Do you Remember NeoPets?

I was reading online and came across a post about NeoPets. It was an old post so I’m not linking to it. But, I remember NeoPets. I used to play it with my nephew when he was a little boy.  I had to go back and take a look. I wondered if it would still be an active site, it is.

I found my account – remembered what my user name had been and then reset the password. I’d long forgotten what my pets looked like, or how the site worked. But, I poked around, found where I had stashed my inventory (not in the actual inventory). I had a lot of neopoints to spend in my bank. I spent some on books for my pets to read, food for them too so they aren’t listed as dying. But, the books seemed more important and more interesting for me.

Not a lot has changed on the site in the years since Nickelodeon bought it. A shame because there was always masses of new stuff before when the English people ran it. Anyway, still a fun site and still kid friendly.

Here are my NeoPets: Bewildery and Merrizilla.



Guides for NeoPet Players:

The Daily NeoPets

Simply Security Questions

I was registering for an online points service with one of the grocery store chains here in Ontario. Part of the process was choosing a security question and then typing in your (unique and individual) answer. Well, I have a problem with the new security questions which pop up. I was just fine with the old standard Mother’s maiden name or Father’s middle name. I knew those, they had a simple and definite answer. 

Maybe they became too standard, maybe they were less secure as they became over used or maybe not everyone knows this information about their parents. Some how there are now new security questions and I usually can’t find a simple answer for any of them. I don’t remember enough, I don’t have strict enough opinions or I just don’t have a preference and this leaves me with no security questions and answers, too often. It’s frustrating. 

Here are the security questions from my recent adventure with them:

If you could be any historical figure who would you be?

Where did you go on your best vacation?

What is the name of your best friend from childhood?

What was the first concert you attended?

What is the name of your favourite teacher?

Do you have answers for all of them? An answer you are sure of enough to be able to remember and have the same answer months from now? Not me. I can think of a lot of historical figures, none I’d really want to be. My best vacation…. I can’t pick one. My best friend from childhood… too many options, we moved a lot when I was a younger child and then I never really was great at keeping friends or making them. Another memory game… the name of my favourite teacher, I can’t pick one from among the faces I remember and I’m not sure how to spell the names I can remember. First concert was Cher, or Sonny and Cher, I guess. Or was there something else I’ve forgotten. Likely so. I picked the concert question because it was the only one I might answer the same way twice. 

The problem with most of these questions is still that they do not come with simple, definite answers. Different spellings, different abbreviations, different ways of writing them (like short forms versus long forms). Even if you give the same answer it might be wrong because you typed it with capital letters or without any spaces the first time you gave the security question answer. 

This is why the old standards of Mother’s maiden name worked. Just type in a last name, with the first letter as a capital because (of course) it is a proper name. I miss the old, simple security questions. Security seems to be pulling us farther and farther away from the very things we are supposed to be accessing. I think it will be easier for someone else to guess my security answer than for me to remember it. 

What would you use as a great security question? Can you think up a few? 

My Seven Links

MyTripBase started the My 7 Links project. It’s a blog meme but you can just pick your seven links and pass the idea along, or not. On Twitter, search for the #My7Links hashtag.

To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

1) Blogger is nominated to take part
2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.

This shouldn’t take you long to do – don’t over-think it!
– Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

I have way too many posts over more than ten years of blogging and writing online. Just the thought of going through and picking out seven is daunting.  I put this aside to get done (sometime last year) and did not get anywhere with it. But, I don’t want to leave it in drafts so here it is for others to take up the project. Good luck!

History and Culture Enthusiast Wanted

Another interesting job for a writer (though this isn’t a paying job) is someone who works for a paranormal society. What would that job description read like? Read on to find out.

Our team is currently seeking one or more individuals who have a passionate interest or background in historical & genealogical research. Those wishing to express interest in this position are required to have access to historical archives, libraries, as well as an in-depth knowledge of Atlantic Canadian History & Culture. If selected, applicants will have the option of helping with field research; however, this is not a requirement of the position.

Those interested in the position are expected to have read and understood our mission statement and related information, most of which can be found here: As well, applicants should be aware that we are a not-for-profit organization; all members contribute on a volunteer basis and there is no monetary compensation for this position.

Successful applicants will be expected to demonstrate strong critical thinking skills, historical accuracy, objectivity, as well as a professional demeanor. Bilingualism is considered an asset but is not required.


  • Researching & preparing information pertaining to land records or deeds
  • Researching & preparing information pertaining to historical events
  • Researching & preparing obscure, forgotten, or “dark” history
  • Genealogical Research
  • Cold calling historians, archives, and museums
  • Compiling paranormal claims, stories, and folklore
  • Producing related content for our website

If you have previously contacted us about becoming a member of our team, your application is still on file and will be considered. Please feel free to send another email if you’d like to add any information that specifically relates to the above position.

Please forward all applications to:

Thanks for your interest!

via Maritime Paranormal™ ~ East Coast Canada ~ | Nova Scotia | New Brunswick | PEI |.

Misuse of AutoCorrect for Fun and Writing Exercise

I haven’t used auto correct in years. I’d forgotten about it, other than catching the odd post on Facebook laughing at some mistake made. I assumed it they were actual typos, not done by the computer ‘fixing’ words it assumes are errors.

Damn You AutoCorrect

How many funny or silly autocorrect errors can you create? Without the aid of software, other than the software between your own ears. 


Broken Links and Microfiction Monday

I’m tidying up my links, using a plugin to check those which are broken. I like to find the site at a new link but most of them are just gone. Kind of sad to see someone’s project lost, forgotten or abandoned. Anyway, one project which I can’t find new or continued anywhere is Mircofiction Monday.

Microfiction Monday: The challenge is to write a 140-character long (or shorter) tale based on the photograph or illustration provided every week.

There won’t be any more photographs or illustrations from the original source. Why not pick something yourself and try to create a full story in just 140 characters? You can use Twitter to edit your characters to exactly 140, or a little less.

This illustration is from Brian Kesinger. A steampunk Valentine.

Edna’s faithful robot waits in the old ruins of a Victorian dream house. He holds the photo they took on a long forgotten Valentine’s Day.

Left Handed Writers?

When it comes to typing on the keyboard does being left or right handed matter? Will being left-handed be forgotten now that we don’t write in long hand very often? I’ve even seen people who think writing long hand will one day become a forgotten/ lost skill.

My Mother is a leftie. Her Mother (my Grandmother) was born a leftie but had her hand smacked with a ruler at school until she wrote with her right hand. I was once married to a leftie too.

I write with my right hand but tend to eat with my left. Does that make me ambidextrous? I don’t think so, just a little backwards. But, I do think there is more to being left or right handed than which hand you hold your pen.

Varieties of left-handed writing

Left-Handers Day August 13th

The Sinister Shop: Left-Handed Items for Left-Handed People – Canadian shop selling for left handers and studying lefties since 1975.

The Job of a Movie and Television Production Assistant

I’ve seen a Production Assistant at work. When I lived in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) my Mom and I phoned in and got tickets to watch Dini Petty‘s show at the CFTO (now CTV) television station. We went to several of her shows, until we moved farther out of the GTA and soon after Dini wasn’t doing the show any more. (She missed us?)

Dini Petty had a Production Assistant. She actually seemed to be running the show from what I could see. She talked to the audience before, during and after the show, keeping us up with what was going on during delays and letting us know what we should be doing at different times. I know she was doing other things and I even spoke to her once and found out more, but I’ve forgotten what she said – it was a lot.

Since then, I have thought Production Assistant was a job I would like. Not for TV comedies, dramas, etc but the talk shows where you have more real people, an audience and guests and more stage props and such. I guess all shows have the same elements but there is something more vital and ever-changing when it’s a talk show instead of a work of fiction.

Wikipedia: A production assistant, also known as a PA, is a job title used in filmmaking and television for a person responsible for various aspects of a production. The job of a PA can vary greatly depending on the budget and specific requirements of a production as well as whether or not the production is unionized.

Production assistants on films are sometimes attached to individual actors or filmmakers.

Most jobs require some training although some jobs may hire you with no training. Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees make you more marketable because many degree programs offer internship opportunities that allow students to gain experience in the field while taking classes in school.

Three Word Thursday

Quintessentially Quilly ran Three Word Thursday for 56 weeks. The last one was a year ago.

Please join us in our weekly romp as we try to rescue lost and forgotten words from the dusty halls of antiquity. If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used these bygone words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

You don’t have Quilly to pick three words for you but you can always count on the dictionary. Flip it open and read through until you find 3 words which you may have heard of once but never really knew the meaning. Or, pick words you never heard of until just now. Once you understand the meaning, write the three words you picked into a story. How short can you make the story? Could you narrow it down to just a few sentences?

Reasons to Explore Lonely Places

From Heather on the Exploration Project blog:

5 Reasons Why I Explore Lonely Places

I have been thinking lately about why I explore. What is it that fascinates me about lost, lonely, old, and often abandoned places? Well, I have come up with a list – an orderly way of organizing my thoughts on this subject for you, the reader.

#1. I can think. Lonely places are quiet – sacred spaces where one can get lost in silence and escape the noise of daily life. With silence, comes rejuvenation.

#2. I can imagine. When in a lonely place, I imagine, “what was once here”? What stories does this place hold and to whom do these stories belong? Are they happy stories, neutral stories, tragedies? Life is about the story.

#3. I can appreciate. Seeing lonely,decrepit, and abandoned places makes you feel lonely. I find this a reflective state, a vantage point from which I can appreciate life and my life in particular. To come home out of the cold is a wonderful feeling.

#4. I can photograph. I can try to capture the above feelings/states in a single snapshot of time. A challenging and creative outlet.

#5. I can discover. The thrill of discovery, of “hey, come check this out”! The excitement of seeing something that not many people see or that you don’t typically see on an average day.

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” Frank Borman

I like to explore old places, abandoned houses, derelict buildings. Usually I stay on the outside where wild animals are the biggest thing to watch for. Also, the more derelict a place is, the more I like to see it.

I think my main reason for exploring lonely/ abandoned places is the history and some feeling that the house/ building is a feeling thing. Each part of the woodwork, each pane of old glass and each rock in the forgotten garden seems to be something of life, more than an inanimate object.

This is my list post for the SITS31DBBB. My original post from the 31DBBB in 2009 was about odd art forms I like.