Good Deeds for Plants

If you believe in karma and the good and evil sort of philosophies… is it possible that someone who has done a lot of bad things and caused great harm can still redeem themselves by being a gardener and giving back to life and goodness by creating good things in green ways? If the whole thing of life and having an afterlife of some kind is based on checks and balances can someone who has not been good to other people still be considered a good prospect for the afterlife if they have done good things with the other living creatures in our world? Or, do we as people think we are so self important that good deeds to plants and animals do not out weight bad deeds done to human beings?

Once you take time to think about this, write a character who isn’t considered a good person and yet this same person has the most amazing garden which he/ she keeps themselves, working with their own hands to create it and keep it beautiful and growing.

The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there. – George Bernard Shaw

I found this quote after I wrote this post. Just thought I’d find something nice to add about working in the garden. But, this is far more interesting.

Princess Tatianna, My Dazzling Secret Alter Ego

Once in a while I imagine myself as the beautiful, slender, fashionable and diamond wearing Princess Tatianna. Coming from some old world type of family, whether they be Russian royalty or something touching on the paranormal like Fey creatures. Although my sisters may be the typical blondes, I am always brunette. (Stay true to your roots, even if it eventually has to come out of a bottle). Princess Tatianna, not always her name, has an extensive glamourous and gorgeous wardrobe. The woman must have a palace just for all the clothes I have imagined her wearing at this point.

Quite often she is going to elaborate functions. Quite often she wears someone like Keanu Reeves on her arm because he has the important things like good looks, strength (an assortment of strengths, possibly a few mystic powers thrown in too) and conversation. Quite often Princess Tatianna is in the midst of some adventure. Not always a dramatic adventure. Once she found a lost crown belonging to the dragons, once she led a revolution for the trolls who were being badly picked on, another time she was running away from the dastardly villain on an amazing horse built like a Clydesdale but able to run like it was lighter than air and yet another time she merely had to make polite social conversation at a party thrown in her honour.

I have a lot of fun being Princess Tatianna. She is great company on a long bus ride or while waiting for laundry at the laundry mat. Do you have your own Princess Tatianna, whatever her name and description? Write a little about her. Don’t be shy or feel too silly. Everyone should have a dazzling secret identity/ alter ego. Only, why be secret when you can brag about it a little?

The Creature with Six Arms

Now and then in the media they depict aliens from other planets as creatures with multiple arms. I’ve seen drawings and real people on film wearing costumes to look like they have six arms, like a grasshopper or some other insect.

I was thinking this morning that you could do a lot with extra arms. Play the piano and clap at the same time and then use the last set of arms to fold your laundry. It would be very complicated to use three sets of arms though, to keep track of each task you were doing at the same time. I think I’d have brain burn out. So, if there were a creature that really did exist with that many arms and lived a life as complicated as our own (versus an insect) it would have an exceptionally well functioning brain.

Write about this creature. All the things it can do and all the things it thinks of with this super kind of brain. Does it have any other abilities?

The Spirit of the Wind

I’m writing with the wind today for Blog Action Day.

This year the theme is climate change. When I think about the climate I think about the wind and weather in general. The wind is part of every kind of weather. When it rains there is wind, not always gale force winds, something  little wind to help blow the rain around. When it snows there is almost always wind. I can’t think of a snowy day that didn’t feel that much colder cause the wind was blowing the cold air around. On a sunny day the wind makes the heat a little easier to take.  (So does ice cream!). I’ve seen photos of sand being blown by the wind, making gentle waving patterns like a Japanese garden nature made.

I love walking in the wind (if there’s rain too that just makes it better). There is so much power in the wind. No wonder wind farms are popping up all over Ontario, my province. Some people complain about the wind farms saying they make a lot of noise. We have parked right beside an actively spinning wind turbine and could hardly hear a sound. We had to turn off the car cause it was making far more noise than the turbine. Is turbine the right word? I’m mostly guessing on that.

One of the old sayings I picked up from someone, probably my Aunt Emma who lived in British Columbia, was about getting outside and having the cobwebs blown off of you. Wind has been a big part of our lives from the first creatures to drag themselves out of the water, before that even. The fish and underwater creatures feel the power of the wind at times too. I can watch the fish in our backyard pond for an hour. The fish themselves, the water plants, the bugs skimming the surface, the light bouncing on the water and the wind that comes along and moves them all.

Let the spirit of the wind move you!

Did you write for Blog Action Day? Leave your link in the comments and I will visit you too.

Monster Self Help Guides

Molly Harper writes a series of paranormal fiction books about Jane Jameson, vampire librarian. I just finished reading the second book this morning. So nice to be lazy and finish a book while snuggled under the covers in bed.

There was a preview of the next book in the series along with her traditional pretend book excerpt which appear at the start of each chapter in her books. (Confused? You’ll just have to find one of her books and take a look).

The title of the imaginary book being quoted in the third book is: Love Bites: A Female Vampire’s Guide to Less Destructive Relationships. It made me laugh.

Write some ideas for your own self help guide books for monsters, fictional creatures or paranormal types.

  • Let Them Eat Cake!: 1,001 Fish Recipes for Lake Monsters with Finicky Appetites.
  • When Your Shedding Gets on Her Last Nerve: A Male Werewolf’s Guide to Helping Out Around the House.
  • A Real Scorcher!: Help for Lonely Dragons in Love with Human Sacrificial Virgins.

Finding Food and Water in the Laboratory

“Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, or more violent. It takes a touch of genius- and a lot of courage- to move in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein

This is just what your soon-to-be ex mad inventor husband says right before he shrinks you down to the size of a split pea with his new ray gun invention. You’re still getting over the shock as he scoops you up and puts you in the pocket of his lab coat. Luckily, you were the practical one in this marriage, so you use the scissors in your purse to cut a hole in his pocket and escape before you find out (the hard way) about his other latest inventions. It was also lucky that he wasn’t moving around a lot while you climbed down the threads of his lab coat, it was a long drop to the floor.

So now you’re living in the world of dust bunnies, at least it shouldn’t be permanent. None of his inventions every worked THAT well. Just remembering his idea of the better dishwasher makes you tighten your hands into fists, all that broken glass and china and him insisting that he just needs to get out the bugs. After that he invented eldercare cybernurse. At least it was his own Mother he tested that on. The police finally tracked her down a year later, alive but more confused than ever. On the plus side, his shrink ray gun only seems to have effected your size, not your mind.

First, you need to find a place where you are safe from being stepped on or attacked by that beady-eyed cockroach you see slithering around in the corner. Things sure are a lot bigger from this angle. It takes a lot of doing but you find a long lost tea cup under his desk. Luckily it wasn’t too hard to roll it over and make it tip back onto it’s saucer. Kind of an upside down UFO. There is just enough room for you to push yourself inside under the rim. Not enough room for the cockroach to do anything but bump into it. So now you’re safe, for awhile. A glass of water would be nice.

How do you find food and water when you’re the size of a split pea and have to avoid dust bunnies, spiderwebs, cobwebs and other creatures of the shadowy realms of the dusty laboratory?

Microscopic Hair Dwelling Creatures

I still remember a science teacher telling our grade 8 class about the bugs that are always on us. By the time she was finished I don’t think anyone, even the most jocky types, were not squirming in their own skin.

Write about the creatures living on your head, those microscopic little things you can’t shampoo out but still try to. What kind of life do they have? Do they like the way your favourite hair conditioner smells? Did they lose a friend the last day you went out in the wind? What have they seen and done that you could wrap a story around?

Dust Bunnies Protest Spring Cleaning

The dust bunnies have banded together and are protesting Spring cleaning. Yes, they know it’s not Spring yet. Getting an early start seemed like a good idea.

Each evening, when they think you are asleep, they hold a pep rally under your bed. It’s a quiet pep rally after all, dust bunnies are quiet, soft little creatures. It’s only those hidden teeth you really need to worry about.

One night they decide no one is really going to listen to dust bunnies no matter how many of them gather. So they hike up your bed covers and begin to make you sneeze until, finally, you agree to help them. You only agree cause the sneezing was really starting to get out of hand and you really want to go back to sleep.

What are the demands of the dust bunnies? They have you type them all out, so you should know what they are. Dust

You Are Your Own Message in a Bottle

That genie really did go too far. You asked if you could send a message in a bottle that didn’t mean you wanted to deliver it in person. A note, on paper, would have been enough. Still, here you are, floating in the ocean, in a bottle. At least the glass is clear so you can see out. Though it’s a bit scary too when you think about how small the bottle really is compared to the size of the ocean and the creatures swimming around in it.

If you could do it over again how would you tell the genie exactly what you wanted to do and not end up floating around in a bottle or something else, possibly worse?