Sock Matching

Whenever I visit my sister I end up doing housework. She has three kids and a career, I just have me. Anyway, I’m not a big fan of housework so I get the kids to help with it as much as I can. Sock matching is one thing they can do, though it does take time and patience to get them to stick with it.

I bring out the bag of socks without partners and dump it on the table. Then sit them down and let them go to it. I make it a game. Telling them the socks are lonely and need their friends. (The little girls are 4 and 6 so this works well for them). I’m usually doing something else while they match socks. But I could take a break, sit down with them, and give them a story about socks alone in the world, looking for their match. It would be goofy cause I like to hear them laugh.

How would your story of sock matching go? Would it be funny or tragic and dramatic?

I’m Not Writing Because…

Originally posted to the forum at CMF:

The name of this game is… Reasons Why I’m Not Writing…

Think of it as writing for your blog, journal or a letter to your Great-Aunt Emily and her forty dogs all named Poochie.

I’m not writing because… My favourite pen ran out of ink and I just can’t get into another, strange and less than friendly, pen.

I’m not writing because… I don’t like the way the tree outside my window is flickering light over my computer screen. It’s mocking me!

I’m not writing because… there’s a hair in my coffee cup.

Don’t Start in a Weak Moment

Don’t start your day with one of your weaknesses. Whatever your time wasting addiction happens to be, put it on the back burner. Don’t fall into the trap of playing a little online game or nine while you wait for the coffee to brew. Don’t just check a little email while your hair dries from the shower. Start your day accomplishing something you need to get done. It sets the day on the right track and avoids slipping into playing games or sorting email or whatever your time waster is and finding the time has flown by.

Consider starting your day with something on your least want to do list. Get something like that out of the way and feel better to move onto something you’d rather be doing.

Off With Their Heads!

Your kingdom is in revolt. You passed a few little laws and suddenly everyone is up in arms. Do you try to work things out with communication and patience or do you just use your power and have the ringleaders executed for treason?

Would it make a difference if your kingdom was in a game versus something real? I find it’s so much more fun to say, “Off with their heads!” when I know it’s all a game and the people are just pixels. Yet, in reality, it is a quick fix to the problem. Tempting…?

Majesty Rules

Majesty is a video game where you rule the kingdom and can only have your people (heros) do as you want by offering rewards. There are builders who will build all your marketplaces, blacksmiths and other essential structures. There is an embassy which is one of my favourite things to build as it keeps shipping in replacement heros as they are killed off, a bit of auto pilot.

Anyway, if you were a hero or heroine inside the game of Majesty what kind of spells, armour and swords would you pack and how much would the reward have to be before you faced trolls, dragons and those sneaky elves?

My Blog is Missing Me

We get so wrapped up in making our blog, finding people to read it (to notice that we have a blog) and suddenly we realize we need to actually put something into the blog, content wise. When I was not involved with Entrecard I was writing in my blog more often. I want to get back to that. The real point of having the blog was the writing of it, the creating and publishing.

I miss myself in my blog. When I read the posts I’m not really there. Just lurking around and occasionally leaving a note. It’s not easy to find some balance. The funny thing is that people who do read your blog want to read the blog with you in it. If you write for your readers it becomes predictable and ordinary.

So lets all work on bringing ourselves back into our blogs. If you spend time card dropping for Entrecard or working on other promotion games, let them be on the sidelines. Keep yourself in the front lines.

Happy blogging.

The Game is Not Over, Yet

You’re trapped in a video game. The player is controlling things but just as you are feeling really helpless you find a way to take fate into your own hands and run the game from inside. You build your own castle and take over from the final boss (the last, toughest character to be fought in the game) and give the player a real battle of wits and resources. The only problem, if the player shuts off the game you lose automatically. How do you keep the game from being closed before it is finished? It’s a balance of keeping the game interesting and letting the player feel they still have a hope of winning.

Dank Cave or Dragon Breath?

You’ve been sucked into a fantasy role playing game, online. It’s a lot different when you’re not at the keyboard. Inside the game you can’t log out. Luckily the character you had created was already experienced, had pretty decent armour and a sack full of healing potions. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep running for your life, as you are right now. There is an ogre troll chasing you. He is huge, wears chains on the end of his wrists. Likely he had been chained up somewhere but escaped.

Up ahead you see two doorways. One seems to lead into a dank cave which doesn’t look too cheerful to say the least. The other door leads into a tunnel full of pink mist. Pink mist has long been known to signify dragon’s breath. Which doorway do you take? Pick one quick that tall, dark and less than handsome ogre troll is catching up to you.

When the Dolls Speaks

You kept one old doll from your childhood. That Raggedy Ann, with her embroidered eyes, yarn hair and cotton body. Every now and then you pick up a new dress for her so she has an outfit change, maybe not seasonal but at least she isn’t stuck on her shelf shivering in the Winter. You’ve done right enough by her, considering you haven’t played with dolls in quite awhile now. (Not counting the dress up games with your nieces/ daughters). It’s really unfair that when some trouble making fairy gives Raggedy Ann the power of speech the first thing that doll says is…

It’s up to you, what does she say?

The Alien Bachelor Dating Game

You win the lottery on the planet Murch. Go you! The prize… well, it’s not quite what you expected. Seems the lottery on Murch isn’t about money, cash or even anything of financial value exactly.

On the bright side… the men of Murch are fairly human looking and you do get your pick of them, as long as they’re single and their third arm isn’t broken. The third arm thing is a Murch wedding tradition, the groom must be able to lift his bride and all their gortkins (kind of like goats) over the wedding bed.

There are other interesting traditions but you don’t have time for those now. You’ve got a groom to pick! They parade bachelors past you a dozen at a time. You get to ask each guy a question. You can’t ask just one question over and over though. The Murch Ambassador suggests you get at least 10 questions prepared in advance. So, what are they…?