How to Switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail

Source for information – How to Switch from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail (with Pictures) – wikiHow.

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I found and tested this out myself. Using a Yahoo mail account I have had since 1998, I went into Gmail and used the Gmail options to transfer all my old email from the Yahoo account into Gmail.

On the con side… it did import a massive amount of spam email from Yahoo.

This was AFTER I had deleted every last spam in the account. However, it took a few days for the import and during that time yet more spam gathered. So not only did I get the old email I wanted but also all the latest junk I could have happily done without.

On the pro/ plus side… it worked!!!

I tried to find a way to import old email from Yahoo a couple of years ago. Yahoo had blocked any options (unless you paid for a premium account with them). I didn’t want a paid account when all I wanted was my existing email. I have not used that account in quite a bit longer than ten years. So, paying for it seemed nonsense. (Especially due to the more than average amount of junk/ spam which flooded in to an account inactive for son long).

Gmail let me know when the Yahoo transfer was complete. There was a note at the top of my Gmail account, highlighted in yellow. Everything imported over was labelled with the Yahoo email address. That made it easy to find. At first I thought all I had was the spam. There were 6,000+ imported emails. I had cleaned the account and left about 300 emails to be imported over. I had to dig and scroll to find the email I wanted to keep. Luckily, Gmail lets you select unread emails. I used that feature to select and delete the junk. This left the older emails alone.

So, you can save old email from Yahoo Mail and not have to pay for it. Next I’m getting my Mother to do the same. One thing you do need to do – pull all your emails into the InBox and out of all folders. Anything in folders will not be imported (according to the directions in the post on WikiHow).

Note: Not everything was exactly as WikiHow reported it. Maybe the procedure was updated since that article was posted. It was actually simpler and if you follow along with the instructions in the pop-up window from Gmail you will do fine.

Good Bye iGoogle Start Page

I like having a start page when I open my web browser. I’ve been using iGoogle from the start because I liked it. I didn’t really need or use much of the features. Mainly, it was a welcome each time I started up the Internet. I could check the weather, I could use the bookmarks I had created to quickly get onto whatever I was planning to do. Or, I could search for anything on Google and open a new window to check Gmail at the same time.

I will miss iGoogle, not because it was especially useful but just because it was there.

Someone has started a petition to keep iGoogle, if you want to get in on that. I won’t. It’s progress of some sort for Google I guess. But, I think they have under used the start page aspect of iGoogle and now it’s being abandoned entirely.

Agatha Christie was in my Email

I’m cleaning up in my inbox. Quite a big chore. I’ve had this Gmail account since the year Google began Gmail. There are thousands of emails in it. Some sorted and many unsorted. A lot of them have never been read. I found this in a post from an email list I once belonged to. They were sent by the list owner, a few years ago.

“I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainty that just to be alive is a grand thing.” – Agatha Christie

“Most successes are unhappy. That’s why they are successes – they have to reassure themselves about themselves by achieving something that the world will notice.” -Agatha Christie

Email Bankruptcy

Amanda at BloggerBuster declared email bankruptcy in May this year. She is trying to bring her site back to life after taking a break for several months. It is a chore to catch up and revamp and find out what you didn’t keep up with while you were ignoring your blog awhile. She decided not to catch up on emails, just too much back email. So she is starting fresh. Probably a very good idea.

Could you declare email bankruptcy or would you feel too guilty about ignoring that many emails?

Maybe you could take a step in clearing out email clutter instead. How many of those email newsletters and lists have you actually read this past week? One? A few? Or maybe none at all? If you don’t want to unsubscribe from each one (some just will not go away even if you do unsubscribe they just sign you up for some other list) then use your email filters to have them all go directly into the trash. With Gmail you can even have them miss the inbox entirely and go directly to trash, do not pass go.

I know there are still people who recommend email newsletters as a good thing to bring people to your site and etc. Do not do it! It will only be a huge waste of your time and energy at this point. Email newsletters had their time. I think almost none of them are read these days. Just too much information overload in email for them to have much hope of being found and then given reader attention.

Think of Twitter as a better option.

No More Newsletters, Please!

I’ve been trying to clean newsletters out of my email inbox. There are far more than I can ever even want to read. I don’t want to try reading any of them at this point. The sad thing is that a few of them I used to read all the time and would still enjoy if I didn’t feel so crowded any time I open my email. I’m glad I stuck with webmail rather than using the email address I have with my domains. At least on the web it is “on the web” and not taking over space on my computer.

I think anyone who suggests starting a newsletter as a good promotional idea is behind the times. Or just so new online that they don’t have a vastly cluttered email inbox, yet. I do get tempted to take a look at newsletters, even still. But, the fact is that there are so many voices in my email inbox now that I can’t hear any one of them. So they are all going to go, slowly and painfully. I don’t see any way to clean out the inbox other than the painful and slow way of going through them individually, unsubscribing and then deleting all the newsletters already sent and never read.

Now and then there are newsletters which will not let you unsubscribe or worse, newsletters which say you are now unsubscribed but they have not done anything or they have subscribed you to other lists/ newsletters which they send out. Spammers will be spammers. If this happens you just black list them using the garbage filter in your email service. Gmail has that set up well and it works! I know from using it quite a lot.

Anyway, when I finally get this mess cleaned up it will be nice to see my friends again. Some newsletters which I know are there I will find again, like connecting with a good friend you’ve been missing. Scribe and Quill is one I am looking forward to getting to know all over again. I am sure the clean up is going to take me a few weeks. There are newsletters which will revisit me like unwanted ghosts. Eventually, I will get all the junk out and my email inbox will be a nice place to visit once again.

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