Every October, artists all over the world take on the InkTober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. I created InkTober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

Source: The InkTober Initiative – Mr Jake Parker

Late to start for this round but no reason you can’t join in, unofficially. Don’t add the pressure to catch up, just enjoy the challenge and do what you can until the end of the month.


You can choose to draw, doodle or write a picture in words. Take a look at the others involved and get your own inspiration.

Language for Aliens to Understand Us

Google DoodleGoogle challenged kids to doodle. This is one of those up for votes from children in Ontario. I looked at the drawing and my first thought was just that it was hard to read. Then, I read what the idea was behind it. What a great idea, a language to talk with the aliens from other planets.

How would you invent a language which people from other planets (other cultures, traditions, etc.) could understand?


Changing Size, Shape and Dimensions

If you could take a photograph, put it in a machine and have the scene in the photograph reproduced in reality (to the scale you choose) what would you have made from a 2 dimensional photo or drawing into a 3 dimensional reality?

People in photographs don’t work. People have too much depth, which the machine can’t capture. It works from the surface of a 2D image and makes it 3D. It can not bring life, only the dimensions are changed.

You could take a photo of a pile of cash and have that made real. But, some how they would have a plan for that and you wouldn’t be able to use that money for some reason.

So what would you use this great and new ability for?

Coffee and Artists Work Well Together

I like writing and drawing in coffee shops. The atmosphere is casual yet elegant too. It’s not a family restaurant or diner where you have other people moving around you a lot. There are seldom loud noises, other than the coffee making machines. Something about coffee shops is relaxing to the spirit and yet I feel there is a standard to uphold. You can’t be just a nobody when you sit at the window of a coffee shop with your latte.

Cafe Clutch Artist Group

Starbucks Artist Group

Pencil Versus Camera

pencil vs camera From my painstaking research (mostly just luck) I found the name for the style of drawing called Pencil versus Camera. Ben Heine (also on Tumblr, 500PX and Flickr) is given credit for the original idea and the style of illustration which uses drawing with photography to create an image where both versions work together. You need to see it, my description just isn’t that good.

Pencil Versus Camera group on Flickr  – A group for others who want to try the pencil versus camera style.

How to Keep from Getting Bored with Your Diary

diaryIf you’ve been keeping a journal. or diary, for awhile it can become a little stale just talking to yourself, the same monologue. Here are some ways to perk your journal writing back up and make it something you can look forward to again.

Start with a diary you like. Shop for a pretty or interesting blank book or make a cover (and even pages) of your own. Or, you might use an online diary and begin on a site like Open Diary, LiveJournal or Blogger.

If you really want to write every day, do it. Keeping a writing schedule is a great way to boost your creativity and discipline yourself to write.

If you don’t want to be a disciplined writer versus a creative writer then don’t push yourself to write ever day.

Whether you write daily or not, don’t always write a long post. Give yourself quick days so you don’t feel chained to your diary. Then, when you have something to say and really do want to write about your feelings, thoughts, ideas and happenings in your life, do so. Give yourself all the space you want to explore your own self.

Have fun with your journal. Draw in it, sketch, stick souvenirs or stickers inside the pages, Turn each fresh page into something uniquely you and don’t be too timid about trying something new. This is your diary, your journal, all the rules are your own to set, or even ignore when you choose to.

Be emotional. In life we are told to be nice, not to be too sensitive and not to get so angry. However, in your diary you can vent, you can pour out sadness, grief, envy, anger, bitterness, jealousy, loneliness, hopeless feelings – any and all feelings can leak out from your fingers, into your pen or your keyboard and onto the fresh white page. This is your place to be emotional and not be judged or told what you should feel.

Always remember this is your adventure on paper. Write it your way.

Don’t always write in the same place or at the same time. Take your diary on the road. Go out to the coffee shop, the mall food court, anywhere you can find a decent place to write. Don’t always look for quiet and solitude. There’s something kind of special, romantic and even mysterious about being a writer right out there where everyone can see you.

You don’t have to use your best penmanship. As long as you can understand our own grammar, spelling and punctuation, that’s all that really matters. (Maybe some day your diary will become a big, best seller) but right now it’s all just your own message in a bottle to yourself. Make mistakes, get messy and don’t go back and fix everything.

If you write with paper and pen take some time to try a few different kinds of pens. Experiment with ink colours, thick or thin nibs and different kind of grips on the pen itself. It’s really nice to have a pen that completely suits your writing style.

Write with pencil if you find yourself wanting to sketch or go back and fix your spelling.

Not everything in your diary has to come from your own brain. If you come across a quote by someone else stick it in the pages too. Write about why you like it, what was special about it for you.

Inspiration, Prompts and Articles for Diary Writers

Diary Groups and Projects


How to Become a Pro-Doodler in Your Spare Time

How to Become a Pro-Doodler in Your Spare Time.

Maybe you started out only drawing snails. Well, today is the day you step it up and start drawing turtles, too. Perhaps you began your journey only doodling shapes. Well, now you need to put those shapes together and start creating entire buildings. Your imagination will take you far at work as long as you don’t let little things deter you, such as actually working. … You are an artist now and artists deserve to have their “me time” every now and then.

No, this isn’t about making big money from your doodling. It’s more about enjoying life and becoming creative during those times you would usually be doing nothing or just putting in time.