Which Online Personality Quiz are you Most Like?

Why do people like those online personality quizzes? What is the fascination?

Maybe it’s just curiousity. Seeing the road not taken or finding out what your answers to random questions say about you. Or at least what some stranger (who is possibly pretty odd themself) says about you.

Whatever the draw, online quizzes are leaping and growing in popularity. Quizilla was one of the biggest quiz sites. It’s just a mess now. But, I can remember when it was starting out and then later how fun it was before it was bought out and neglected. Blogthings seems to be the one that has kept going the longest. It’s not the site it once was either.

Many quizzes are geared to online dating. “What’s your flirting style?” “What movie sex goddess are you most like?” “What kind of cocktail would you be?” “What type of Beauty are you?”

Almost another half are geared to discovering your personality. “What’s your Inner Eye Color?” “Could you be depressed?” “Are you a geek or a freak?” “Are you a Woman or still a Girl?” “Which century are you most suited to?” “Do you really like your job?”

The rest I bunch into a random category of oddness. Like a junk drawer full of movie star posters, old birthday candles and other weird things only a very select group of people could ever really understand and appreciate. Have you ever seen a quiz like: “Which of my Friends are you Most Like?” Now you get the idea. What meaning does something like that really have for you? But, do you take that quiz anyway? Are you so hooked on online quizzes that you can’t pass up any of them?

Maybe you should branch out and try writing a quiz of your own. Plan a topic that suits you. Think of questions that are interesting yet will help to narrow down a focus to the category answers you plan. I think creating a quiz is quite a bit of work, planning and thought. Make the first one something flip that doesn’t matter. Keep it simple and make sure anyone taking the quiz understands this isn’t meant to change their life. Mainly, have fun with it yourself.

Try something along the lines of “Which lip gloss are you most like?” Pick flavours and make the questions pretty leading. What would you prefer to eat? lemons, chocolate, bubble gum… etc. At the end of the quiz your flavours would be lemon, chocolate, bubble gum and so on. Give a personality profile for each flavour. Lemon lovers are tart and active. Chocolate lovers are sweet and sensual. You get the idea… give it a try, just for fun.

Online Personality Quiz Sites for Fun

  • Queendom
    Free without registration but if you want to save results you need a login.
  • Quiz Stop
    Free but quite a lot of ads.
  • All the Tests
    Free and fun. Geared to young people.
  • OkCupid: Tests
    Free dating site, lots of quizzes but you need to register to use the site.
  • Personality Lab
    More interesting than just fun.
  • Quibblo
    Quizzes for fun, created by site users. Does not require a login unless you want to save your results.
  • Similiar Minds: Personality Tests
    Interesting, but not meant to be just for fun.
  • Your Personality
    A few of them, more on the serious side.
  • ColorQuiz.com
    One quiz about personality by colour.
  • Blog Things
    Free to use, no login required.
  • Quiz Rocket
    You can take the quiz but at the end you get nothing without registering for the site and giving personal information.


Rapping, Rhyming Writer Nerds

Can you write Nerd rapping rhymes? I wouldn’t have combined those ideas myself, I read about it on Byte Revel. Give it your best shot. Think geek, think nerd and set it to rap.

I’m not a rap writer but here’s my attempt, short out of necessity. I’d feel silly if I let it keep going any longer.

Words don’t flow, time just blows
The world turns, the worm turns too
My keyboard seems to be stuck with glue!
Wrong to blame the words, I know
It’s me. I don’t stick to it just stop and go.
You can’t write with just your fingers
Confidence, discipline, patience, bigger
Spell, grammar, punctuate on the side
to yourself don’t lie, don’t hide.

How is my mess of writer nerd rap?

Wikipedia: Nerdcore Hip Hop
Spinner.ca: 10 Nerdy Rap Lyrics: Hip-Hop Geeks Out

The Character Project Writing Exercise

Writing prompt from The Character Project:

That guy. The one over there in the red shirt. He’s been in here every day this week.

“That guy. The one over there in the red shirt. He’s been in here every day this week. He bought the breakfast platter and then two coffee refills after that. He read the newspaper, three times over, but still he sat right there all that time. He didn’t leave until noon and then he came back the next day and did it all again”. Tim stopped to look at me and make sure I was listening. Tim owned The Cookin Chicken diner and treated his staff well, as I knew even though I’d only been there a short time.

“Now, it’s Saturday, we’ve got the tourists filling every seat and he’s back again, settled in like he plans to spend the whole morning today. We need to get him out of here. He can’t take up a whole booth during the Saturday breakfast rush. Can’t you just accept his proposal and take him away? I’ll even give you the rest of the day off. Heck, I’ll give you the whole weekend just to get rid of him!”

Tim was looking pretty grumpy. It suited him. He has one of those dark, scruffy faces that look so well on male models and actors. Tim looked good too. I’d been trying to get him to look at me as more than just another waitress but it wasn’t working. Instead, it was Jim, Tim’s twin brother, who kept noticing me, sending me longing looks and expensive flowers.

Not that Jim wasn’t a good guy, he just wasn’t my first choice. For one thing, he was a widower with six kids. Six kids were kind of intimidating. I’d never been the type to take on something with that much responsibility. But, now, Tim and Jim were conspiring to get me to give Jim a chance. I knew Tim wasn’t really angry about his brother hanging around. Though it was true that Saturday is busy and the diner was getting really full with a line up out the door.

Still, I really think it was a bit extreme and desperate for Jim to propose marriage the first day he met me. Tim said not to take it seriously, that he’d already asked almost every single woman in town and was just trying it out on me cause I was a new face in town. But, still, it’s not quite the usual pick up line.

Jim finished his coffee and began clearing his own table. I guess he knew Tim was about to ask him to move out and let customers have the spot. I watched Jim clear the table, he looked sad, like someone who was giving up on something. I felt kind of bad. Tim promised he wasn’t an axe murderer, just a bit of a geek. Really… a weekend off work would be kind of nice. I still hadn’t gotten used to standing all those hours and the tourists could be pretty demanding as customers.

Tim was frowning down at me, not quite glaring, yet clearly wishing I’d take his brother out of his hair. Jim came towards us, about to walk out the door. Maybe an opportunity for a good guy after all the times I’d said I never met any good guys. I took a deep breath, held it a second and then, just as Jim stepped past us I reached out and took hold of his jacket. Suddenly it all felt right. He felt the tug on his sleeve and looked back at me. I smiled up at him. I never noticed Jim had that twinkle in his eyes before. Tim didn’t have that.

“Let’s blow this chicken stand, Jim.” That was all I needed to say. Jim had the biggest puppy dog look of happiness then he took my hand and escorted me out of the diner.

Know Thy Less-Than-Perfectness

I am a social geek/ nerd/ cave person. I know this about myself and I am okay with it. I can live with being semi- social phobic and not all that chatty in large groups of unknown people. Some would call it shy. It isn’t really. It’s more like intimidated and growing up polite – not cutting into the conversation. (One of my pet peeves, which I do not talk about, is being interrupted when I am trying to say something).

Anyway, this is one part of my character which does not go well with blogging, the promoting part of blogging. Some say they are shameless self-promoters. This is not me. I am more like a shy, rebellious self promoter. Half of me does not even like all that advertising/ marketing/ commercial and sales stuff and the other half thinks it would be much nicer to just keep writing and not bring attention to myself. This does not work really well. It is detrimental to several of my blogging and fame seeking goals.

Still, I know myself. I know where my difficulties/ challenges are. Do you?

What is your challenge as a blogger? I won’t assume you are all in if for the fame, like myself. (I will pretend I’m not, but I know I want the glory and gusto of fame, deep in my quietly shy heart). Anyway, is your challenge something personal or something like spelling which can be helped with proofreading (unless you are one of those anti- rule reading types who thinks proofreading is for sissies).

We all have these little challenges. No one is perfect. No matter how perfect you think someone else is, just ask them, if you catch them in an honest mood. Everyone can tell you their story of woe and less-than-perfectness.

I Am The Dungeon Master!

I just thought this was fun. From jinx.com where they sell geek and gamer stuff. We used to play Dungeons and Dragons. My Dad wanted to be the dungeonmaster until he got annoyed cause we weren’t fast enough or didn’t do everything his way. Then I took over! I was the real Dungeon Master. I loved drawing maps and leading my brother and sisters astray into all my traps, pitfalls and false trails. Of course, there was treasure too. Lots of magic and mysteries and good things but they were always so worried about surprise traps for some odd reason. Can’t imagine why they felt so paranoid… 😉

Geek Girl!

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