What’s So Special About You?

Do you have a moral obligation to help another person?

You’re waiting at the bus stop. It’s a cold wintery day and the bus is likely running late again. There are three people in the bus shelter, not you as they were already all crowded in there when you arrived and none of them moved enough for you to get in. So you’re not feeling especially freindly towards any of them.

One of the women just keels over, falling to the floor of the bus shelter. The others inside there look down at her but just ignore her. Are you obligated to step in there and help her?

Yes, in all the movies everyone rushes to do the right thing. In reality it’s cold and you’re the coldest of all the people standing at the stop. You’re tired, your purse is new and you really don’t want to put it down in the snow. One of those other women is likely to walk off with it if you give them half a chace.

Really, why should YOU have to do it?

When Turtles and Snails Collide

Your new job is air traffic controller on a planet where everyone gets around in huge hot air balloons rather than cars or trucks. It’s a busy job. There is one day when you feel a bit tired and the balloon bus nearly collides with the balloon oil tanker… luckily you woke up in time and were able to get them to fan each other away, safely.

It isn’t the most boring job you could think of, though it might be the slowest paced job. Whatever accidents there are take a few minutes to happen versus a few seconds in a car back on Earth. Well, you have time… what would be the slowest paced job, the job where nothing happens very quickly? Not counting the Maytag repairman, that was just fiction after all.

Pulled by the Scenery

I like a story which draws you through the scene. Something like:

Lacey waved to the bus driver as the engine roared past her. The walk home was short, the night was velvet all around her, dark and smooth. Once the bus turned around the corner she was alone. An hour later she was still alone, in her bed, thinking about life, work and everything when the last bus of the night went past the apartment.

Not the world’s greatest example. I thought of something better last night but can’t remember it now. Can you write something where the scene, the scenery, pulls you along from one place to the next in your story.

Take this Job and ….

How do you make yourself go into work on a day you really don’t want to? What do you do to trick yourself into not missing a day? If you work from home, writing or another business, how do you discipline yourself to sticking to a work routine?

I’m trying to just not think about it and follow along the routine of getting dressed, groomed and out the door for the bus. If I act like a brain dead zombie until I actually get there, well, at least I will have gotten there.

The Great Outdoors

On a day when you feel really discouraged from writing. Stop. Pick up your purse and any other essentials and get outside. Take a bus, drive or walk your way to somewhere you can sit in the outdoors. It may be a park bench or the middle of nowhere if you live near enough to it, or for some the best you can do is a window overlooking the street outside, but find a bit of nature and the outdoors and let it blow the cobwebs out of your mind.

It’s Okay to Lose Your Mind

Next time you’re on the bus or taking a shower or any one of a dozen things and places where you can let your mind wander, write down at least three of the things your mind comes up with. I always get interesting ideas while in the shower or waiting for the bus to get me where I’m going. I don’t always write them down. Sometimes I just don’t have pen and paper or I am just too busy once I’m at my destination. I regret it cause the best ideas come when you just let your mind have free reign.

Indie Challenge: Playing in the Muck

Indie Blogger Challenge:
Exactly enough words regarding:

Walking out of a Starbucks on 59th, you’re hit by a bus. it doesn’t kill you but it does leave your body comatose and your soul standing on the corner wondering what the hell to do. Its classic, like a Disney movie. You watch the EMTs load your body on a gurney while people pass through you, ignore you, shining and floating slightly above the ground. You have an overwhelming feeling of mischief and a certainty that this will not last long. Making the most of it, you:

Slip into the body of some nice looking guy. I sense his surprise as suddenly he isn’t the sole occupant. But I finally satisfy my curiousity about how they walk with that silly looking thing getting in the way. Once that is done I begin digging into the male mind. What really is up there, what makes them tick? I soon get bored of looking at porn and wander off back to my own body with a new appreciation for being a grrl.

The Writing Route to Success Everlasting

I’ve been looking at some sites for writers today. Some of them have writing exercises, some have just a lot of links, some try to be a support group with message boards and chat. It made me think about what I have as my own support group here. In my life, outside of the blogworld, I have a pressure group.

My family think writing is a waste of time, nothing will ever come of it, etc. The pressure me to move on and forget it all. They remind me of every bill I need to pay, everything I don’t have, and all the time I’m wasting. That’s all just pressure. I think some people try to be supportive, when they have time or think about it. But, it just feels like more pressure that way. I remember any sincere compliments but most of the time people just ask how the writing is going, am I done that book yet…? It’s not going all that well.

I feel so pressured to pop out something and I can’t find even a starting point to write it all. I think that’s why I am okay writing short articles and short stories. They only need a momentary focus and a burst of inspiration and then in an hour or so they emerge, complete. Writing a book isn’t like that. Still, I have to find my way. It is something I want to do. For the money, yes but also for myself. I want to have something big I took on and won. It would be nice. It’s so easy to get sidetracked though.

I don’t think a support group is going to help much now. I can’t hear that and take it as support any more. I just feel more pressure, as if there are more people waiting, expecting me to perform. I need to find my own way in this. I don’t know how anyone else can help. Not at this point. It all has to come out of my own brain anyway. There is certainly enough packed up in there. You’d think it would be simple to squirt some out onto a blank page. I don’t have writer’s block in the traditional sense. I just have no idea how to begin, where to start.

I think I will take a break from trying for the rest of the daylight hours. I’ve been hearing about how cold it is outside but I will brave the weather anyway. I checked the bus route schedule so I can time it and not be stuck waiting out in -14C for long. Unless I miss the bus of course. Ug.