The Horror of Being Possessed

5. You have been possessed by the devil! How do you deal with this and how do you make every effort to keep your soul possible? Feel free to go in a different direction from other possession movies.

via Free Creative Writing Prompts #66: Horror.

I don’t watch horror so I don’t know about the typical possession in a horror movie. I’d write about the feeling of seeing yourself and not being yourself. Have you ever looked down at your own hand and felt it was not your hand? Some one else had taken it over. It’s a creepy feeling. You can become fixated on your hand and convince yourself it really isn’t your hand. Of course it is. Once you break your concentration on it everything goes back to normal. That’s how I would write about possession, sort of a self possession.

You are in a Halloween Horror Movie…

This came from one of my nephew’s friends on Facebook.

You are in a horror movie on Halloween, the first ten people in your chat are: (No cheating!!)

Cries like a baby:
The one who trips while running in the woods:
First to go missing:
Murdered saving you:
Survives by faking death:
Has a solid survival plan nobody listens to:
Spends all the time looking for Twinkies:
Turns into a zombie:
Everyone suspects is the killer:
Is really the killer:

Think of peopel you have read or written (characters of your own creation) where would each fit on the options provided?

Simple Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Using a Computer Should Know

I thought I should write about keyboard shortcuts. I’m surprised people don’t know them. Even simple things like using your keyboard for cut and paste functions.

Your computer mouse will work for most things you can do with the keyboard. Maybe the keyboard shortcuts will never be anything but extra knowledge or a backup plan for you… but, maybe knowing a simple keyboard shortcut will turn out to be a great thing.

Browser shortcuts save you time while you are looking at websites. Using the shortcuts on your keyboard can be simpler than right clicking the mouse, you don’t need to be as precise. Also, on sites which disable right clicks you can still use the keyboard shortcut to open new links or copy text.

These are the shortcuts I use most often. (Don’t type in the first ‘+’ it just means ‘and’ in this case).


Browser Shortcuts: Resources

Horror Writers are Nice Girls Too

Writing horror is a unique experience. I have written horror and self published my horror writing. People have given me good feedback but I’ve yet to write something I feel really good about. So, I’m amateur horror writer. Still working on it.

I like the drama and the challenge of putting the things that really do scare me into words which will show someone else what really is scary. I don’t get scared by typical things: fictional monsters, serial killers and so on. No, the things that scare me are real and everyday like debt, job interviews and bumble bees that fly into my hair and keep buzzing around close to my head. The horror of deciding to hope the bee finds it’s own way out or risking getting your fingers stung while you try to get it out (before it stings your head or face) is a very real thing and something I have experienced.

It’s the real things that are scary, horrifying. Not the made up monsters. The only time a made up monster becomes frightening is when we talk ourselves into believing they are real, or could be real. It’s reality that really is the stuff of nightmares.

As a writer, I think writing horror makes you learn “show don’t tell” more than any other genre. An over narrated horror story will flat-line, fast!

Micro Fiction: Horror


micro horror

What’s this all about?

The mission of is to be the Web’s premier free repository for horror microfiction. We went live on May 7, 2006. Come and enjoy the stories, and if you’re a writer, we invite you to contribute.

What is microfiction?

Microfiction is also referred to as flash fiction or short-short stories. The general goal of a microfiction author is to tell a story, set a mood or depict a scene in as few words as possible. There is no official limit on how long a story can be before it no longer qualifies, but on, you will find no stories longer than 666 words.

What’s so special about horror microfiction?

Unfortunately, this is a question that can only be answered by an opinion. As for me, I’m a horror fan just like I assume you to be. I like to be scared and disturbed by what I read. I also love short-short stories, and love the emotional impact that can be crammed into a few well chosen words. Horror, I’ve come to believe, is particularly well suited to the microfiction form, and the best horror microfiction can be as brief and shocking as a punch to the stomach.

What are the guidelines for submitting stories?

There are three main rules for submissions: Stories need to be in the horror genre, they need to be under 666 words, and most importantly, they need to be written by you.

Horror Literature

SuiteU is closing and will disappear soon. There is a lot of great content there. People who wrote the courses put a lot into them. It’s a shame for them to just disappear. Here is the free ecourse for Horror Literature. I’d like to write horror but so far it all starts out all wrong for me. I need a new way to write it.

Horror Literature
By Catherine Bitzer


Welcome to the lair of horror literature! Dark minds over centuries have scared the wits out of their readers by harping on our most subconscious of fears. Below is a description of what you might expect to find in the course.

Read more

Do you Want to be a Movie Reviewer?

At this time of year people talk about movies and everyone has some kind of opinion. Could you write movie reviews, as an official, paid movie critic? It’s not for everyone. I’m happy on the sidelines, just offering my free advice and reviews to the general discussion.


Fab Job: Become a Movie Reviewer
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Moviefone: Rough Cuts: How to Become a Movie Critic
The Guardian: Film Blog: What every film critic must know

Here is a movie review job. Not one I’d send anyone to apply for, they don’t sound very ethical or concerned about an honest review.

Movie Review Writers Needed: This job is always open so feel free to apply ignoring the job posting date.

We are looking for movie review writers to write reviews on various movies on regular basis. All the reviews should be positive review with critics in favour of positive points and no negative critics.

We will provide you the title and you have to write a positive review on them. The movies will be from all Genres such as Drama, Animation, Thriller, Comedy, Horror, Animation, Sci-fi etc.

Movies will include old, new and upcoming releases.

This is ongoing work. You will have to write movie reviews on regular basis.

Following are some of the terms for writing reviews

Reviews shall be in about 500 words
All reviews shall be unique and shall not be copied from any sources
All reviews shall be grammatically correct
Reviews would be our copyright so you can’t publish them in any media including Online
You have to write review with keywords stuffed in them. We will provide guidelines on which keywords to stuff in.
Ideally you should have watched the movie, if not then you will have to rewrite review based on official review release and other online reviews.

Horror Flash Fiction Contest

From Haley Whitehall:

I am hosting a horrific flash fiction contest. Here are the rules: Warning they are stricter than a challenge.

  • Genre: Horror or any genre with a strong element of horror
  • Word count: It MUST be 500 words or less
  • How to share: You can put it up on your blog and link here or (if you don’t have a blog) you can email it to me through the contact form and I’ll put it in a post for you.
  • Time limit: It must be posted by Halloween.
  • Prize: YES there is a prize! Keep reading.
  • Multiple Submissions? While I accept multiple submissions for my flash fiction challenges you can only enter ONE story in the contest.

via Horror Flash Fiction Contest.

What will you write? How will you write it? Flash fiction is short, 500 words is pretty lengthy for it. Could you write it in 250? 100? or even 50?

Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans

I wrote Fairy Tales for Short Attention Spans, now I’m working on Horror Stories for Short Attention Spans cause it’s good to make your brain work in different directions.

Write something short and twisted and horrifyingly spooky. Keep it to the length of just one paragraph with a beginning, middle and an ending.

Jack was exploring an old, derelict mansion, creating a photo documentary. He tripped over a floor board and found a necklace hidden underneath, it sparkled and glittered in a rainbow of colours. He put it in his pocket. The mansion was creepy. At odd moments he was sure he saw a strange woman from the corner of his eye. Finally he packed up and headed out the front door. But, each time he tried to leave he found himself weirdly turned around and entering the house again instead of leaving. Over and over and over he attempted to exit. It began to make him feel sick with dizziness. He had forgotten all about the necklace in his pocket. Which was a real shame cause that was all she wanted. The ghost watched him struggle for hours, desperate, scared. She wanted her necklace but could only take it when it passed into the realm of the dead. No matter, she’d make sure Jack never left, alive.

Another story. The thing with mirrors has long been a creepy idea for me.

Alice was a little into herself but Stanley loved her all the same. He found a full length antique mirror in a junk shop, brought it home, cleaned it up and gave it to Alice on her birthday. It was weird with gargoyles and other odd characters decorating the iron frame but she loved it. Weeks went by, Alice seemed to spend more and more time admiring herself in the mirror. She even missed important events with her family, friends and sales at her favourite stores. As time went by Stanley noticed Alice was getting thinner. Not in a slender way, like someone losing weight, Alice was becoming transparent. Doctors thought Stanley was imagining it all. They kept him for a few days, in case he became dangerous. When Stanley came home again Alice was gone. He tried to find her, but no one had seen her. After a year Stanley gave up. He packed up all her things and put them into storage. Placing the antique mirror in the storage unit, he left it facing the wall, just too sad to look at it and not see Alice reflected in it. Which was too bad cause Alice was there, trapped inside the mirror. Stanley left the storage locker, shutting off the light.

Another Adult Writing Prompt

This one has a name I’m not so sure about posting here. Yes, I do write adult content (mainly for my own amusement these days) but I am a nice girl, a Canadian too. Some things are just not done in polite company. But, because it is a proper name, the name given to the group, I am going to quote it.

Fuck Me Friday is a writing prompt for adult writers, done by Aisling Weaver on Fridays. Of course, you don’t have to read the posts, or participate. But, I do think it is important for writers to stretch a bit, try new things. Even if that means writing sports, horror or adult content – when you have no experience with them. You don’t have to become a professional erotica writer in one story, just give yourself the room and the freedom to explore.