Did Disqus Kill Commenting?

When you think about it, did Disqus kill blog commenting? I stopped commenting on other sites because of Disqus. Having to register for their service and even then most of the time I would have to login with it only to have it not find my account. Far too much trouble when something like Twitter was so much simpler. Now I just leave a note on Twitter, with a link referring to whatever I wanted to comment on. Much easier, less stress, and it works.

By the way, Disqus is now spamming you but you can pay for it to stop. Or just stop using Disqus. People might start commenting on your site again, or not. I think the days of leaving comments on blogs are gone. Too much hassle to deal with software, like Disqus

Please Login or Register to Leave a Comment

I really dislike logging in or registering with a site in order to leave a comment.

If they don’t collect and sell email addresses and the other information they gather from you… there is still the lovely newsletter they will assume you want sent to your email inbox, regularly. Even if they say they do not sell or give away your information, that doesn’t mean they don’t.

Registering for a site also means, not only do they now have my email address but in their database they also have my standard password, the one I try to use almost everywhere, for every site and online service. Don’t think that sort of information is not being kept track of by someone, somewhere. I am so fed up with registering and logging in for sites I am going to begin deleting my accounts at any site I go to. (Other than those I really do use daily).

The really interesting thing, is how damned hard you have to look to find a way to delete those accounts. In some cases I have to email for help – assuming I can find any contact information. But, never fear, Twitter is here. If you can not get a site to remove you from the database send an aggressive yet polite note to them on Twitter. That way a lot of people will read it and be aware of the problem. You may never hear anything back from the site. I would say I only get any help deleting my account half the time.

The real solution is to be careful and ultra conservative when it comes to registering for anything on any site. Just say NO!

Disqus Can Take a Flying Leap!

Disqus Doesn't Work

I had read about Disqus on lynda.com, one of the courses. I decided to give Disqus another try based on how good it was made to sound. I had trouble with it before, as a commenter on other blogs/ sites. I should have stuck to that and never started with the damned thing.

I don’t know how it is for anyone commenting (trying to comment) on my sites. But, it is SHITE on a stick, when I try to use it to comment anywhere else. It can not find my login. It does not have my API – neither do I!  I can’t see anywhere to login to Disqus. Am I just imagining the whole thing, is this some blog commenting nightmare? No, it’s blog commenting software that demands I jump through hoops, do some backflips and maybe then I will be allowed to comment.

Piss off Disqus. How is that for great professionalism?

Urrrgggggh! DELETED!!!

A Final Push to One Word Blog Day

Another project from the broken links: One Word Blog Day. I’m not making that title a clickable link because there isn’t anything I can find to link it to. One Word Blog Day seems to have had it’s last day in 2008. Here are the original instructions (thanks to the Wayback Machine):

One Word Blog Day: Official Rules

One Word Blog Day is coming up; just two days left (June 30)! Time to get your dictionaries out and pick a word. Time for me to write out the official rules of participation. Ugh.

  • Your blog title must be “One Word Blog Day.” No cheating by writing other words in the title! I’m watching you…
  • Only one word can be written in the entry. Hence the title of this day. However, I will not oppose definitions, so long as they’re definitions of your one word.
  • If you plan to participate, comment on this blog entry. This will help to keep tabs on everyone, and it will help for the commenting spree that should ensue.
  • You do not have to link back to this website, but it would help. Your commenters might give you a giant “WTF?”
  • If you do link back here, please link to http://www.elysex.net/one-word-blog-day-official-rules/ so that your readers can read the rules and participate themselves!
  • Choose your words wisely. I chose “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in an attempt to be witty for the first OWBD, and it ended up backfiring. Three other people chose the same word.
  • Flippin’ have fun!

That’s it, folks! Although it’s not an official rule, go on a commenting spree. The whole reason I created the day was because I got backlogged on websites that I needed to comment on. It’s easy to comment when you have only one word to read. Use that to your advantage!

What’s your one word… go ahead and pick one.

Today I’m going with push.

I need to push myself out the door today. I need to push myself through all the snow that fell over the weekend. I need to push myself to get to the business centre and then the library. I need to push myself not to buy Valentine’s chocolates even though they will likely be on sale somewhere this close to the big day. I need to push myself all year this year really. Push is a good word, but sadly, I can’t stand behind myself to actually push myself.

Comments in Moderation

Why do some bloggers use comment moderation as well as word verification? If you are moderating your comments do so. Why stick people with typing in their email address (as proof they are not bots) then torment them with trying to read word verification. I get the word verification wrong at least one out of three times I type that thing. But, having done so it annoys me to see that my comment is still being held for moderation on top of that. I really think bloggers should use moderation and leave it at that.

Get rid of the excess moderation. Don’t use word (or other types) verification as a security blanket. If you want comments let people comment without having to perform verification you don’t really need. Make commenting in your blog as simple and painless as possible.

If you really don’t want comments just turn them off and save everyone the hassle, including yourself.

Ending Anonymous Comment Spam

At one point, not so long ago, I had comments turned off on this blog. Friends asked me to turn them on. Here we are, a few years later, and I’m thinking to turn them off again. Or, just shut down all the Anonymous comments at least. However, if I take off Anonymous then people who don’t have a blog at Google/ Blogger have to make an account in order to comment with their website being listed with their name. Unless Google/ Blogger has changed that since I last looked.

Anyway, I am tired of the time wasted on moderating comments versus any real people who leave a note. They have bots to spam my comments, I just have myself to moderate all the craptastic mess. So I am going for the middle road and just shutting off the Anonymous comments. If you don’t like it, thank the comment spammers.

1,000 Comments Challenge

Can you leave 1,000 comments this month? Though the button says leave me comments it is actually myself who will be leaving the comments, 1,000 of them over the month of March.

Sign up on the blog, Harriet and Friends.

The only downside is keeping track of how many comments you make. If you know of a way to track them leave a note in the comments here. I can’t think of anything at the moment, other than the old fashioned taking a tally as you go along. I spent the day (a lot of it) looking for some kind of plugin or widget to track/ tally comments. But nothing was what I wanted. A couple that would have been good, did not work when I tried them out. So I am doing it by keeping tally on a piece of paper, hoping I don’t lose that in the clutter on my desk.

Happy commenting. Thank you to all those who come through to comment here as well.

A Comment a Day

Everyone can leave one comment in one blog each day. Pretty simple. If you were away you can catch up by doing an extra comment the next day. No stress. Just one sincere and interesting comment per day. No problem. Pick any blog you like. A blog you have been reading awhile or one you pick randomly and may never have read before.

Sign up below, we can link here and start commenting.

Are Blog Archives Too Old Fashioned?

What are reasons to keep an archive on your blog? We have categories and tags. An archive may seem a bit prehistoric or overkill, especially when they aren’t search able and just sit there all static and growing old. Tony Briley started this discussion on the CMF Ads forum.

Reasons for keeping an archive on your blog:

  • Web directories tend to list established blogs only, those which are at least six months old. An archive is where they look to find the age of your blog.
  • Knowing the age of your blog establishes your credentials, your experience, especially if you are posting about web publishing related topics like SEO, blogging and making money online.
  • Some readers prefer to read a blog which has some staying power, has passed the test of time and kept going.
  • If people want to flip to a certain date in your blog they need an archive. For instance, to see what you were posting about a year ago, or what you posted on a holiday, or some other eventful day.
  • An archive shows all the posts from the month on one page. You can do the same with categories but, not by date.
  • Your readers can go back to see how you started. What your thoughts and plans and goals were right from the beginning of your blog project. Who was commenting then? How has your writing style, your way of expressing yourself changed? Also, have you changed the focus of your blog and the topics you cover?
  • You may have undertaken a special project which readers would like to track back and go through the journey day by day, as it happened (through the archives). This is not just something for personal bloggers. If you post a series of posts on a topic they can also be read as an ongoing journey.
  • I also keep an archive for myself. I like to skim back and see where I was, what ideas I had in the past. I don’t look by topic (category or tags) cause that isn’t as random as looking into your past by time machine alone. Often something I posted a couple of years ago inspires me for an update on the same topic or a completely new angle on what I was thinking then.

Reasons to get rid of the archive on your blog:

  • Your blog is very new and you don’t want to broadcast that.
  • You want to cut down on clutter in every way you can and the archive just seems to take up more space than it is worth.

What’s your opinion? Archive or not?

Be a Better Blog Commenter

Say something relevant to the post itself. Come up with a comment more interesting than “I agree” or “Me too”. It’s not that tough to stretch out a thought beyond two words. Why do you agree with the post? What was your own experience? Most blog comments are on the short side. Find a bit more to say and make yours longer to stand out. A longer comment also gives the feeling you are interested in the post and the blogger and able to string together ideas yourself. Others are more likely to click on the link to your blog if you seem to be someone who can write and write well.

A blog post looking for advice or answers is a great time to get noticed. If you know of a resource, have an opinion, or experience that would help leave that in comments. Give a link to the resource if it is online, even if it is your own site. However, if it is your own site make that clear. That way the blog owner and readers will know you aren’t just spamming your URL, it’s posted for a valid reason.

On the other side of giving information, ask a question yourself. What would you like to know more about? What detail or information might have been left out of the post? Think of a real question, not fluff just to leave a comment.

Be supportive and uplifting and sincere. Everyone is glad to have a comment that spreads good cheer and brightens their day. You can’t smile at others through your comment but you can send a smile in text. If you can’t be uplifting don’t be a wet blanket and do not be obnoxious. That should not even need to be said.

Write with personality, passion and humour. Don’t leave a bland comment that could have been written by half a million other bloggers. Come up with something uniquely you. Maybe a different turn of phrase. How about a funny anecdote. Maybe part of a quote relevant to the post if you really just don’t have a personality of your own. (But I know you do!)

Don’t post a comment at all if you really have nothing to say or if you are posting just to create controversy. A flame war may get you traffic and it will get you noticed but is that really how you want to be known? Besides, that kind of attention is short lived. No one really wants to watch a flame war except the two people in the middle who can’t seem to let go.

Last of all, proofread your comments before you click to post them. Spelling errors are one thing but typos just look klutzy. You can try to avoid them or just not bother and give the impression that you don’t care. Also, don’t leave a comment that is a solid block of text. It is easier to read a long comment if it is broken up into individual thoughts/ ideas.

Happy commenting. Let me know if you have other great commenting ideas.

Meanwhile consider using CoComment. Your comments from other blogs are posted to your own blog in a widget. Nice way to show that you actually do make comments and give links to the blogs you read.

It is never too late for the 31 Day Comment Challenge which utilizes CoComment too. Started in 2008 but all the activities for each of the 31 days are up on the site so you can step in any time and challenge yourself.

The Secret is in the Sauce –  “…a group of women bloggers dedicated to supporting one another by leaving comments. Lots and lots of comments”.

You can join up IComLeavWe every month.

Also found The Weekend Comment Challenge on Sited and Blogged. Not sure when it starts or ends but I like the idea.

Mom Blog Comment Club is looking for more members.