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There are a lot of articles here, even quizes about if you would suit a home business, but iVillage has a lot of scripts and ads. If you have a dial up connection, like mine, it is a bit hard to be patient and wait for the site to load. I found keeping only one iVillage window open at a time made a big difference. The first time I tried to find articles about home business I went ahead and opened each in a new browser tab. That caused my computer to freeze and crash. So, I will read easier now, one at a time. Open a window and close a door, or a window, as the case may be.



We currently need good writers for our newsletter sites that are growing rapidly. At the moment (January 2011) we have six active sites each of which has a number of newsletters and our writers daily prepare summaries that are sent to a range of clients to help keep them up to date with important business developments.

It’s interesting but before I sign up I’d like to hear from others who are involved. How has it been working for them.

Addendum: The site may be abandoned. The section for writers seems to have been forgotten since 2011.