to see remade and what kind of spin would you put on it to make it new, for this century?

Snip.it Dumps it’s Content Curators in One Swoop


Snip.it may be excited. I feel used and tossed aside. Yes, it was a free service so I should appreciate what I had. But, that’s just it. I did appreciate it. I went out of my way to promote Snip.it and I did give suggestions for making it better. I was really happy and feeling good about the community there and the content we were building. I invited friends to join. I was banned from a forum on another site because I tried to encourage more people to join Snip.it.

I noticed things were quiet on Snip.it for the past couple of months. It was unusual, but I didn’t really think about it. Then, out of  the wild blue today this notice came up when I tried to add a fresh link to my account. I had already added several links just hours ago. So, this really did happen without warning. In spite of the words they say I feel betrayed and shocked even. I’m kind of angry.

My traffic was building, I had over 5,000 subscribers to my topics and I was able to see what was bringing traffic and what wasn’t. Now I have no way to keep in touch with my subscribers or ask them to follow me to a new site, nothing.

In the end, Snip.it is dumping us all for some mystery Yahoo! thing. What does that leave us with? A job curating content at a new Yahoo site? No. It leave us with absolutely nothing. But, we can take our links (which aren’t going to mean much stuck in bookmarks) and quietly get lost.

I made the Snip.it Hall of Fame. I didn’t look until I read the post Snip.it Snaps on Kitsch Slapped. Somehow it doesn’t seem to mean all that much. It would have meant a lot more when there was a Snip.it and I felt a valued part of the site and important to it’s growth. Now I wonder what Yahoo actually bought. (Our content collections and mainly, our subscribers? What was Snip.it if not a place for snipping content and sharing it with subscribers and those who wandered in from links we posted to social media?) I heard Yahoo paid $10 million for Snip.it. They say thanks for being a part of Snip.it, but I get no part of that. I’m left with far less than what I put into the site and I feel burned, really burned. The Hall of Fame thing is like getting a gold watch out of a bubble gum machine.


Do Not Fear the Linux

I wrote this originally in March, 2012. It didn’t get finished but I’m posting it anyway now. It’s become a bit dated when it comes to what I’m working on and what I’m working with.

Why do people stick with MS Windows? I understand the fear of change, the lack of ambition to move from the status quo when things aren’t “all that bad”. But, Linux is free, it doesn’t get attacked with malware, worms and etc. I run Ubuntu Linux which is updated more often than Windows. Ubuntu puts out two new major upgrades (new versions) each year. They have a schedule for them. Plus, it’s free, did I mention that? You can reinstall Linux, you can try other versions of Linux from other companies and decide which suits you as a user of the OS.

The only downside I have found after 2 years of running Linux is not being able to use some of my old Windows based software. But, that’s my own laziness. I could use a Linux add-on called Wine. I’ve read a bit about it. You can somehow use all or most of your Windows software, run on Linux with Wine as the intermediary. Free too, of course.

I haven’t touched Wine though. I only miss the games once in awhile. If I really craved them I’d do something about it. Meanwhile, all the software I like for building websites, creating graphics, etc is available from different sources. Free too, as open source most often. I do find Ubuntu Linux is picky about letting me download software from the web. If I work within Ubuntu’s Software Centre we all get what we want. But, downloading from the web doesn’t always work. Ubuntu will, now and then, deny me the files I want to load up. So sometimes I’m running an older version for awhile, until Ubuntu’s Software Centre catches up and sends me the update in the auto updates from the Update Manager. It does keep track of the software I’m running, without me having to do anything.

I really don’t miss MS Windows at all. Ubuntu Linux looks like Windows. My web browsers run the same as ever, look the same as ever. However, MS IExplorer won’t run. But that shouldn’t be a surprise, right? I just thought it was funny at the time. I had seen a post about the new features for MS IExploer and thought I would take a look. I forgot I was running Linux; forgot or just didn’t think about it being the ‘enemy’ OS.

I thought I would make a list of some of the software I’m using these days. Mostly for myself. Likely I won’t think of a bunch of them until later.

KompoZer – Instead of MS FrontPage (I had an old version of FrontPage which I still like and will keep the CD even though I can’t use it).


Shotwell Photo Manager

Filezilla – Which is the same program I was using for FTP before I changed to Linux. So no real adjustment there. It runs and looks just the same for either OS.

LibreOffice – I’ve only used it once. I’m just not that into huge Office software. I end up using a plain text Notepad file when I write. Most places I post my writing have an automatic spellecheck to give me that feature. The other Office features I just don’t use, never really have.

HubPages Apprenticeship Program (My Application v.2)

This is a copy of my second application. The first one was messed up. I wish I had kept a copy – it would have been simpler to repost than start over. But, I also like to read over what I sent and judge what worked and what might not have (especially if I don’t get accepted).

It turns out the error is something at HubPages and they can’t find me there when it comes to joining the program. But, I get paid and my articles appear, so I am just going to leave it at that.

HubPages Apprenticeship Program Application

* Required


Final Details

We’re looking for committed, consistent, passionate writers, so please share with us any samples of writing you have already published online, as well as your interests.

I’m a dedicated blogger. Since starting online in 1996 I have run several of my own sites and written for others. There is nothing as great for inspiration and building enthusiasm as being part of a group project or blogging network. This is the main reason I am applying for the Apprenticeship. I could use some fresh input, the group feedback and better ideas for some of the blogging skills I haven’t fully explored while working on my own.

They asked for any others you cared to add, up to 3 all together.

Word Grrls
Green Living History

Creative writing, ASCII Art, urban exploration, rural ruins, abandoned houses, crochet, holiday crafts and traditions, dragons, text art, coffee, web publishing, writing online, Ubuntu Linux, Movable Type, being Pagan, visual arts, art journals, creating web graphics, local history, local paranormal stories, odd art, being a plus sized woman, digital photography, creative photography…

Corporate Communications – a 2 year program at Centennial College in Ontario. – The course was geared to writing in-house publications and included public relations. The focus was on writing in the news reporting genre.

I’ve been writing online for writing networks, other sites and creating, maintaining and promoting (producing) my own sites and blogs since 1998. I work on my own mainly. But, I enjoy working with a group too. In the past I was a member of BackWash.com, HerPlanet.com, BellaOnline, Suite101, LockerGnome and Wz.com – some of these are no longer available.


Zombie Scenarios from the Zombie Safety Guide

From the Zombie Safety Guide

Zombie Scenario # 7 You find yourself holed up in an abandoned building in the middle of the night. You were forced to take shelter because there are Zombies crawling all around the street. You hear a peculiar banging coming from deeper within the abandoned building. You’re armed with a handgun, and only 12 rounds of ammunition left, What do you do? Do you investigate the sound, and chance being infected or attracting more by using your gun? Or do you ignore it and sleep the night away.

What would you do?

I’d create sound in some other area (away from myself) so that anything creating sound would be drawn there, away from me.  Then I’d hide in a closet until daylight.

SITS Girls Spring Fling

We’d like to formally invite you to our Spring Fling, completely geared at being easy, fun, and interactive. From May 7th to May 18th, here is what you can expect from us:

One entire week devoted to building your following on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. {And don’t worry a bit if you do not already have any of these accounts. We’ll be showing you how to get started too.}

Another week spent helping you to “spring clean” your blog by figuring out ways you can improve your blog design, About Me page, Best Of page, and other key elements.

Sign up for the SITS Girls Spring Fling Blogging Challenge.

Building the Character

Building the Character – Reprinted from the WordCraft newsletter on the BackWash site.

One of the keys to building a living, breathing character lies in the details. We are constantly reminded to use all our senses. Sometimes, we need to step back and build the back story for some of the main characters using all those senses. If we look at the stories we like to read, we will also find that all of these details are not revealed to us at one time.

A couple of lessons I used with my students are valuable for all of us to revisit once in a while:

1. Items from a wallet or purse give your character dimension. Personal items in a wallet or purse provide detectives with insights into a person. Besides the standard items of driver’s license and cash, items such as credit cards, business cards, lighters, notes, pictures or the lack of them all provide clues. They can also trigger a memory for your character.

2. Show your character dressing. What rituals are there in the daily robing? If you remember Lee Marvin in the 1965 movie Cat Ballou there is an incredible scene in which we see the transformation of Kid Shelleen from the drunk who cannot hit either side of the barn to the steel-eyed gunfighter. This is all accomplished in a dressing ritual. Have your character dress for a special event. Take time and space to use all senses. You might even end with a scene that you wish to include in your story.

3. Take time to show where and how your character lives. What books, magazines or items are scattered around the apartment or house? Is the room neat and tidy, like that of Adrienne Monk, or cluttered and messed up like the room of a teenager?

Once you have built a back story for your character, you will have a better feel for how and why s/he will act in certain ways in the story you are writing.

Happy December!

December is my favourite month. It’s not just because Christmas is this month. If anything I can think of several things (like my birthday now that I’m 40+) that could take away the luster of December, if I let them. There is just something about the month of December, the first snowfall (even though it started in November this year, if you want to get technical). I like the freshness of December. It’s the first month that feels like winter. It gives us a cold snap to sharpen our senses. December brings all the traditions like building a snowman, drinking hot chocolate and thinking about Christmas holidays and birthday getaways (if you happen to be born this month).

What do you like, or not like, about December?

Happy New Month!

Formatting Matters!

I started reading this and liked the rhymes. I would have read more, probably right to the end, but the formatting (a block of solid text) put me off. I skipped down and read some lines from the middle and then around the end. What a shame the writer didn’t take the time to format their work and make it easier to read.

I tried and failed. I couldnt prevail. My path derailed. In my own fairytale. I couldnt see what I needed to see. All this time you were misguiding me. Here I thought you were setting me free. But I was to blind to see reality. I heard your voice clear as day. When I saw you walk my way. I wanted to leave but you begged me to stay. For so long I stood at your side. Not knowing I was,building my own prison to,hide. Blinded I was so filled with pride. I was dieing and that I denied. I wanted so bad to stop this bleeding. To heal a scar that was never leaving. To wrap real love around this wound. Leave this world I will real soon. When I am gone dont call my name. I will ignore you as you did the same. Will you see the tears I cried or closely feel my pain. All the lies are just a bloodful stain. It scars me, a good girl I cant maintain. I look at you hate runs through my vains. Why couldnt I brake free before? Oh, thats right cause I was the one you adored. I was scared a bit paranoid. I thought that I loved you but truly what it was. I was looking for someone to love. This heart that I hold loses control. It confuses emotions and, of what it ought to know. Faliur is powerful when you feel its your fault. The world can tell you different. Yet you tell them to hault. Corruption of the heart, mind and soul. Trying I was but this is unbearable to hold. Will you die mentally? Will you stay traped, when I brake free? Will you feel what you did to me? Do you feel anything? I doubt it, just like everything. I guess this it I’ll take my leave. Thnxx again for nothing.

via Thnxx For Nothing on PNN.