Have you got the Correct Linkage?

I’m reading The Weblog Handbook by Rebecca Blood. Among the things worth noting is using your linkage on a website. It’s not enough to display links to other sites. What you need to do is click on your own links. That way the webmasters will see you and know you are linking to them. Otherwise they won’t know you have links to them unless they stumble across you by some lucky fluke.

So, if you have a blog (or ezine or a site of any kind) and have links down your sidebar or in the blog itself, click them. Go to the sites and get yourself noticed. You’ll show up as a referrer site in their web stats.

You can set your own site up to see who refers to you too. There are free scripts on the web, most are simple and painless.

Creative Website Marketing: Site Blueprint

Creative Website Marketing


Here is a simple list of to-dos when laying out your new site architecture ? it will make all of our lives easier, and your clients? sites more appealing to the search engines:

? an h1 headline on each page

? a text-based menu footer (possibly with that local address info!)

? a sitemap with keyword-rich text links to all of the sites? content

? consistent navigation and layout throughout”