Your Personal Blog Can Fill a Niche Too

I haven’t really thought a personal blog could be a niche blog. Seemed there was just too much to pack into or nail down to become a niche. I was wrong.

I read a post from Lorelle who has become famous (at least to me) for her posts about WordPress. She posted about her cousin’s personal blog as part of a series about personal blogs. Lorelle says her cousin, Duke, has the example of a perfect personal blog. Not to my thinking as I’m not a fan of any blog with a black background, but there is something to be learned from Duke’s blog. It fills a niche, nicely. Read the description of his blog, that’s where the niche gets nailed down and he slides right in. It’s very well done.

Duke, maybe with help from his cousin, has used his personality, his interests and become a niche blog. I bet it wasn’t done in a day. But, it was done and I think this really does show that any personal blog can become a niche, if we take some time to think and plan. Come up with a few lists about who you are and what you most like to post about. Even though there are thousands of Mommy Blogs there is something unique about yourself and your blog that you can find a niche too. I’m going to work on it for That Grrl, my own personal blog.

Fantastical Marvels

“Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels.” – Goya (Spanish artist and court painter, 1746-1828.

I don’t know who Goya is but I like the quote. It could be a description for the difference between science fiction and horror writing. Though even horror has to have enough reason to make it seem possible.

Web Content Strategy

Is this a new career for web writers?

Newfangled Web Factory has an article about content strategy and a better description than the one I came up with myself.

What is a Content Strategy? Put simply, content strategy involves identifying the type of content that will best enable you to communicate your positioning and achieve your online goals, then planning for the creation of that content by allocating time and resources to the effort.

I found my first mention of Web Content Strategy on the site of the same name which has a blog to explain more and give updates on the industry/ career. I found other resources which I will link below:

Content Strategy: Free Online Resource for Web Editors and Content Managers.

At Dosh Dosh you can read about why content strategies are important.

A List Apart kind of pulls it all together in a shorter article.

A Face in the Crowd

You’re at a crowded event. Maybe a football game, a rock concert or a mega shopping mall at Christmas time, pick one of those and describe the noise, the faces lost in a crowd, how it feels to be one small face in such a huge crowd, describe the smells, too. How many of the five senses can you work into a one paragraph description? Now, the real challenge, how much can you pack into just one sentence, not a run on sentence.

Reading Into It

Here’s a writing exercise for you:

Write a short description of a scene or action with one character in the scene. Don’t describe the character, or avoid as much description of the person as you can.

Now give someone else the scene to read. What do they think the character looks like, sounds like, etc? Is it anything the same as you pictured the character as you wrote the scene? Give the scene to other people to read, get a few opinions about what the character looks like.

It’s interesting how people can read the same thing and see it in different ways.

When you write fiction, especially romance, mysteries or some other genre where people tend to identify themselves with the heroine/ hero of the story it’s a good idea to avoid a lot of description of that person. Think of how jarring it is to be reading a book and remember the heroine is a redhead after all, not a brunette like yourself. People do put themselves in the story, usually as the star. Let them get into your story. As a writer we bring them new adventures they might never do themselves.

Sometimes my Brain Amazes Me

Writing isn’t enough, you have to have a mad, passionate affair with words and then be brazen enough to get paid for it.

That is a description I wrote for the WordCraft newsletter. Not something I spent time planning and rethinking and checking and pondering in general. Just spur of the moment. But, aren’t those flashes of inspiration the best! Bryan Adams once said all his best songs were written in a few minutes. The ones he sweated over and took ages to perfect didn’t become big hits. It’s so true!

PS- I love you Bryan! Vicariously and from a distance but you get the idea… 😉