Why I’m Starting My Own Article Directory on My Own Site

The old blog was formatted with posts by date, that was when the freshness of the post mattered. The most recent data was most important. It still works for some sites, like a news feed.

Now, more sites are about content, content curation specifically. The date is still part of that, but not the focus. (Note: I’m not for removing dates from posts because I want to know the post I’m reading isn’t years old or no longer relevant).

It’s time sites were content focused, not date focused.

Put your content first and show your posts in the format of an article directory. Sort them by topic and subtopic. Show them that way on your main site. Save people from searching your site for relevant content, bring it to the top for them instead.

Not every site still adds search and this is a mistake if your posts are organized by date first and category in the sidebar, maybe. You are leaving people to find information from your site in a hit and miss way. Why? Isn’t the point of your site to provide information and resources? Every site should have a claim to fame, tell people who you are and why you are a resource in your niche or topic. Then comes the actual information, or the product you are selling. Make it easy for people to get there. Article directories were on the right track but it’s not about syndicating your content to other sites or bringing in other people to speak for you. Speak up for yourself.

Source: Article Marketing: Why I’m Starting My Own Article Directory . . . and You Should Too | Inkwell Editorial : Inkwell Editorial

There are good points in here, things I have been thinking myself. But, not for an article directory of content from other people but my own.

The best two points from this post (link above) are controlling your own content and how it is shown (if it is shown at all) and showcasing your content to build your own authority in the topic.

Of the two I think building your own authority in your niche is the most important. Share links but stop giving your content away for free.

Make your site content focused by curating your own content.

Could you be a Managing Editor at Yahoo!?

Managing Editor, Shine Canada  

Yahoo! is focused on making the world’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalized experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the globe. In turn, we create value for advertisers by connecting them with the audiences that build their businesses. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and has offices located throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. For more information, visit the pressroom (pressroom.yahoo.net) or the company’s blog (yodel.yahoo.com).

Job Title             Managing Editor, Shine Canada

Reports into       Sr Director, Media Network, Y! Canada

Job Responsibilities

As managing editor for Shine, you will be responsible for setting the vision for Shine Canada, creating user and content experiences that establish daily habits amongst your users with the aim of establishing the property as an integral part of your users day and a leader in the lifestyle media landscape in Canada.   Your success will be measured on whether you manage to drive up new adoption, as well as increase frequency of visits and engagement/ visit of existing users on your property. Priorities include setting a strategy for the site to meet these objectives and then overseeing execution of this strategy including, establishing and working with BD to fulfill key content needs, prioritizing, influencing and coordinating product development, managing both short and long term editorial calendar, running the day to day operations of the site as well as tracking performance. The role also involves managing a 7-day original content production schedule, organizing freelance contributors and editing content for blogs in a voice and style that comply with the Yahoo! Editorial Style Guide.

Responsibilities include:

  • Establishing site vision and strategy for the property
  • Establishing key daily habit needs within channel and making sure these needs are met in a delightful and inspiring way
  • Driving new adoption of the site from off-network as well as increasing engagement  and frequency of existing users
  • Promote use of top social media and search engine optimization best practices
  • Oversee content programming, ensuring sub-channels remain up-to-date with latest, fresh, compelling multi-media content
  • Develop enterprising and original editorial strategies (text or video) to promote important Canadian themes
  • Prioritizing, influencing and coordinating product development to ensure all your key market needs are addressed in a timely manner
  • Own, establish and maximize content partner relations and source contributors

Minimum Job Qualifications

  • ·         Team leadership / previous managerial experience is required
  • Project management skills and special coverage experience are required
  • Content aggregation and packaging – know how and when to package stories together
  • Some experience with managing multimedia and video content
  • A passion for Lifestyle topics and issues
  • New product development is an asset
  • Proven content writing ability and time-sensitive editing ability
  • Experience with blogs, podcasts, Twitter and other social media, and moderating/filtering user-generated content
  • Track record of encouraging community, interactivity and cross promotion content
  • Knowledge of innovative websites in the market and working knowledge of competitors in the media arena in Canada
  • Experience with web audience metrics collection and analysis
  • Strong organizational/record-keeping skills
  • Collaborative and communicative work ethic
  • Willingness to appear on camera
  • Basic Photoshop skills
  • Excellent web writing style
  • Excellent computer skills (MS Office, Excel, etc.) and apt to learning new online tools
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work a flexible work week when news dictates

Preferred Job Qualifications

  • 7 years plus in a lifestyle role for an established media brand

  • Exposure/experience working with global product teams to localize for market an asset

  • Bilingualism in French (written & verbal) is an asset

  • Degree in journalism or a related field

  • Experience working with freelance writers and editors remotely

via Job Description – Managing Editor, Shine Canada (1343644).

Writing Roles According to Skyword

Writer roles defined as per Skyword.com

Regularly contributes to an online discussion or information site

Reports on trends rather than news; writes on the same topic regularly

Journalist – Feature Writing
Writes for newspapers and magazines and creates in-depth, human-interest articles that go into detail about a particular subject that may or may not be closely tied to a current event.

Journalist – News Writing
Writes for newspapers and magazines and creates short, to-the-point pieces that report on a particular current event or issue.

Catalog or Product Description Writer
Specializes in creating succinct, accurate descriptions of products based on research of product attributes, features and benefits.

Academic Writer
Writes to inform and to further their reputation in their field, in scientific journals, university magazines, research, and other professional journals.

Copy Writer
Specializes in promotional copy, such as brochures, press releases, web copy, and advertisements.

Technical Writer
Produces instruction manuals and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily

Editorial Writer
Writes with purpose to influence public opinion on a specific issue in categories such as politics, religion, economics, etc.

Business Writer
Experience writing memorandums, reports, proposals, contracts, and other forms of writing used in organizations to communicate with internal or external audiences.

Creative Writer
Experience writing short stories, novels, novellas, and poetry.

via Writing Experience – My Writer Profile | Writer.

Editorial Intern Post

Job post for an Editorial Intern at XOJane Magazine (online site). It reads like a blogger’s to-do list. Some of these I do and some I try to do and one I have not done for quite awhile.


Editorial interns should be creative, hard working, and able to multi-task. Familiarity with Jane Pratt’s work, the voice and tone of the site, and a desire to contribute to the production and growth ofthe site is crucial. Must have a go with the flow ‘yes’ attitude and sense of humor. Interns should be comfortable with delicate topics. Writing for xoJane.com often means sharing personal stories, so those looking to get clips should have the desire to write in the style of the site’s current editors. Responsibilities:

  • Reading xoJane daily
  • Working with social media to contact individuals and brands who are mentioned on the site
  • Creating creative #hastags for @xojanedotcom
  • Managing our Tumblr page
  • Contributing and creating site content
  • Assisting editors on photo shoots
  • Tracking traffic from link partnerships and syndication deals
  • Attending weekly editorial meetings
  • Planning and managing giveaways
  • Assist beauty and fashion editors with special projects and creating content

Interns must receive and provide proof of school credit for this internship. This opportunity is unpaid.

Would findingDulcinea Like Your Blog?

Stop thinking about luring in Google. Consider the standards of another site, one that focuses on finding great content. How would your site stack up to their guidelines?

What is findingDulcinea‘s site selection process?
We evaluate Web sites on many criteria including credibility, usability, and design.

Credibility is a fundamental criterion of any site we recommend. When considering a source, we review who has prepared the content, what the site’s editorial policy is, when the page was last updated, and whether undisclosed biases or conflicts of interest may exist.

Usability is assessed by asking ourselves the following questions: Does the site communicate its purposes quickly and concisely? Is the site’s navigation conducive to finding information and returning to where you came from? Does obstructive advertising hinder navigation, or does the site make it difficult to differentiate between content and advertising? If a site has a wealth of information but it is difficult to find, the information may be less valuable to our readers.

Design  We always note whether or not a site’s design and layout, particularly the presence of advertising, will distract our users from the editorial content, and more importantly, whether or not ads are labeled as such. Some otherwise useful sites unfortunately are rife with advertising or distracting design elements, and when this is the case, we want you to know about it.

Other important factors:

Cost: We don’t shy away from recommending outstanding subscription-based sites, but we do evaluate the pros and cons of such sites by signing up for them ourselves. More often than not, we find comparable sites in many categories that do not charge a fee for use.

Accessibility: Does the site itself load easily and get updated frequently? Do the links the site provides access to function correctly? How quickly do page loads take on average? Does the site require plug-ins like Adobe FlashPlayer, JavaScript, or other add-ons that might hinder usability? Does the site make its customer service team, authors, or editors available for contact? Where applicable, is the “Help” section well indicated and useful to readers?

via FAQ / findingDulcinea.

Professional Writing

This was one of the ecourses offered at Suite101 University. The site is taking down this section, sometime soon. I wanted to keep the content available. It’s well worth keeping.

Professional Writing

By Sara Quest


Do you long to call yourself a professional? By taking this two-week course, you will be. This course will provide you with enough resources and contacts to keep your career as a professional writer going long after you’ve stopped reading.

The rewarding career is about to begin: you will be creating your own free websites, which will be nothing short of an online party for professional minded writers. The site will reveal the services you aim to offer future clients. This is an efficient and necessary avenue for displaying and updating services, and for allowing potential clients to view them. Continue reading Professional Writing

Writing Editorials

Originally from Suite101 University, a free ecourse posted a few years ago. I’ve saved the information here because there is a lot worth keeping and I don’t know what will happen to all of it now that Suite101 is closing this area of their site.

Writing Editorials

By Jason Reeher


Welcome to the Suite University course on writing newspaper editorials. In this course, you can learn effective techniques for writing letters to the editor, then submit your opinions to everything from your local newspaper to national publications. Valuable for anyone interested in public affairs, current events, and pop-culture, this course will help the student to develop a writing interest, as well as hone argumentative and persuasive writing skills. This course is great for beginning writers, as well as those interested in scientific disciplinary writing, print journalism, editorial processes, and public policy discourse.

Writing newspaper opinions is a great way to gain expression for your writing. With relatively little time invested, you can learn to produce concise, effective and persuasive editorials on a regular basis. Perhaps the most exciting element is that YOU can choose your subject based upon public interest and current relevancy. By learning what subjects are most important to your target community, whether it’s local property taxes or “American Idol,” you become part of the public discourse when your opinion is published. This course can help you get there. Continue reading Writing Editorials

Create an Editorial Mission

From CopyBlogger: The 3-Step Cure for Boring, Useless Content

1) Create an editorial mission

Most trade journals and top-tier blogs have editorial missions. The editorial mission provides a compass, always guiding writers toward relevant subjects.
What do you stand for? What do you offer customers and readers?
Every company has unique knowledge it can share with customers. Understanding the middle ground between your company and the customer opens the door to value creation.
For more complex subject areas, develop specific topic areas. You or your writers can develop content for these “beats.”

I’ve never written out a detailed plan. I’m actually not good when it comes to things like focus, discipline, planning and details.

What is an Online Editorial Assistant?

This is an actual job post for an Online Editorial Assistant:

The ideal candidate will have consumer writing and web experience, as well as a background or educated interest in interior design. A post-secondary education is also required. Experience with a content management system (CMS) such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or Moveable Type are also assets. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point for Mac computers is a must. The online editorial assistant will report directly to the Online Director, and liaise with the web team, iPad, Sales, Video and Creative Services Team and other departments of House & Home Media.

Job Responsibilities

  • Research and write photo galleries, articles, blogs and other online content
  • Reception relief duties
  • Assist with research and production for iPad issues
  • Contribute to online promotional materials as needed
  • Assist with content creation and uploads for digital partners and initiatives
  • Conduct photo research and crop images
  • Assist with updating the online editorial calendar
  • Contribute to online forums and social media communities
  • Monitor site traffic, content performance and user experience
  • Grab screenshots for results reports
  • Review press releases/product info directed to houseandhome.com and, on occasion, attend/blog about events
  • Develop content ideas and opportunities
  • Other tasks as instructed by Online Director.

Job as a Segment Producer

Some jobs make daydream. I don’t live in Toronto any more and I don’t have experience as a Segment Producer but this sounds like a dream job all the same. Most writers could take on a bit more and be a Segment Producer. It’s a job writers should look into and look for.

Position: Segment Producer – SPACE

Hours of Work: 40 hours per week. Overtime as required.
· Generating interesting, original and current story ideas and angles for a daily magazine show, and special features.
· Ability to react by referencing a strong contact base and research venues like the internet
· Initiate, write, and produce field pieces
· Ability to write a detailed paper edit
· Strong writing skills for voice-overs
· Possess strong persuasive skills to get interviews
· Validating and assessing the editorial value of stories and assignments
· Finding, and booking the best possible guest for each show
· Researching and writing comprehensive editorial background briefs that lead to original and cohesive lines of questioning
· Ability to cultivate contacts and solidify exclusive interviews for the show on a regular basis
· Monitor and stay abreast of the Arts, Genre entertainment, lifestyle & pop culture

· 2- 3 years of proven experience as a Segment Producer
· Experience in generating story ideas and writing scripts
· Experience working in an edit suite
· Strong Chasing Skills are essential for this position.
· Strong knowledge and passion of pop culture, entertainment and music.
· Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines of several simultaneous duties, while maintaining focus and composure.
· Excellent communication skills – oral and written
· Ability to work well in a team and be self-motivated
· Computer processing skills, including Microsoft, Word, Excel and other related computer programs.
· Excellent internet research skills
· Experience working with an editor to put together stories