This Week’s To-Do List

  • Two hours of writing as per the 90 Day Plan.
  • Check the usual places for any interesting freelance work that might pop up.
  • Look for post ideas to be rewritten for HubPages.
  • Reading Suite101 University eCourses.
  • Grab March bus pass.
  • Read/ take back/ renew library books
  • Police check thing for Barrie Health Centre
  • paperwork for cultural diversity for Barrie Health Centre
  • forms for self employment – expenses and earnings.
  • Walk-in-clinic for referral for possible surgery. Maybe. Bleh.
  • Write paid post for this week.

What Do Happy Pills Look Like?

Do you write better when you are light headed and starving? I think not. Yet, here I am, writing on a day (so far) of fasting. I’m not cleansing. I’m just being a bit lazy about making anything edible. Later I need to get out, catch the bus and get coffee. I’ve been putting off the trip since this morning. Not so much a lack of energy as a lack of bother. Some days I really could just be a happy, little hermit.

New legal anabolic steroid now available in the US– Yes that’s a paid link. Although I do take steroids (in my asthma inhaler) I really don’t know anything about them. I don’t read about the side effects and I really don’t want to know too much about long term effects. I’m not much of a health nut.

I don’t read much about nutrition either the technical details about things like proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and so on. Sometimes I read about making better choices with food and things like hidden salt and sugar and types of fat. Not a lot. I think I don’t really want to know too much.

I do take vitamins. I have multi-vitamins which I tend to forget until I realize they’re about to expire in another month. Then I try to put them in a spot where I will see them and remember to take them. I still don’t remember. Usually I’m just busy with something else at the time I think about them and then, I don’t remember them later when I could take a break and grab a vitamin. But, I do sporadically take Apple Cider Vinegar as an antioxidant and Wild Salmon Fish Oil for Omega3. Mainly, I hope the fish oil will help my skin. I’ve always had dry skin. it does seem to help, but I’m not really sure how much.

There are sites online where you can order all kinds of pills, vitamins and supplements, like Predator Nutrition. I’m always surprised by how much there is when I look down the vitamin and nutrition sort of pills in the drug store or the grocery store even. I’m sure it’s a growing industry when I see it all spread out down the length of the whole store aisle.

Still, there isn’t a magic cure for anything yet. No pill that will turn you from fat to fabulous in a day. I did see a movie where they had a machine like that. It’s the only part of the movie I actually do remember. But, it was a pretty bad movie.

If there were a magical pill that would give you whatever change you want, overnight… What would the pill look like? We all think about quick cures but when do we imagine what they would look like? 

Note: The happy pills in the photo come from KawaiiCloudShop on Etsy.

A Postcard from Barrie

A Postcard from Barrie

  • This photo was taken on Tuesday in Barrie, Ontario. It was a bitterly cold day, not many people were out walking around.
  • I didn’t hear the news that day. What I remember about the day myself was the walk from the bus station to the coffee shop on Dunlop Street. A short walk but it took longer in the snow. I was an ice cube when I did get to the coffee shop.
  • Photo credit goes to me. That keeps it simple, eh?

I read a post in The Atlantic, a special weekly post from a random city around the world. This one caught my eye because it’s Winnipeg, Manitoba here in Canada. I’ve been to Winnipeg a few times and always enjoy wandering around the city. Anyway, the post gave a snapshot of Winnipeg, that day, A Postcard from Winnipeg.

  • It starts with a photo, about the size of a postcard.
  • Then a note about the weather that day.
  • Followed by three news items.
  • It ends with a credit to the photographer who contributed the post from Winnipeg.

Create your own postcard from where you are.

I Got a Kobo Touch eReader for Christmas

My brother bought me a Kobo Touch eReader for Christmas. Also, a travel case so it can safely travel around with me getting bumped about in my purse or backpack as I bus around town.

Now, I’m on the learning curve to figure out how to use an eReader, especially how to load and share ebooks. I’m not even sure about all the correct terminology so I have a long way to go. I’m getting started by installing the software today. The eReader Emporium eBooks, eResources, eReaders
The eBook Reader Blog

Hope Begins at the Bus Stop

This is just how I felt waiting outside in the dark, half an hour standing in the pouring rain at the bus stop. I was soaked through when I finally got home. Right through my Winter coat, even my bra was wet.

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” Anne Lamott

Shopping Cart Syndrome

When you are out shopping this season or just any day picking up groceries, do you return your shopping cart or abandon it in the parking lot?

Or, worse, do you steal the shopping cart, taking it out of the store parking area? It costs us all when shopping carts are stolen and yet people still seem to do this. Not just kids, as some of you will be thinking. I’ve seen adults walking off with shopping carts, taking them home. Maybe it’s cheaper than getting a taxi or the bus home, but it is stealing. Yes, it is. No matter how you justify it, the store did not agree to ‘lend’ you the shopping cart to that extent.

People can get annoyed with abandoned shopping carts. I see them all over the store and the parking lot (and of course, those farther afield). They don’t especially annoy me. At least they are on wheels, you can’t say that about some people who seem to abandon themselves in the way of their fellow shoppers. I have politely edged past a few gawkers who just seemed to lose their mind once in the presence of electronics and other toys. Shopping carts can stack up. What do you call a group of abandoned shopping carts? A gaggle, like geese? They hardly seem to have the intelligence to be a murder, like crows. How about a flock like seagulls or a herd, like cows?

Once you find yourself faced with a flock of shopping carts it’s not so easy to move them aside or somewhat out of your way. They bang and clash together and never head in the same direction at the same time. That can be annoying, especially when you just want to stash your groceries and assorted purchases in the car and get on with your day.

In Ontario we have shopping cart returns. I’ve seen them all across Canada and in the US too. But, in the US they don’t seem as popular. I’ve noticed most people here will return their shopping carts, fairly tidy and organized in their stuck together lineups so the carts don’t wander out again on their own power. Not every time or all the time, but most of the time, Canadians do return the shopping carts. Thank you to all of you! (Around the world, thank you to those who tidy the shopping carts and return them to their little shopping cart shed/ wracks).

I was reading a local flyer which calls the lack of cart return, Shopping Cart Syndrome. I checked online and didn’t find anyone else talking about it by this name. So, I thought, I should post it. You can send a note to BG @ The Perkolator if you want to talk more about this. One thing I will add… sometimes, I don’t return my cart when I am annoyed about having to pay for shopping bags now. I don’t leave my cart where it will bump into parked cars or be in the way of shoppers and people using the parking lot in general. But, I have begun to feel that paying for shopping bags is not right and I don’t always give the store the courtesy of returning the shopping cart.

So, next time you feel annoyed about an unreturned shopping cart, BG and anyone else, it could be a protest about paying for shopping bags. Yes, I could bring my own but this is very inconvenient when one doesn’t have a vehicle to store all these extra things in.

Write about your own experiences and thoughts related to shopping carts. Do you have your own theory about returning the carts?

WikiHow: How to Observe Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month
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Do You Remember Erma Bombeck?

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” ― Erma Bombeck

We build trust gradually. But, when there isn’t time for it to build we have to decide based on what we can find and understand in the moment. What other signals might you find in a doctor’s office which would give you an opinion about the type of doctor he/ she would be? If not a doctor, think of other professions and examples.

Don’t take your car to a mechanic with a bus pass.

Don’t listen to a weatherman who never carries an umbrella.

Never borrow books from someone who only looks at the pictures.

Try a few yourself.

Create your Cheerful Celebration List

Create your Cheerful Celebration list to give you small and big things to celebrate the little things in life or cheer yourself up when you’re a little down.  This idea comes from When I Grow Up.

  • Go out for a latte and try something new.
  • Spend an hour or more at the secondhand bookstore, shelfsurfing.
  • Sit outside with a good book.
  • Make a dinner I really want rather than thaw out something frozen.
  • Take the bus downtown and have lunch.
  • Take the bus out of town and stay in a hotel overnight.
  • Pamper myself with new shampoo/ conditioner and a hot shower.
  • Wear my favourite really red sweater. Go boldly forth.
  • Give some guy a flirty smile, regardless of how I look at the time.

Terrifically, Terribly Tardy

Being late is all kind of relative. My sister is a small business woman. When we meet for coffee/ tea (which isn’t often) I don’t ask for a precise time. I ask for an approximate hour. This is so I can be there on time, arrange my day, figuring in the bus schedule. She needs the leeway for her schedule. I’m usually the one who isn’t late.

I’ve agreed with the idea that people who are habitually late are, in some way, looking for attention, or not really wanting to show up at all. But, not in every case. There is room for a few shades of grey in the late theory.

I was known for being late as a kid. But only for school. At some point I changed. I made my own plans, I began arriving early, too early even. Don’t think I’m a shining example. I’m still late upon occasion, stuff happens like snow, sleet and hail.

Write about someone who is late. Maybe they are often late, maybe they have a reason for being late or maybe they hate being late and are feeling huge pressure to rush and somehow manage not to be late, or not so very late.

Extra Resources:

NY Times: For the Chronically Late, It’s Not a Power Trip

Darren Hardy Blog: 5 Ways to Stop Being Late

Random Haiku

There are always ideas stirring around in our brains, even when we think we are just having a shower, taking the bus, writing out a grocery list… the brain has other ideas. If you just decide to write a haiku your brain will pop out a first line. It may not be one you want to use, or sound very clever, but go with it. See where your brain takes you today.

The leaves are falling
I can hear my phone ringing
The snow is calling

What will you come up with?