Bugmenot.com – login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration


I like that someone is protesting all this. I hate registering for sites. It’s a pain to login each time and I think most of them are just using it as an excuse to harvest email addresses (and all the other information they can get out of you). I seldom join sites any more, just cause I really hate registering for anything now. What’s the point when I just want to make one post to a forum and will likely never remember to come back again.

EzinePrivacy.org – Defending the privacy of ezine subscribers


Service which ezine publishers can use to show they will not sell email addresses and other information from subscribers to the ezine. Good idea but maybe a touch anal for me. The more spam dished out in email the easier the email services are making it


Once upon a time on a computer which has since migrated with my Mother down to her Florida getaway and hurricane magnet…

I used to use an uninstaller and nothing else to clean my computer. It ran great. Crashes and freeze ups were rare. If one did come along I knew it was time to clean it up or check for a more updated kernel32 file. Not a problem.

Now, until recently, I was running a firewall, several spyware programs and virus checkers. Most of those are gone now. They became the problem. In trying to keep my computer virus and other pestilences free I ended up having freezes, crashes and system overload warnings when I was actually running almost nothing. So, most of those old guards are gone. My computer is my own again, it runs faster and much smoother. It’s no longer bloated with all those safety gadgets.

However, I still have the problem of clean up. It’s not so simple any more. Don’t think your spyware will do it all for you. If you want to get rid of some computer bloat of your own look for information about cleaning up your individual computer. Meanwhile, this tip (below) is something I used to know but forgot about. It’s just what you need to get some pests out of your start up menu.

Make a fresh start. Accelerate your Windows start-up by disabling programs that automatically start with Windows. Go to Start, Run, type msconfig, press Enter, and select the Startup tab; uncheck the box for anything you don’t want starting up with Windows. Recheck the box to change it back again.

Keep in mind, do not get rid of something just cause you’ve never seen it before or don’t know what it does. Windows has a lot of programs keeping it running which you will never see. They run in the background. It’s only when they stop running (or are removed by accident) that you find out what they are and how much you need them. So, just get rid of programs you know you have already deleted from your hard drive, those uninvited guests who have outstayed their welcome.

Good luck, happy cleaning.

The Fanac Fan History Project


Creating an archive of sci fi fan fiction and art history.

This site is devoted to the preservation and distribution of information about science fiction and science fiction fandom. Here you might find your favorite fanzine, pictures of Walt Willis in Ireland or Harlan Ellison at the 1955 Worldcon. You can also find the words to an early filk song, information about an SF con near you AND all sorts of strange and wonderful information about fandom’s past. And the present, too, because that’s tomorrow’s past.