London’s Transit Advice Poetry

transit poetry
via The crappy world of Transport for London’s advice poetry – Us Vs Th3m.

What would you write to turn ordinary transit etiquette into verse? Think of the last time you took a bus, street car, or whatever they call the public transportation where you live.

Don’t forget to thank the driver
of his safe driving you’re a survivor.

Just kidding. I actually enjoy taking the bus. Though it can be really, bitterly cold waiting between buses.

How to Write a Postcard

I’m writing a post about postcards on HubPages. I found a couple of links where someone had written about writing postcards. A nice idea. So here are a collection of tips for writing postcards.

Write about how you got there, the journey so far. Are you going by bus, driving yourself or did you fly in?

What was the first thing you did when you got into town (the city, etc.)?

Did you find a great place for coffee, a burger, breakfast..?

What are you doing right now. Literally, right at this moment?

Write about something that really stood out. A really funny, bad, silly, delicious, spontaneous event along your travels.

If you don’t want to write at all, draw something. Illustrate your adventures. Use stick figures, draw cartoon characters, or an all out great masterpiece.

Finish off with the traditional “Wish you were here” or something far more stylish and personal.

From Slouching Somewhere:

  • First, pick a postcard. Pick one that’s unexpected–from the shape to the image.
  • When you write about the place, write beyond what’s on the photo.
  • Write about the food you ate.
  • Throw a little bit of humor in it if you can.
  • Write about a place the postcard recipient knows little of. Add details.

via How to write a postcard « slouching somewhere.

Quotes from a Soap Opera

I laughed at a line spoken by David Vickers. I don’t know if I have it typed exactly, I tried to be quick while it was circulating around in my head. Then I picked up a few more when I tried to find the first quote, to see if anyone else had picked it up and had it the same way I did.

“I’ve been conducting a survey in my own head and there apparently, I’m legendary.” – David Vickers, from the One Life to Live soap opera, talking about his Ninja skills and intelligence.

Todd Manning: “Must be nice living in a world of newspapers; all your people in black and white. ”

Sad that All My Children and One Life to Live are ending. I began watching both of them sometime after Another World was cancelled. I had watched Another World with my Mother and Grandmother over years and years. It was very hard when Another World was cancelled, about the same time my Grandmother died. Anyway, now I’ve gotten attached to All My Children and One Life to Live. I’ve got favourite characters. I’d like to see them go on an on and eventually get old. Now I won’t. There is some talk about the shows getting another chance online. But, no guarantee that will happen or, that we will be able to see it in Canada. Already the online videos for past shows only work if you are watching from the US.

My little redheaded sister is getting married today. I should be getting ready, deciding what I am going to wear… but I’d really like to crawl back into bed and nap awhile instead. I hope I can nap in the car on the ride out there. (I’m not driving).

No Lovely Unicorns

For the A – Z Blogging Challenge … U is for Unicorn.  Unicorns always make me play the Irish Rovers in my head.

A long time ago, when the Earth was green
There was more kinds of animals than you’ve ever seen
They’d run around free while the Earth was being born
And the loveliest of all was the unicorn

There was green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born
The loveliest of all was the unicorn

The Lord seen some sinning and it gave Him pain
And He says, “Stand back, I’m going to make it rain”
He says, “Hey Noah, I’ll tell you what to do
Build me a floating zoo,
and take some of those…

Green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born
Don’t you forget My unicorns

Old Noah was there to answer the call
He finished up making the ark just as the rain started to fall
He marched the animals two by two
And he called out as they came through
Hey Lord,

I’ve got green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but Lord, I’m so forlorn
I just can’t find no unicorns”

And Noah looked out through the driving rain
Them unicorns were hiding, playing silly games
Kicking and splashing while the rain was falling
Oh, them silly unicorns

There was green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Noah cried, “Close the door because the rain is falling
And we just can’t wait for no unicorns”

The ark started moving, it drifted with the tide
The unicorns looked up from the rocks and they cried
And the waters came down and sort of floated them away
That’s why you never see unicorns to this very day

You’ll see green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you’re born
You’re never gonna see no unicorns

I’ve seen new verses added where they find a way to save the unicorns but I like the classic version best, cause the fact is – you don’t see unicorns around much. But, how would you write an extra verse to the traditional song, if you were saving the unicorns?

Cross off the Annoyances

What is driving you crazy these days? What makes you wish you could just be alone in a sound proofed room and just scream, throw things and generally have temper tantrum you would never want anyone else to know about, let alone witness? Or, what just irritates you, if you are in denial about the whole temper tantrum thing.

Make a list of everything bugging you, annoying you, peeving you off and just making you want to have a royal fit or an old fashioned temper tantrum.

While you’re winding down from that, think about the things that are going well, what is working and what you especially enjoy and are happy about these days.

Keep both lists. Cross off the annoyances as you fix them or they otherwise resolve themselves. Add more to the happy list. We all need to exorcise our frustrations but we really need to remember and enjoy the good things.

A Rock Star on Vacation

It’s a busy day, you’ve got a thousand errands and people just seem to keep adding to your list of things to do today. As you’re driving from here to there and back to that other here over there… you run over a rock star.

He isn’t badly hurt. But he isn’t looking pretty. As you call 911 he tells you to just hang up the phone and take him back to his hotel. He doesn’t want the media alert. This was supposed to be his vacation and no one knows he is even in town.

So you go back to his hotel. You help clean him up, a few bandages and a little stitch here and there and he seems to be in one piece again. He isn’t really happy though. Not threatening you but acting like a spoiled brat about loss of his vacation time.

You have to promise to give him a week of your time to make it up to him. He doesn’t care about how busy you are. So you agree, kind of stuck with no other option. What do you do with a spoiled, grumpy, wounded rock star on vacation?

If You Go Out in the Woods Today..

Inspired by Situation Sunday.

You’re driving down a winding, stone road through a deep forest. It’s beautiful. Now and then you stop for photos of wildflowers and wildlife. It begins to rain, first a drizzle, misty rain which makes the forest look like something out of a fantasy story. By the time you realize the rain has become a real downpour you’re soaked through and it’s not quite so magical and glamourous to be taking wildflower photos outside now.

Back in the car it’s warm, the heat is on and windows aren’t too fogged up as you dry off. The road should be coming to the midway point soon. Around the next corner or two you expect to see the fancy resort with a deluxe hotel, restaurants and spa. But, somehow you must have missed a turn cause you’re driving and driving but the resort is just not showing up. The rain is steady, getting harder to see the road through the trees.

A couple of guys are sitting in a truck on the side of the road. The back of their beat up pick up is full of wood. Must be some of the resort staff out cutting firewood. You pull off the road and go over to ask for directions. One of them rolls down his window and suddenly you get a feeling… not a good feeling.

What do you do? You could really use some help with the directions and what are the chances that these guys are going to be anything but a couple of county folk out for some wood?

Wireless Grrl

Is wireless better than a standard internet connection? What is the difference? What exactly does wireless mean cause I’ve still got plenty o wires/ cables and cords. I’ve got it plugged in and I’m online using it. But I still have some reading to do when I get home tonight after work.

Graham might be here today so I might be driving into work today, that would be sweet! He is going to pitch a fit if he notices I’m spending more on the Internet connection though. I do have the plus that we should be able to connect my Mom up too, when she is back, without spending money on another account. Will have to figure out just how that works too.

The Site Fights

There are a lot of online communities. Most work with the standard message boards and include optional newsletters, chat and so on. There are few which offer something really unique as an experience you could not get at another community site. I would say NeoPets is one and another is The Site Fights. Both should be experienced rather than judged out of hand. I’ve been having fun with Neopets this past week. But, I knew The Site Fights long before NeoPets was online. It’s a community based on driving web traffic and encouraging webmastery: making graphics, learning HTML and other basics of having your own personal site. Don’t look at it and think it’s not “professional”. No, it’s not professional, that’s the point. It’s fun, time consuming and definitely something you will learn something from, somewhere along the way.