Erotic Writing Prompts

How is an erotic writing prompt different from any other writing prompt? It has sex in it.

Erotica includes sex but isn’t just sex.

This means there is a story. Too many writers get into the sex and leave the story as the background.

Erotica should be sensual.

How do you especially like to be touched? What kind of touch gives you pleasurable shivers?

Don’t even start thinking about sex itself. Start with the touches which aren’t very intimate but get noticed and get you interested in having more.

For me it’s my back. A stroke down my back will always get my attention.

Fairy Tales and Sub Genres

This is a great list. I haven’t heard of all of these, most of them, but not all. As a reader do you like to pin down your style of fiction or does it matter more when you are writing it?

  • Cyberpunk

  • Dystopian

  • Erotica

  • Spy Thriller

  • Southern Gothic

  • Satire

  • Urban Fantasy

  • Space Horror

  • Space Opera

  • Young Adult Contemporary

  • “Grimdark” Fantasy

  • Psychological Horror

  • Hard Sci-Fi

  • Slasher Film

  • Ecothriller

  • Sword & Sorcery

  • Lovecraftian

  • Zombie Apocalypse

  • Superhero

  • Detective

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Writing Erotica

I can’t find Linda Orlando (she originally posted this as a course on Suite101). The link with her name comes up broken, 404. I think I talked to her once, when she was starting the topic there. At the time I was in flux with Suite101, either leaving or thinking of returning. In the end I left it behind. I might have talked to Linda more if I had stayed. But… that’s how it goes.

I don’t have permission to post this, but it was a freely given erotica writing course on the site. I’d like to see the content kept available. All my original content written for Suite101 has disappeared into some mysterious abyss and I never made a cent for any of it. Not getting paid bothers me less than the fact that everything I wrote is gone. I seem to be silly about keeping a copy of what I write. I don’t start keeping copies until it’s all about to disappear, if I get the early warning. That doesn’t always happen. Beware ye writers!

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Writing Prompts for Adults

The link has changed, not sure when but I noticed the change and found the new link.

It’s called Wank Wednesday, so you already know the genre and the fact that it’s a weekly thing. Right? If not, it’s a group for writers of adult/ erotic content who are given a writing prompt once a week (Wednesday) and then they write about it, or at least include it in their writing. It’s more about writing fiction but I’m sure poetry would fit in well.

The full name is Wank Wednesday: A Festival of Smut. If you don’t write adult content give it a spin. There’s no need to write every week but take it as something new and see what you can learn from dipping your toes into something you may not feel completely comfortable with.

April, 2015 – Addendum: I have found other links which are (today at least) still working:

Adult Writing Prompts

And They Say Sex Sells…

Do you write sex scenes or erotica? I have written both and an adult column (weekly). I’m ok with it and can live with the fact. But, I don’t like anyone I actually know to read any of the slutty stuff I’ve written. It embarrasses me. Kind of silly maybe, kind of back to that nice grrl thing. My Mother wasn’t best pleased when she found out about it several years ago either.

I don’t mind if strangers read it. What do I care when I don’t have to face them over breakfast, at family weddings and all that sort of stuff. It is going to be weird to have family ask to read the book I’m beginning to write for Harlequin. There are going to be sex scenes. I’m good at writing them and I like the element of male submission in them. So… I can’t hope they will skip the sex scenes in the book. I do. I’m the only person I know who skips over the parts where people are having sex. I find it boring. I don’t take the word boring lightly.

How do you feel about sex scenes, reading them or writing them yourself?