Dank Cave or Dragon Breath?

You’ve been sucked into a fantasy role playing game, online. It’s a lot different when you’re not at the keyboard. Inside the game you can’t log out. Luckily the character you had created was already experienced, had pretty decent armour and a sack full of healing potions. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep running for your life, as you are right now. There is an ogre troll chasing you. He is huge, wears chains on the end of his wrists. Likely he had been chained up somewhere but escaped.

Up ahead you see two doorways. One seems to lead into a dank cave which doesn’t look too cheerful to say the least. The other door leads into a tunnel full of pink mist. Pink mist has long been known to signify dragon’s breath. Which doorway do you take? Pick one quick that tall, dark and less than handsome ogre troll is catching up to you.

Sensual Fantasy of a Rogue Tomcat

You’re having a dream. It’s a great sensuous, romantic, erotic dream with a man (or woman) who you only see as body parts, the face never comes quite into focus. In the back of your mind you hear your alarm clock going off, beeping at you to wake up. But your dream lover is kissing your lips and sucking your toes at the same time and (even though it would usually be anatomically impossible) it’s very arousing and you are distracted from the real world. Eventually the beeping just disappears from your reality. The sensual dance in bed goes on and on. You have endless build up to orgasms and sometimes an orgasm or sometimes just a tease towards a better orgasm later.

Eventually it has to end as all things must have a beginning and then an end. You go to work, very late, but very relaxed and glowing. There’s a meeting scheduled and all staff must attend. More boring blah blah blah about some work related issues or another. A man in a nice suit walks by you on his way up to the front, he must be the speaker. Something about him… he has a lovely, familiar smell. As he speaks you notice his hands. Great hands, great hands that have touched you before… yet you’ve never seen his face.

Then he looks right at you… and winks. Not just any wink. A real scandalous, teasing, tomcat wink. How can it be your dream man is right there, real? Of course, that leads to the bigger question… do you stand there like a deer caught in the headlights or do you run like mad?!!

Entertain the Thought of Fantasy Creatures

You walk through a door. On every other day since you began living in this place that door has gone from the living room to the kitchen. Not today. If you look back over your should you can still see the living room, just as you left it. But, looking ahead of you, instead of the kitchen you expected to see there are gnomes, trolls, elves, fairies and… isn’t that a unicorn…? Over your head a small dragon breathes blue fire and then lands on your shoulder.

If you look carefully you can see your coffee pot, an elf is sitting on it. They are all much smaller than they appeared in any of the fairy tale books you read. Some of them have not really looked up and noticed you. Some of them are looking at you as if waiting for you to do some kind of a trick to entertain them.

What kind of a trick could you do?

Shameless Blogging

I just posted this for the Erotica community at Adult BackWash.

Is your life enough of a soap opera or do you embellish it for your blog? Admit it… you’ve played with a few details, added an inch or taken a mile, here and there. It’s all for the cause of the readable blog. We all want readers, feedback, numbers on our traffic counters. Being human is human.

What if you traded in the whole truth thing and went for the complete fiction. I’ve read blogs that were blatantly fiction. Unashamed to be totally inspired rather than perspired. Is it bad? Is it wrong? Why do you care! It’s a blog, not life and death. Have fun, take it as far as you can and see what happens. Experiment and explore and live the fantasy in text.

How far would you go, if you could go? Toss out the politically correct, the inbred values and do anything and everything. What comes to mind first? What taboo will you plunge into? No need to think twice, if you’re timid about it go for the anonymous blog. After all, do you really want to meet anyone who would read the stuff you plan to write?

Have fun, keep on blogging. 🙂