LiveJournal Wants to Get Noticed Again

livejournal1Do you know LiveJournal? Do you remember the early years, before weblogs (blogs), when they were called online journals or diaries? LiveJournal started out then. It wasn’t the only one. Not much is left from the online journal days. Not many of the sites are still around, few of the networks lasted this long. Blogs became the new thing and online journals just didn’t endure as it became popular to splog rather than write something personal.

Ironic that the splogging has devolved and the personal touch is now considered marketable.

There are still WordPress plugins for LiveJournal crossposting and importing within WordPress. But, there are only three, not a lot of selection but they have all been updated in 2014. Not a lot of dust collecting on them so far.

I like LiveJournal. Not just because we have a history together, though I’ve been forgetting to check in very much. LiveJournal has staying power. LiveJournal has new features and wants to pick up and grow again. Instead of falling into the easy path of marketing to users of their site they want to get inventive, try something new, a different approach to making money while providing a web service people will actually come back to use.

Not many people online now will remember the days of sending virtual gifts. You can do that on LiveJournal, inside the community there. Sure you can easily send anyone an image file through email, but there is something nice about a gift you picked out, paid a bit for and then sent along. A gift with intentions rather than just a gift out of impulse. I think we are lacking that now that things are all so fast and easy online.

But, that is a small thing at LiveJournal. What I especially like this the LiveJournal bookmarketlet. It’s the LiveJournal version of WordPress PressThis. Just as you can use PressThis to post to your blog from your web browser and now add links, images and commentary – you can do the same with LiveJournal. Better than Blogger which has not been updated in too long. LiveJournal has all the features I look for in a bookmarklet for content curating. It is a really good option for posting content from other sites, as a content curator.

ljbookmarklet ljbookmarklet1

Crossposting a Thing of the Past?

LiveJournal was taken down by DDOS in 2006.

WordPress › Live+Press « WordPress Plugins.

People jump and scurry so much for Google ratings I doubt the old crossposting plan will hold on much longer. (Unless you can just crosspost a link, without the content).

It was nice to be able to share across the waves when you had a few blogs, a few social media sites and so on. Now, Google has let it be known that duplicate content is bad, a bad thing. Not to be tolerated – and so mote it be.

That won’t be a good thing for sites like LiveJournal, Tumblr and other microblog sort of things. Not everyone wants to support a microglog in addition to their main sites, where they put in most of their time with maintenance, promotion, artistic and content creation. It will be the small blog sites that starve first. The people there tend to have other blogs or just be dabbling their fingers into the pond and not last a long time. The accounts on LiveJournal, Google’s own Blogger/ Blogspot have loads of abandoned accounts like skeletons in the closet.

Crossposting may have caused duplicate content… but was that really such a bad thing?

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Travelling Life Together

A boyfriend sent me this years ago. I don’t know where the original card is any more but I’m so glad I retyped it into my old LiveJournal account. Today I found it there.  If it has a title I don’t know it. I didn’t type a title.

Take my hand.
Let’s travel life together…
but let’s take time
to savor where we go.

We’ll measure distance,
not in miles but kisses.
We’ll pack our smiles
and leave our cares behind.

Instead of postcards,
we’ll collect embraces,
and I’ll memorize your face
on moonlit nights…

We’ll leave the road
for meadows, beaches, cafes,
and secret places
only we will know.

Life’s too short
for us to ever finish
a journey that explores
our heart’s desires,
so let’s go now…

We won’t regret
one minute
of traveling life together
hand in hand.

Alarie Tennille

De-Lurking Day/ Week

Traditionally in January but… I’m posting about it today.

BlogHer: National Delurking Day 2011: Say Hello to your Favorite Bloggers

Amid Life’s Crises: Did I Miss National Delurking Week?

Rude Cactus: Delurking Day 2011

The oldest post I could find about Delurking Day was from 2003 and even that post attributes the idea to another blog on LiveJournal (which comes up 404). We may never know for sure where it came from. I remember posting about it years ago but I can’t find my original post. I’ve searched my own blogs with every version of ‘lurk and delurk’. Just proves the fallibility of the search versus my own human brain.

Schmutzie started The Great MoFo Delurk in 2007 but I don’t know if she kept it going. (No search feature on her blog).

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Long Hair

I dreamed I had really long hair. I stood in front of a full mirror and later a store window and I could see my hair behind me. My hair was so long I could see the ends of my hair, behind my back, nearly touching the floor/ sidewalk. I’m sure I had the dream because my hair had gotten long the last couple of months and I was liking it. Then I had a hair cut and too much was taken off. It’s half that length now. No doubt it was on my mind, even when I was sleeping.

Have you written about a character with long hair, male or female? How would the hair become part of the story? Very long hair could not be ignored in daily activities, it would be in the way, it would need to be moved, coped with in so many ways we would usually not consider. Write about a character with extremely long hair, a Rapunzel, in real life. Write about this person doing ordinary things like catching the bus, eating out at a restaurant, making dinner.

Long Hair FAQ from the LiveJournal community for Long Hair.

The Long Hair Community

Long Hair Loom

Can You Answer This Question?

From Shadow Muse on LiveJournal:

Given the choice, would you prefer to be a world-class (visual or performing) artist or an intellectual genius? Which, in your opinion, would facilitate a more fulfilling career and social life?

I really can’t pick one or the other. Maybe an artist cause not being a genius doesn’t mean I have to be dense, just not a genius. I can live with that. Which would you pick and why?

Live Press for LiveJournal with WordPress

I’ve had LiveJournal for a long time. I was happy to install a new plugin (I’ve become a plugin window shopper) today. Live Press says I can choose to publish any of my WordPress posts to LiveJournal at the same time. That is a good thing. I am always having trouble trying to post at LiveJournal. Yesterday it would not even let me type in the screen for adding a new entry. It was pretty odd. I’m hoping this will work around that and give me the chance to keep my LiveJournal account from getting too stale. I won’t be using it as a receptacle for everything I post here. Far from it! But it can have enough to look less ignored.

Write a Story in 50 Words

I’ve posted before about challenging yourself with word count limits.

Here is a LiveJournal group, 50 Word Story, where they write a story in 50 words. Can you do it? I read some great stories in the group. Pretty amazing how much can be told in so few words.

Here’s mine:

A toolbelt pulled his pants low, exposing his butt crack. He smiled at me over his shoulder, flirting.

So I gave him a list of jobs to do. Kept him and his tools busy all day.

At night, years later, he still proves what a smart ass handyman he is.