Just a Bit of Pen Envy

I miss writing with a pen. I miss penmanship too. My penmanship has suffered from lack of use. However, my keyboarding skills are pretty fast and accurate – as long as I am typing my own words right out of my head.

I still like to look at pens. I seldom fail to go down the office supplies aisle in stores. There are so many nice pens, some with thick nibs, some thin. Some with the perfect black ink. Now there are gel pens with multi colour inks, unlimited ranges of colours. Then there are the old style fountain pens, like a calligraphy pen used to write invitations in a fancy script.

I still remember my favourite pen from school days. I still have an assortment of pens on my desk, close at hand. I seldom use them and that is kind of sad. Yes, I’m a bit of a history geek. Sort of a traditionalist in the leave no man behind way. But, that doesn’t mean I am going to go back to writing long hand. It just means I feel the loss of the pen in my hand, the writing flowing from my pen in cursive style.

One thing I do not miss is the old typewriter. Word processing on the computer is far too good for me to want to return to the old manual typewriter.

Do you ever miss writing with pen and ink? Do you also have a growing collection of pens, seldom used?

Snowflake Watching

Snowflake watching is a real hobby. You need a magnifying glass and warm clothes. Bring your camera too and try to photograph the snowflakes. I think the challenge would be to be out on a day that is cold enough so your own breath isn’t melting them as you try to focus in close enough to see their patterns.

Flickr: Julie Falk: The Snowflake Project
Flickr: FWWidall: Snowflakes
Flickr: Mark Cassino: Snowflake Photos
Flickr: Snowflakes, Snow & Winter
Flickr: Awesome Snowflakes
National Geographic: Snowflake Gallery

Snowflake Photography Resources:

Reposted from Popular Mechanics Magazine: Wilson A. Bentley: Photographing Snowflakes
SnowCrystals.com: Snowflake Photography
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Pop Photo: How to Photograph Snowflakes
EarthSky: How to Take Photos of Snowflakes
Weather Scapes: Photographing Snow Crystals and Rime

Suite101: The Snowflake Man, Wilson A. Bentley

Another Way to Say Divorced

One of the things I got thinking about this morning was other ways to say divorced, another phrase. How about ‘in between marriages’, as they say for people who are unemployed. Not that women have to marry again but it seems we tend to do so, or at least be looking around with that as the end goal. Here is my list of other ways to say divorced:

  • In between marriages
  • Exploring new men
  • Refreshingly single
  • One man down
  • Unmarried
  • Despoused
  • Otherwise engaged
  • Paired out
  • Wanna be widow
  • Matrimonially unchallenged
  • Looking for Mr. RightBehind
  • Repenting in leisure

What can you come up with? We are the word people lets see what we can do for divorce. Someone can come up with something funnier or more sarcastic than mine.

While looking for ideas and inspiration for divorce phrases I found other divorce related resources, humour and quotes. Some pretty bitter and nasty. I didn’t save much of that, it isn’t productive and it seems to be a way to keep yourself in the past rather than letting you move ahead into your future. Also, blaming others is too easy. Not that we should everything is only our own fault. But, through it all press on, move ahead and find something great you can focus on for your own future.

“I’m an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor
“Getting divorced just because you don’t love a man is almost as silly as getting married just because you do.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor
“Marriage is too interesting an experiment to be tried only once.” – Eva Gabor

Did you know there are Divorce Planners and Divorce Coaches? I can see how it would help but it seems kind of a cynical thing, for our world community to have need of these services. When you start looking around it’s interesting how much of an industry divorce is becoming. Yet there isn’t a ton of stuff giving support, humour and the light hearted side. It’s mainly geared to the lawyer stuff. I think something more is needed. I may work on that, having been divorced once myself now, I’m at least qualified in that way.

Divorce Network – Twitter link
Divorce MagazineTwitter link
Divorce SaloonTwitter link
Divorce Diva Blog – Twitter account is somewhat active, the blog is gathering dust bunnies.

Dastardly Yours – Divorce cards.
Divorce Party Supply

I found this on a site but they didn’t give the name of the person who said it originally.

One of the reasons that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce is that those men who promised that they’d die for their woman just don’t come through.

Happy Birthday Invisible Man in my Head

From StickyNoteStory, Rebecca Enzor on Twitter:

Today is Gar’s birthday! I mean, they don’t celebrate birthdays in Fie Eoin, but I do 🙂 #happybirthdayinvisiblemaninmyhead

Some fiction is written as escapism. How much of it is written to give us the man of our dreams without having to actually live with him, do his laundry, be nice to his Mother and all that day to day stuff. The more interesting question: who is the man of your dreams that you keep in your head? I have conversations with mine. Not a lot, just enough to give me a boost when I wish someone real was really around.

Plan the birthday party you and your dream man would have. What would you do with him on his birthday?

Snoculf Snollitrot

Where do you get ideas for naming characters you write? It’s fairly straight forward to use standard names you hear in the day to day world around you. Have you ever created a name, something never heard before? I think the names in science fiction and fantasy are interesting, the names created out of thin air. They say something about the writer, the culture the writer lives in and knows.

I came up with a character name which I may never use. But it sounds pretty good. I read it on a package of cheese flavoured chips, the French name (because we have English and French on packaging here in Canada).

Snoculf Snollitrot

Snollitrot alone is a pretty great name for some kind of character. I picture a secondary character in a Lord of the Rings fantasy. But, to keep things interesting I’d really like to use it as the name of the leading man in a paranormal romance. I can just hear him asking the love of his life to marry him and become Mrs. Snollitrot. Who could turn down such an offer?

Assume a New Identity

From Bev Walton-Porter‘s book, Sun Signs for Writers and inspired by the fact that I am enjoying getting to know an Aquarius man, here is method #2 to smash writer’s block for any Aquarians you know:

Assume a new identity.  If you’re tired of wasting away in front of a blank page, maybe it’s time someone else took over the job. Adopting the point of view of somebody else – whether that person is fictional or real – can help you write. Aquarians are imaginative by nature so role-playing at the computer or in your journal should prove appealing. If you’re adventurous select a new writing identity for every day of the week, and strive to write in that author’s style – even if only for a short while – on that day.

Who will you become? I’m going to try writing as my heroine, the one I’m trying to write that way at least. She isn’t really co-opertating, typical dragon. Maybe she’s just as sick of me as I am of her. If I give her a real voice I might get a lot more done.

Update: To order your own copy of Bev’s book send her a payment ($10) via PayPal to scribequill@gmail.com Shipping is free and you will get an autographed copy.

Traits of the Irresistible Man

From YourTango: 7 Traits of Irresistible Men:

  1. He Has Mastered The Wink.
  2. He Radiates Calm.
  3. He Takes Care Of Himself.
  4. He’s Got Style.
  5. He Has A Manly Scent.
  6. He Is Affectionate.
  7. He Laughs Loud, Hard, Often.

I don’t agree with the last one. Yes, a good manly laugh is nice. But, not too often. He should be a man, not a fool or a hyena.

A good wink is very, very nice. Twinkling eyes are super nice too. A man who is calm, or at least doesn’t fly off the handle at small stuff is sexy. That element of power and control over himself are hard to resist.

Men who look like they can do their own laundry and wash behind their ears, yes that’s sensible and maybe taken for granted. Style is good, shows an advanced level of taking car of himself. Not necessarily a metrosexual but a guy who can dress himself and it shows. Maybe he has fashion sense beyond the white shoes and belt, or not, but he wears it well. A scent is very sexy. Though tricky to pick one that works for him and doesn’t cause allergies in those around him.

Affectionate is nice, in some moderation. The strong, silent type is still sexy too but it is nice if he reaches out for your hand and keeps it as you walk along the street. A little romance is always a good thing.

So what is the point of thinking about an irresistible man? Character writing. When you think about a male character from a book, the sort of character you found sexy, irresistible, and arousing, what were the things about him that made you want to read more? Make a list and see if you can write an irresistible male of your own.

Just Another Windy Day

It’s a windy day, you’re walking along the sidewalk, coffee in hand. The wind is nice, just strong enough to blow the cobwebs out of your head, yet not so strong you’re having to hold onto things in order not to blow away yourself.

You see a man’s hat blowing along the sidewalk, bouncing on it’s rim. Whoever was chasing it must have given up, the hat is going by fast. Next you see a man’s toupee flying along in the wind, flopping in mid-air like the wings of a bird. You duck. It flaps on by, missing you. The hat and toupee make you think some guy is losing his wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be funny to see his suit jacket, tie, shirt and pants come along next.

Laughing about it, you don’t notice at all when the house flies down out of the sky and lands just a few steps behind you. The ground shakes and you slop some of your coffee on yourself. But, you don’t turn around, you have to get to work on time.

What is the oddest thing you’ve ever seen blowing around on a windy day? Could you write a story around it? Do you pick it up or just leave it to keep blowing around?

Stop… I’m Not Ready

Sharon Crawford has a writer group based in the east end of Toronto, East End Writers. If you are in the area join the group and go to the events.

I was reading Sharon’s blog, Only Child Writes Blog. She writes about being the only child to older parents. In one post she began writing about only children being lonely. She wrote that she married after her Mother died and later divorced by the time she was 30. She said she wasn’t ready for marriage. I read that phrase over and over, usually about marriage. Of course, I don’t know everyone’s personal experience but I feel suspicious about this outlook on marriage.

Based on my own experience with marriage when I married a man my own age, in our early 30’s. I still remember having doubts before getting married. My Mother said, “When will you ever know for sure, when will you ever be ready?” I’ve never forgotten that. It is very true. When are you ready to be married and take on all that? When are you ready to have a baby and take on all that? When are you ready to get old and look old and take on all of that?

I don’t think anyone ever gets up one day and feels they are fully adult and can handle all the life experiences like marriage, children, old age and death. Not to mention the man made things like taxes, insurance, government, lawyers, etc. Even if you have been independent and out in the world awhile, no one person is really capable of tackling everything as if they were a robot with super intelligence, super strength and no emotions to get in the way.

I posted a comment to the blog:

No one is ready for marriage when they do it. It brings a lot of changes, a whole new life with another person who brings all their ways of doing things, how they think about things and what they did in their family. In my own marriage my husband changed his mind about being married, he wanted out because he didn’t want to work on things and become an adult. He was over age 30 at the time but still wanted to reclaim what he thought of as his lost youth. I sometimes felt I was married to a kid, but I never felt I was a grown up then, or now when I’m 45. You just cope, grow along with life. I don’t think we are ever really ready for any of the big things in life, right from birth to death.

What do you think? Were you ready when you got married? Were you ready when you had children? Were you ready when you sent that kid out into the world to school? How long do you think it would take to be ready if you aren’t ready, what would you need to finally be perfectly ready? How old will you be when that great day comes and how much of your life would you have missed while you got ready for it all?