DIY: FavIcon

FavIcon from Pics — how to create a favicon.ico for your website

Absolutely splendid. I made one of that stick figure grrl with the maple leaf. It’s too small to use but I like how easy it was to do with this site. I’m going to come up with a more usable image for the favicon.

FavIcon is a favourite icon. Basically, you create a small graphic (16 X 16 pixels, tiny in fact) which will show up in the address bar when someone looks at your site. It will also show up in their bookmarks alongside your site, if they bookmark your site. It’s a non-essential thing that helps make your site stand out. Plus it gives those us of who are addicted to tweaking and twiddling with their sites, something else to do. It’s not hard to create a favicon. Once you save your tiny graphic as favicon.ico you upload the file to your site, it should be in the root directory so it’s easy for web browsers to locate. Then you add the code (which I can not post in Blogger, I tried) between the head and /head tags in your HTML code. Not so hard was it!

How creative can you get with such a miniscule image? See what you can do and keep it clear to see. The smaller you make your file the blurrier it gets. Have fun, let me know if you load a favicon. I’d like to see what other tweakers and twiddlers come up with.

Wikipedia has a page about Favicons too. You can see examples there. I also found a gallery of favourite favicons.