I Don’t Think That Smells Like Coffee

You’re up early. Far too early if you ask yourself, which you would, if you were awake enough to answer yourself. Still, you’re up. Seems like there must be some sort of reason. Pulling yourself out of bed, deciding to make coffee since you certainly have time to drink it this morning, you look out the window. It’s not snowing. That’s a nice change this winter. But you do smell the distinctive aroma of skunk. Isn’t it great that you have doors and windows that don’t let rodents like skunks and such into your house while you sleep.

Odd how that smell seems to get stronger as you get closer to the kitchen. Odder still, you can hear a scratching some sort of snuffling noise coming from the kitchen as well. Oh great! At least now you know what woke you up this early. What will you do about the skunk in your kitchen?

Little Box of Mystery

You’re at a bus station. Not doing anything much, just went in for a coffee cause some one at work said it was really good. Cheap too for a latte. Paying for your coffee you realize your wallet isn’t the only thing you’re carrying in your purse. Somehow, there is a little wooden box in there. It wasn’t there when you left the house. You’ve never seen it before.

The box is a dark colour of wood, with engravings all over it. Very pretty, almost romantic looking in a gothic kind of way. So, what’s in the box and what do you do with it once you open it?

The Grand Standing House

You inherit Great Aunt Maude’s mansion. The lawyer calls you to her office and gives you the value of the estate which includes a huge house and lands with landscaped gardens and a maze which has been a tourist attraction in the area. Locals are concerned that you will close it down to have privacy.

But, the lawyer informs you that the house and lands are not quite the dream you were hoping for. The house is full (literally an organizer’s nightmare) with clutter, garbage and newspapers which Great Aunt Maude could not bring herself to throw away. The lands are beautiful, somehow she managed to keep the gardening staff paid.

You have an offer from a land developer to buy the whole thing and take away that “headache” from you. But, the house was once an elegant, beautiful place. It is still well known for it’s architecture, the stone, iron and wood work were all done by craftsmen ages ago.

Do you try to keep the house, getting rid of the garbage inside an digging up those old antique treasures which are buried under all the debris? Do you sell to the developer to make it easy on yourself? Or do you come up with a third option that attempts to make everyone come out happy?