Little Box of Mystery

You’re at a bus station. Not doing anything much, just went in for a coffee cause some one at work said it was really good. Cheap too for a latte. Paying for your coffee you realize your wallet isn’t the only thing you’re carrying in your purse. Somehow, there is a little wooden box in there. It wasn’t there when you left the house. You’ve never seen it before.

The box is a dark colour of wood, with engravings all over it. Very pretty, almost romantic looking in a gothic kind of way. So, what’s in the box and what do you do with it once you open it?

Train Station Mistaken Identity

You’re in a train station, it’s busy, a train is just pulling out. Someone wearing a dark trench coat taps you on the shoulder, pushes a box into our hands, mumbles something you don’t quite catch then takes off. By the time you have realized you don’t know who they were you can just see their hat, already lost in the bustling crowd. You decide to take the box to the lost and found, figuring whoever it should belong too will have a chance of finding it there. On the way there three different people approach you or just accidentally on purpose bump into you. Each of them ask if you are Dunwally. Who is Dunwally, no… really, who is Dunwally?