Applying for Wisdom Pills

Yonder crazy woman who is she? Where and what her dwelling?

Good King Wencelas has been on my mind over the holidays. Is it true that people don’t know the lyrics beyond the first couple of sentences? It’s one of my favourites but, I admit, I’d have to have the words in front of me to get very far. (It’s a long song!)

Anyway, tonight I impulsively looked at Craiglist. Not for good reasons. I started with the platonic friends and it went down from there. But, I thought I would check the writing/ editing job posts before I left. Usually it’s a lot of freebie work, scams, etc. But, tonight I found and looked into, Wisdom Pills. I read the site, checked the author bios to see what kind of space they get and I read a few posts. The site looks good. This from someone who has reviewed about 500 writer sites in the past two days with

I had a good feeling about it and… I applied for the job posted. I applied for the midlife topic at BellaOnline this week too. But, I knew that was more about fixing and saving the current topic than something I really wanted to do for myself. It wasn’t a good kind of challenge for me. (I haven’t heard back from them, and likely won’t for awhile, but I’m not going to do it for other reasons too).

Meanwhile… there is Wisdom Pills. It’s a challenge that gives me a bit to worry about and I need something I’m not sure and confident about because I’m letting myself be ok with less, under achieving and just taking on challenges I’m sure of. They aren’t really challenges if there isn’t at least some hint of risk and danger and possible failure. I don’t really think I will fail but… I don’t feel sure about it.

This is what I sent to them tonight:


Wisdom Pills – Something For Your Soul?.

Power Up your About Page or Profile

Some time over the holidays, while you’re thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, talking with family and trying not to snack on too many goodies… think about updating your online profiles, your bio pages on web sites (dating sites included) and your about page on any blogs you keep. Information changes. If you haven’t updated the information about yourself in a year or longer, some things you wrote last time will be out of date.
If you are online as a professional you should be updating profiles and about pages at least once a year. Even if you don’t change so much as one word, change the date to show the information is recent rather than stagnating.

Happy December!

December is my favourite month. It’s not just because Christmas is this month. If anything I can think of several things (like my birthday now that I’m 40+) that could take away the luster of December, if I let them. There is just something about the month of December, the first snowfall (even though it started in November this year, if you want to get technical). I like the freshness of December. It’s the first month that feels like winter. It gives us a cold snap to sharpen our senses. December brings all the traditions like building a snowman, drinking hot chocolate and thinking about Christmas holidays and birthday getaways (if you happen to be born this month).

What do you like, or not like, about December?

Happy New Month!

Give a Blank for Christmas

Dear  _______________,

I’m   ___________  that I can’t be with you for the holidays.  I really   _____________  you both. Thanks for your  ___________  and your  __________  the past year. You are always  ___________  when I need ______________.  I don’t  ___________  what I would do without you.  I’m looking __________  to seeing you with a new  ___________  in the New Year.

Come up with something pretty outrageous to fill in all the blanks. Just for fun.

Plan Your own Nation

If you had your own country what would your national anthem be? What would you pick as the national flower? The national animal that goes on your loose change? What would the national holidays be, special to just your country? How would your flag look and what capital building would it be flying over? Would your capital city be in the middle of the big population area or out of the way somewhere?

Will You be Blogging for Christmas?

xmsbloggingChristmas is on my mind today. I’m watching romantic holiday movies. Right now The Lake House with Keanu Reeves. I admit I have a thing for Keanu. How could any Canadian woman not have a soft spot for a hockey player who can dance? It’s just finishing up, the final scene, the last great kiss. Funny that he looks older in this movie and yet there is still just something about him… Well, you don’t really want to read my mind babbling on about Keanu Reeves.

Will you be blogging for Christmas? Do you keep blogging during the holidays or do you put your blog into suspended animation?

I will be here. For me I like having some alone time during the holidays. This year it is mucked up cause my sister is having a baby and I am the prime babysitter for her other children, those who have left the womb. I will be glad when the babysitting time is done. I am loving having the house to myself for this bit of time. I can cook things the way I like them, or not bother with cooking or eating at all. I did make the Christmas cookies. So I’m not being wicked and lazy and forgetting about the holiday thing. Later, I will haul the Christmas tree and the box of decorations out of the garage. Not looking forward to finding out if mice got in there or not. I’m hoping for at least not too much.

How is your holiday spirit hanging on? Blog about it!  🙂

Especially Special Events

Do you know enough HTML code to change your site for the holidays? Try it! I know we are supposed to bow to the gods of branding but take a break from worshipping at Christmas time, Halloween, Valentines Day and other events. Even if it’s just for one day. Brighten up your site with a big red bow or a fresh banner in seasonal colours. Find something you can do even if all you can do is change the colours of your fonts to read and green. Keep your site readable but give it a holiday make over.