Killing Third Party Cookies on WordPress?

I don’t know how I have so many third party cookies on my sites. I did not put them here deliberately. In particular, I have dozens of cookies from Linked In. I don’t use Linked In and I don’t like it either. So, how are they here? I would like to get rid of them but I don’t even know how they have parasited into my site.

I found this post on the WordPress forums. An old post. I don’t know if it would work. It might, at least for people visiting my site. Ideally, I’d rather kill the cookies instead of just covering them up.

cookieblockerSource: WordPress › Support » How can we control cookies with new EU legislation?

Can Reply but Not Comment on YouTube

Most of the fixes I have found for this tell you to change your settings to allow third party cookies in your web browser. Whether or not that works, I’m not willing to enable this. Why should I let more advertisers keep track of what I do online? No thanks!

Last time I could not comment on YouTube I found a fix for it. But, that was about a year ago and there is a new glitch now. (See below).


Everything seems fine until I click the screen inside the comment box… For a moment the comment window shows text saying “Opening…” when that is gone so is my ability to comment. My Google+ avatar disappears. The comment post button ghosts (greys) out. I can type in a comment but I can not save or publish it.


I am logged in to both YouTube and Google. So far I can only comment as a reply to an existing comment. I can not create a comment myself.

  • I have cleared my cache.
  • I have logged out and logged in again.
  • I went in and deleted all my cookies.
  • I changed YouTube settings in my Google+ account, etc.
  • I allowed YouTube to set cookies by changing my AdBlock/ AdKiller filters.

But… I still can not create a comment.

Luckily… my old fix, from last year, fixed the problem again. 

The fix is easy. Click the link above for the explanation.


Are you Preventing Social Sharing on Your Own Site?


Have you accidentally blocked social media sharing on your own site?

I tried to share a post on this site (see below) to my account. I was using a bookmarklet (more often called an app these days) but I could not get around this site’s note about their use of cookies. How important was this pop up note versus having a post shared?

For that matter – how important are the cookies? I block third party cookies by choice and I’m not changing that. Why is this site using third party cookies anyway?social media blocked


Check your own site(s). If you don’t already have a bookmarklet or app for social sharing go to the site for Chrome, Opera or Firefox (or which ever web browser you use) and take a look at the add-ons for social media. They are really nice for making social sharing quick and simple. I actually have a few of them. This way I don’t need to rely on the site itself to have social media sharing and better still, I don’t need to figure out how their social sharing works.

Don’t Behave with Cold Manners

I like Chinese fortune cookie fortunes. I’ve posted those I get a few times here. This is unique among them. What fortune writer wrote this? It’s fabulous. Not the meaning, but the language. I love the phrase ‘cold manners’. So descriptive and yet so simple. Who could fail to understand that meaning? (Yes, no doubt there is someone, somewhere…)

Don’t behave with cold manners.

Someone else must have had my same fortune, I found it mentioned on Your Dictionary: Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings. I don’t see it used anywhere else, in my web search at least. That was interesting. It’s such a good phrase.

Can you invent a great, simple and descriptive phrase to describe someone who is cool towards you, a typical ice queen or king?

I found a site where you can create and send fortune cookies online. You write the fortune yourself.

No More Sunnyside Up Fortune Cookies

  • Seek out the signifigance of your problem at this time. Try to understand.
  • Your road to glory will be rocky, but fulfilling.
  • It is time to help a friend in need.
  • You will continue to take chances and be glad you did.
  • You will realize your dreams by your own efforts.

As nice as all of these are… don’t you kind of miss the days when fortune cookies were kind of a scary prospect? Do you even know that once upon a time fortune cookies were less than sweet and encouraging?

A real fortune cookie should be opened carefully, with consideration to the possible threat to your life inside of it. Each prediction could be your ultimate downfall, or you may be one of the lucky ones who gets a good fortune. Just don’t count on it…

Write a real prediction for a fortune cookie, something to bring back the traditional fear that fortune cookies have lost.

  • You will get a papercut in shark infested water.
  • Your emails will all arrive in Morse code.
  • Your favourite coffee mug will be borrowed.
  • Beware the white stuff you put on your fries, all white stuff is not salt.
  • Your pet turtle will not make it across the street in time.

After reading my list, which kind of fortune would you rather read?