Fix Writer’s Cramp

From LifeHacker: Loosen Up Your Writing Grip to Banish Pain.

If your hand gets cramped and sore when you write long hand try to give up your death grip on the pen. Don’t carve your words onto the page. If you work on not pressing down so hard or squeezing the pen like a hungry python, your hand will not tense up and you will be able to cure your writer’s cramp. I’ve found it does work, though it isn’t easy to get used to writing long hand again. I do like taking paper and pen out to the local coffee shop and just letting ideas come to me when I’m not looking for them.

A Conversation That Has No Sound

How would you describe sign language between two people if you were writing about them? I watched two people having coffee and having a conversation using sign language. They were quiet, but active.  Sometimes a word would be thrown out there, too loud but they can’t hear how it sounds to others.

Seldom does anyone write about a deaf character. I think it is harder to write about being deaf than being blind. We can close our eyes and stop seeing.  It is not so easy to block out sound. Even with ear plugs you can still hear the sound of your own voice when you speak.

In our speech we have tone, rhythm, volume and other aspects we present as sound to communicate. If you were portraying  a conversation in sign language how would you give it the same sense of tone implied and the rhythm in the language and the emphasis when the communication is emotional. Can you describe a conversation that has no sound?

Why Do Men Make Themselves Undesirable?

Conversation was interesting. He talked on and on which was good in this case. But he hardly looked at me. Kept looking out the window away from me. It was strange. I always look people in the eye when I talk to them. A few times he asked what I thought about him/ where I wanted to go from there with him. He’s the same guy who sent me two digital photos of his cock and then apologized. So he is looking for a commitment for sex but trying to pretend he has more to offer. Meanwhile he didn’t bring me so much as a flower or offer to buy me a second coffee or say anything complimentary about me. Couldn’t even look at me during the conversation. There was nothing about him or his actions that made me want to jump into bed with him.

These are my real comments about a date I went on last night. This was a man I had tried to meet 3 times before this but each time something happened. Once he was late and I had already left. The other times he did not show up but had valid reasons. Anyway, last night he was there. Said he was nervous and talked almost non-stop. But I was glad for that as I didn’t feel any romantic interest right from the start and it was easy to sit back and listen rather than try to fill in empty spaces.

No romance. He didn’t even look at me when he talked, just short glimpses to test if I was still there I guess. I think the one thing that shows the character of the date was when he (fiddling with his own glasses) turned to look at my face for a moment and asked me if I wear glasses. They were on my face, not hidden by hair, and I had been wearing them the whole time as mine are not reading glasses.

As a date it was not a disaster. A disaster would have been something aggressive I think. Or something where I left with coffee or something spilled all over me. As a date it was sad, a sad excuse for romance or passion or even mild human interest. Each of the men I have tried to meet through dating have been the same kind of story. They don’t really put any effort into the whole thing but like a spoiled little boy they still think they have every reason to expect a treat at the end. As if treats are just handed out automatically to every spoiled boy who actually shows up.

Being that I am the treat I don’t see any reason to give myself away to spoiled boys who can’t offer at least a little romance, show a little real interest and see me as a person rather than a tool or a candy treat. I think every single woman in this day and age has a story or nine about the same kind of behaviour. So lets write them down and post them to your blog of choice. Women tend to not say too much when they really feel let down by other people. Maybe that is why men think their behaviour is perfectly acceptable and can’t be bothered to even try to make themselves seem desirable any more. Write about it and post your link here so we can share stories back and forth.

Good luck on any and all future dating endeavours.

Let Sleeping Ghosts Lie?

I had a coffee date with a guy who has an interest in the paranormal and the supernatural. Things like ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster (known as Kempenfelt Kelly in the Barrie area or cryptozoology to the scientifically bent in general). I was looking forward to meeting him. I’m also interested in those things, not so much in ghosts though.

I’m afraid I do believe in ghosts you see. I’d rather not have the experience of finding out I’m right. If that makes sense. I used to see things and my Grandmother talked about ghosts she saw, until she refused to see any more.

The way I see it, anyone who was once human and comes back as a ghost isn’t going to be a happy camper in general. So, I’d rather stick to those who are still human, avoiding the undead, as there are enough monsters and upset, desperate people just among the living. Not that I think many people are like that. But, if you have to deal with someone who is, wouldn’t you prefer they be living rather than deceased? Doesn’t that whole ghost thing just bring in one more element of surprise too many?

Do you believe in ghosts and do you really think you want to find yourself seeing one? Or would you be happy to just wonder about it and let sleeping ghosts lie?

A Writing Group for You?

I’m not especially a group person. Too much of a loner and I like to do things my own way which is not always conventional or sensible to everyone. Sometimes it only makes sense to me and sometimes I turn out to be wrong, really wrong even. But, that’s getting sidetracked. I’ve begun looking at writing groups for myself.

Generally they fall into two groups, those which are genre specific and those which are location specific. Chances are you won’t find a group which is in your geographic area and caters to your writing genre, in the same group. (Unless you live in a large city).  If you look for your genre it is likely to be an online group. This has good and bad points, of course. A local group will meet in person on a schedule but you may find little support and information for your genre. Don’t get discouraged, the main thing you are looking for in a group is support after all. If you can find that online or in person that is the best thing.

Do make sure the group has a set goal in mind and does keep to it. A group for coffee and conversation is nice but you need more than socializing. If you want a review/ critique of your work find out what the rules are for both writers and readers and beware of handing out your work and not getting it back or having it copied. What do they have set up and are you feeling ok to trust others with your work in progress?

Overall, stick to getting support and information. Whatever helps you to stick with your writing goals and make you feel you are on the right track. A writing group is especially good for those who don’t have support from family and friends.

To get you started, I used to maintain this Dmoz category with writing groups and organizations. I no longer maintain it but it is still a good start point.

A Better Look at Coffee

Your regular coffee is not available. So the barista offers you something new, thinking you will like it. The new coffee does smell divine, even better than your usual. It’s smooth and mellow and why did you ever drink any other coffee…?

Leaving the coffee shop you notice odd things. You can see everything but all the colours are brighter and sharper. Like fixing the picture on a screen, your eyes are seeing clearly now. Some things are too bright and you fight off a little glare. You have an interesting day, seeing things with new eyes.

In the evening you discover you can see in the dark. Like a cat or an owl, you now have night vision. What do you do with your new skill? What things would you like to see at night?