Fiction Language Becomes Fact

It’s interesting how science fiction writers are building our future language. I don’t know who started calling the outer security layer of space ships a shield. But that term will stick. When we do have space ships, they will have shields.

Later in time, when terms are forgotten for common things we take for granted now. Will people look back at us, at our current media, and create terms based on what they think we named things? Will dogs become known as bark, or barkers, because that’s what they think we called them?

Language evolves all on it’s own. It comes from people but over time it takes on a life of it’s own. We don’t have full control of the words in our culture. They change, evolve and are confused and even forgotten. Language is interesting.

Think of something that may one day actually exist and have it’s name from science fiction writers who could only imagine it a the time they named it.

Don’t Let your Blog Tags get you Down

Tags are getting me down. I spent time working on my categories and have them pretty good. Only pretty good.

In the case of tags it is a massive mess. I want/ need something that will auto suggest tags for me. Rather than me trying to weed out a few from the huge list and then missing the very one I would have used, if I hadn’t forgotten it existed.

There may be some people who have perfectly organized and uncluttered tags in their blogs, I’m not one of them. So I am looking at WordPress plugins to help me get the job done. Here are my top four out of 11 which I installed and tested.

Strictly Auto Tags Р Two features which I really appreciate are being able to block common words from being used as tags and the other was being able to automatically delete all tags which are only used once. This was great as I had an excessive amount of these from another plugin I tried tonight. This plugin is one of my top two picks!

Simple Tags – This is the keeper for me. You have a lot of features to work with, including re-tagging old posts, setting up meta keywords, tag cloud and sorting through your tags (merging and deleting them). This is the second of my top two!

WP Tag Generator – Simple and it came up with good choices for the auto generated tags. I’m going to keep it as a back up. Even though it is light on extra features I like this one third best.

Web Ninja Auto Tagging System – I like this one. It lets you go back and tag old posts over again. Though, be warned, you will have a huge, bloated list of tags to deal with afterwards (most will not be tags you will want to keep). Still, this is one of the best plugins I tried, but I didn’t keep it.

Shortcomings of Self Doubt

It is said that Dragonfly was once Dragon, covered with beautiful, shimmering scales and wielding great inner strength. It could change form at will, and light the darkness with the fire of its breath. Coyote tricked mighty Dragon into changing form and believing itself to be tiny Dragonfly.

Because of pride, Dragon got caught in its own illusion; just as we, because of ego, are forever accepting our facade as our true selves. Too often we believe our failures, our shortcomings, and our limitations are real. We have forgotten that we too can change form at will, wield great inner powers, and can light our darkness with our faith, hope, and determination.

This is quoted from a profile I read on an adult social networking site.

Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention

Do you have a bookmark collection? Do you use bookmarks at all or do you just turn down a corner of the page you are reading and close the book on it (the dog-earred method)? I like having a bookmark. I do buy one now and then. But, being shoved into my purse, moved from backpack to purse and then forgotten on the nightstand awhile, a bookmark tends to take some abuse and get lost. Most of the time I use the folded corner to mark the page I’m reading. But, I really like the idea of having a bookmark collection. Now, I just need to find whatever stragglers are left.

Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention: Bookmarks have been in existence for as long as there have been books, and for the bookmark collector their meaning goes beyond their mundane purpose of marking a position within a book. Made out of materials that vary from paper to precious gems, they are pieces of art, souvenirs, craft samplers, time capsules, and cultural flotsam. Although their prices vary from free to thousands of dollars, collectors ascribe value based on personal meaning, judgment of beauty, and fit within a series.

The convention is planned for February 20 – 21st at 8:AM, PST.

Blogger Talks

Blogger Talks – Interviews with bloggers, since 2006. I think I did see this site before but had forgotten all about it. Read the interviews from the perspective of a blogger and someone who might be writing their own interviews some day. What are the best questions asked? How do they frame them well, or not? What kind of questions get the best answers?

Interviewing is a real skill.

Shrinking Woman and the Pirate King

You shrink yourself accidentally, sort of. You did invent a great shrinking ray which will make so much change for the moving industry for one. Just think how much easier it will be to move all your stuff if you can shrink it to fit into your purse.

Anyway, you were tinkering around with the shrinking ray machine when it went off. Sure you should have put on the safety off switch but, you didn’t. Now you’re shrunk. About the height of a dust bunny, a small one.

Not much you can do but wait for it to wear off. If it does. Your laboratory assistant is away for the weekend so you really only have to last until she comes back.

It’s really interesting wandering around your laboratory and then the rest of the house. It sounds silly to say everything looks so much different now it really does! Amazingly so. Stuff you took for granted stands out like skyscrapers. Plus, you really should do a lot more dusting, floor sweeping and such. To get away from the thick dust in one area under a chest of drawers you wander into a paper airplane you had long forgotten, dropped down behind the drawers.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could fly now? See the world from the wings of a paper airplane, blowing along in the wind, dodging birds and eventually falling into the sea to be waterlogged and saved by a Pirate King the size of a flea. Oh the adventures you can dream up living as a woman the size of a breadcrumb…

The Ninth Deadliest Disease

The ninth deadliest disease was kept in a small vial in a small laboratory in a small town in a small country. The ninth deadliest disease felt kind of forgotten, as if it just wasn’t all that important or dangerous or even deadly at all. So it decided to break free.

It started with a teeny, tiny crack in the bottom of the vial. A drop of the ninth deadliest disease leaked out and onto an insect. The insect got sick, it fell into the coffee cup of one of the lab technicians and drowned. The technician felt fine, for a few days. On the day the technician started feeling less than fine it was already too late. The ninth deadliest disease had found it’s way out into the world again.

On the first day it became air borne again. How it had missed sailing along on the breeze! Floating on currents of air until it drifted down into the air passage of some unsuspecting mortal. In a week the ninth deadliest disease was infecting over half the people in the small town. But that wasn’t enough.

The small town exported coffee beans. It was no great challenge to contaminate the freshly roasted coffee beans and travel to North America and all the coffee drinkers there. The ninth deadliest disease really loved all that cream and sugar, the caffeine gave it quite the buzz too.

In a month the ninth deadliest disease was on the news. People were afraid to drink coffee from anywhere. It had spread around the world using tourists, business travelers and pigeons.

But, things began to change. Someone, some scientist in another laboratory came up with a drug to fight the ninth deadliest disease. Even though it had become stronger, mutated to become deadlier, the drug worked against it. It took time, a lot of time and though the ninth deadliest disease didn’t give up, the tide had begun to turn.

In a year, after a year of great travels, great adventures and greater challenges, the ninth deadliest disease wound down and was put into another vial on a dusty shelf, tagged for future study. The mayhem left in it’s wake was it’s only sign that anything had ever been any different.

On another shelf, the tenth deadliest disease was jealous! Tell that story.

Lost in the Pages of a Book

At the library, your favourite librarian is there… the one who screeches each time someone makes a little noise. To get out quick you return your book, very glad it’s not over due, and head to the shelf where you know the sequel should be. It’s not. Someone else must have gotten to it first. But there is another book, one you’ve never seen before in that section. It looks old, really ancient almost. The cover isn’t paper-based, it looks like leather. It feels like leather too, warm on your fingers. The pages are stiff, you need to run your fingers through to split them, as if something had become stuck between. Maybe sap from pressed flowers, drips from teacups or just dust.

The first story is about a dragon. You skim through and see more which mention kingdoms, shapeshifters and you’re surprised to notice one about traveling through space and another about traveling through time. Kind of advanced concepts for such an old book.

The books absorbs you. The librarian forgotten. Time passes. You look up and discover you’re not even in the same library. Now all the books are covered in a layer of dust. Some shelves have fallen over scattering books all over. There are no people. Weird. Closing the book you hold it and walk out into the next aisle. Still no people, just dust and debris. Was there a World War Three all of a sudden?

Outside on the street all the cars look like they’ve been sitting in a junkyard for decades. The tallest buildings look like skeletons, windows smashed. Some missing chunks and tottering over, beams exposed. Something happened while you were lost in the pages of that book. What happened?


We currently need good writers for our newsletter sites that are growing rapidly. At the moment (January 2011) we have six active sites each of which has a number of newsletters and our writers daily prepare summaries that are sent to a range of clients to help keep them up to date with important business developments.

It’s interesting but before I sign up I’d like to hear from others who are involved. How has it been working for them.

Addendum: The site may be abandoned. The section for writers seems to have been forgotten since 2011.