Liquid Inspiration in a Mug

Although this is not a foodie or recipe blog, there comes a time when good things of the edible kind must be shared. I was listening to Laura Calder‘s French Food at Home today. One of the recipes she prepared was hot chocolate made with milk, honey and cocoa powder. I know it will be yummy. I am going to make it when I get more milk, I have the honey and cocoa powder.

Camille’s Chocolate Chaud
1 heaping spoonful high-quality cocoa powder
1 heaping spoonful honey
1 cup milk

Put the cocoa powder in a mug. Heat the honey and milk until very hot. Pour the slightest amount onto the chocolate powder and stir to make a paste. Now add a little more and temper it into the milk. Pour the chocolate milk into the mug.

Next time you need to work your way through a writer’s block check your cupboards for the ingredients and make yourself some smooth, chocolate inspiration in a mug.

Chocolate Caramel Latte

From the Hershey’s website:
Chocolate Caramel Latte:
1/4 cup hot espresso
1/2 cup steamed skim milk
1/4 cup HERSHEY’S Classic Caramel Topping, room temperature
Foamed milk(optional)
Stir together hot espresso, steamed milk and caramel topping in large mug or cup. Top with foamed milk, if desired. Serve immediately.

Think of this as writing inspiration. I know I will. I just have to pick up the caramel sauce next time I am at the grocery store, which should be tomorrow afternoon. Yummy….

Blogging with Discipline

Blogging with discipline doesn’t mean you have to blog every day or that you can’t ever take a break. It means blogging regularly–whatever that means for you. It means sitting down and trying to develop a blog post idea instead of waiting until a perfectly-written post is already floating around in your brain.

Blogging with discipline isn’t the only “right” way to blog. Some bloggers find that a less-structured schedule works well for them. But if the concept appeals to you, I invite you to join me. Blog with discipline…and be available for the inspiration, when it comes.

This is me! I like the structure of writing regular posts. I find daily and even weekly posts are better than trying to post once in awhile or a few times a week or anything else that leaves wiggle room. I am not the most organized and disciplined person. I’m easily distracted and get sidetracked all too quickly.

Although I use scheduled posts I still know I have to keep enough content going to make that schedule. One thing I like about writing for a blog/ site network is being accountable to stick to a schedule for posts too. You know you have readers expecting your content but the best situation is a writing network where the writers have a real community and THEY know your posting schedule too.

There are always going to be times when you have nothing to say. You’re just dry.

  • Quotations are good. You can find a quote that makes you laugh, makes you think or just amazes you. If you can find anything to add of your own, do so!. Although I have done so, it is not good to just post a quote and leave it there without any commentary from yourself.
  • Take a break from it. Come back when your mind isn’t pressured to write something. Go browsing online at other sites in your niche. See what topics others have been writing about. Anything you may have missed? Anything you can add your own slant, experience or information to?
  • Read other media, like the newspaper. Don’t get so caught up in your small corner of the world that you forget there is a lot out there, not all of it is online. Not all of it is even about blogging! Shocking, eh?
  • Brainstorm a list of topics you could write about. Don’t hold back. Write down stuff that seems stupid and offbeat even. Give yourself at least one minute to warm up. Once you start ideas tend to flow.
  • Best of all, keep an idea folder, stuff it full of things you want to write about, tidbits of ideas you get when you are doing something else, and stuff that has inspired you. Don’t rule out a topic just because your niche doesn’t directly relate to it. Think of a way that it does. Some really interesting posts have been created when someone combined unusual topics, giving new perspective to their topic.

Go forth and write. Let me know if you find blogging with discipline works for you too. (It work won’t for everyone).

Try the “I’m a Great Artist Spell” for NaNoWriMo

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo (beginning November 1st) and Halloween (today as of this posting) I bring you…

I’m a Great Artist Spell from “How to Turn your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells” by Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray.

For this spell you will need: some peppermint tea, a mirror, a scarf made of natural materials and a red lipstick or crayon.

When you really understand what magic is built on – the fact that all energy is connected – then any time you’d like a shot of inspiration, you can try this spell. The best time to cast this spell is at 7:00 in the morning or evening.

Make the peppermint tea and breathe in the aroma for a moment or two. Put all the items of enchantment on a flat surface in front of the mirror, and seat yourself in a relaxed position where you can see your reflection.

Drape the scarf around your shoulders. Take the lipstick or crayon and draw a large circle on the mirror while you recite these words:

The circle is cast, only the good can enter herein.

Now write the name of the great artist you’d like to connect with, in the middle of the circle, and write your name underneath the artist’s name. Then look directly into the mirror and recite these words:

I will learn the secrets of the soul I am one with the eternal universe I am connected with all greatness and genius.

Set Your Lyrics

Every show on TV starts out with it’s own theme song. (If there is one that starts out silent I can’t think of it). Some of the theme songs are great, sentimental or powerful or just the sort of melody or lyrics to stick in your mind. With some theme songs you can hear a bit of it years later and remember the whole thing. That’s a kind of power and a tribute to the songwriter.

Think of something you have written recently (poetry, fiction or non-fiction) and write a theme song for it. If you are musically inclined try to give it a tune as well as the lyrics. It doesn’t have to be long, just a jingle if that’s your inspiration.

Challenging the Limits

Challenge yourself with limits.

Start with Six Sentences. What can you write in six sentences, a complete story with a beginning, middle and ending? It’s a challenge. Read what others have done if you need inspiration. Post your work to the site, even if it isn’t really great to you.

Next try 200 Words and then, a real challenge… 200 Characters.

Do you know of any other writing challenges with set limits for words, sentences or characters?

Spy On Yourself

We all procrastinate about something. Even those people who always seem so exceptionally organized and on top of everything have something they are putting off. Whatever your reason for procrastinating (time, energy, lack of inspiration or just not wanting to do it) the one thing we all know is that it has to get done and avoidance isn’t going to work. Not really.

So spy on yourself. When you find yourself putting some task off make a sticky note and put it where you know you will see it. It’s like spying on yourself cause you will remember the task again and again rather than letting it slip through the cracks. Give yourself that little guilt trip and when the task is done you can finally get rid of your nosy neighbour, that little nagging sticky note.