How Do you Find your Courage?

Maybe one of the worst things about looking for work is having to assess yourself over and over again. The longer it takes to find work, the more you have to look at yourself and the more likely you are to find yourself lacking as your lack of success in finding work seems to confirm. It is a cycle and not a nice one.

I am writing out an assessment of my employment history and my search for employment tonight. It is not fun. I think I would rather bungee jump off a very tall building and risk going splat at the end. But, here I am. We all have to do these happy little things now and then.

How do you figure out your own pros and cons? More than that, how do you do that without feeling like you want to crawl under a rock and hide from the world?

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill
“Every man has his own courage, and is betrayed because he seeks in himself the courage of other persons”.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bullfighting Family Man

Watching an animal show about animals in trouble and animal attacks. Up came a bit about Brandon McClure, bullfighter. It was shown over and over (as these shows love to replay the action about a dozen times), Brandon being thrown by a bull, 5 or 6 different times. Once he was thrown about 15 feet into the air. He did survive. In his interview he talks all macho about fighting and courage.

Brandon has a wife. She is there watching. I didn’t hear if there were also children. Possibly there were or there are by now. Does it occur to anyone but myself how irresponsible and downright selfish it is for a married man (a family man) to be fighting bulls for no reason but sport? It’s one thing to be an adrenaline junkie when you’re single and won’t make your wife a widow. Even then most of these guys do have parents and other family. At least they are not dependents or partners.

I think it is incredibly selfish, self-centred and uncaring to take stupid risks with your life just for sport when he is a family man. If he wanted that kind of life he should never have chosen to be with someone. No one during the filming of the show seemed to consider this. But, it gave me a tear to watch it and see the wife report what she had seen and felt on the scene. He recovered and was back to bullfighting less than a week later. It must be some kind of culture thing or blindspot. What do you think? Could you write an essay on the topic?

Have all Women’s Magazines Sold Out?

“Most women’s magazines simply try to mold women into bigger and better consumers.” Gloria Steinem.

It does seem this way. Even those who try to rise above the consumerism become caught up in it when they want to make money. How can they not? Our economy is geared into making women consumers.

When you read women’s magazine the basic sections (health/ fitness, beauty/fashion, parenting, home/garden) are full of glossy, full paged ads and the articles themselves show large photos of products. The text articles, the ones about heartbreak, loss and health tips don’t get the big, mouth watering photos to illustrate them. After all, there are no products to focus on, nothing to sell. However, they do sell the woman we should be, the perfect one who does all the responsible green planet saving stuff, the one who knows which foods her kids are safe eating and the one who still has time to do her make up before she leaves the house. (Of course it’s a house, it’s always a house in those ads and the illustrations for articles). There are the token articles about great things some woman is doing somewhere. The magazines may even have a career section still, most don’t, though some did in the past.

Full, glossy ad pages are devoted to displaying nail polish, salad dressing and other things available at a mall near you. There are few car ads places in women’s magazines. I’ve yet to see an ad for sports equipment in a woman’s magazine, unless it is an ad for a spa, gym or weight loss clinic type of thing. We are still consumers who look after the family while looking pretty. Even the great Cosmo has long since fallen. Last time I picked one up I was sickened by it’s focus on looking after your man. It’s long lost track of the independent woman who was strong and looked after herself, first.

Do you read women’s magazines? I do. I admit the glossy pages appeal to me. I want to dream about this great life on display between it’s glamorous pages. I sneak them into my purse so no one sees me bring them into the house. My Mother buys them too, for the recipes. I think we actually did use one of the recipes, in the past two years. For me they are wishful thinking. Yet, I am angry too. I try to limit myself to not buying any at times. I would like them to change. I would like them to represent my reality. But, they can’t. I just don’t make enough money to buy all that stuff.

Would It be Better if it Were Nature’s Fault?

“Some will see this as the apocalypse while others see this as natural evolution.” – Joe Laszlo

If all civilization ended, all of our man-made creations were to crumble and finally the planet itself explodes into just rock and gas floating around in space…

Would you feel better if the world/ the planet itself came to an end  due to natural causes versus something we did to blow ourselves up? Would it seem just that much better if it were nature’s fault? If we (though we would all be gone) were not entirely to blame?

I Think We’re Alone Now

You see a woman eating alone in a busy restaurant. What does she look like, how is she dressed? Picture her in your mind. Is she older, middle aged or a young woman? What is her story? Did someone stand her up? Is she a quiet person who prefers to be alone? Is she just having a quick bite before she goes home to a house full of family? How do you see her and what expectations do you get from seeing a woman alone in a restaurant?

What changes if the person is a man? Do you get a different feeling, different assumptions and different expectations about a man eating alone?

Do either of them bring something to read? What are they reading, does the man read a newspaper while the woman tends to read a novel?

It is interesting how we perceive people. I like to compare men to women too, cause we always see each one differently even when they are doing the same thing.

Six Sentences, Exactly

Can you write a whole story in just six sentences: Have a look at The 6S Social Network on Ning,

The submission period for Six Sentences, Volume 3 – a literary tour de force scheduled to be published in April – is officially underway! If you’d like to be part of the action, just send your work to (no attachments – just paste your work in the body of the email), and make sure the subject line of your email is 6SV3 SUBMISSION (or 6SV3 SUBMISSIONS if you’re sending more than one – you may send up to three). Your work must be previously unpublished, and the same 6S Writer’s Guidelines apply. The deadline for inclusion in the book is Sunday, January 31st, 2010 (at midnight EST).

So… when it comes to being published in the new book… what will you say in six sentences?

Laura remembered the shower nozzle was still cracked when the it sprayed her in the face, again. At least the water was hot and coming out in a strong spay to clean off the dirt, loosen her over worked muscles and steam away the stress of the day, detox by water. Lathering her favourite,  decadent vanilla soap over her skin,  she even enjoyed the water in the tub covering her ankles, like a shower and foot bath all in one… wait, that wasn’t supposed to happen. So much for a shower to unwind. Now she had a clogged drain to add to her list of things to do. She should have known you couldn’t start your day planting your husband and not have the universe take out petty revenge, God must be a man after all.

Because We Love Them

This idea was inspired from HappyandBlue2 (Social commentary through sarcasm). His post about Christmas shopping for your man (if you have one tucked away in some cage, closet, where ever you find it handy to keep them).

Think of a sarcastic Christmas gift for the man in your life (or someone else you love, like a lot, or are related to).  The first part is knowing what they really do want. The second part is turning that around to give them what they really want but in a way they never expected.

  • If he wants a big screen TV, give him a big hole in the wall where the TV could fit. If it also happens to be where you wanted a wall removed at some point… all the better.
  • If he wants power tools get him a long extension cord and a small gift card from the hardware store. Include a note listing all the great home repairs he will be able to do now.
  • If he longs for a vacation, you should take one. Where will you go and how long do you think he can look after the kids by himself?

Hiding, Even from Yourself

“With lies you may go ahead in the world – but you can never go back” – Russian proverb.

You’re one of the great con artists. You’ve been doing it for years, making a very nice living at trickery of your fellow man (and woman). All is well until, you want to visit your parents in your home town to see them once more, they aren’t getting any younger.

The problem is how well known you came to be in that small town. No one will be happy to see you unless they have you under their thumb or thrown in jail. What is your great idea for a disguise, something foolproof. So foolproof that you wouldn’t even know yourself!

Oh My, Keanu!

There is a local woman making claims that Keanu Reeves is the Father of her four children. The children are mostly grown up now and she wants Keanu to pay her for their child support and her own common law (or some such idea) support retroactive to when they first got together. Keanu is not talking about it but his representative has commented to the newspaper, the local one. I doubt her story…

I’ve had my own long, passionate, drawn out, affair with Keanu for years. I’m sure he would have mentioned her at some time. Our six kids, most of them gone away to universities around the world now, like to talk to “Daddy” on the phone every weekend. Now that the kids are away Keanu just about lives here when he isn’t making movies. The sex is mad. He’s just a lusty dragon of a man in bed and a romantic soul out of it. Keanu is one hot, mad, squirmy male submissive too. Moaning, pleading and twitching, he looks really great tied to my bed, in the doorway and over the chair. (Not all at the same time). In the showers… well, can’t give away too much. A grrl has to keep a few secrets.

Write about your own passionate, secret lust filled affair with a celebrity. Just for fun. No Keanu’s were slept with before or during the making of this blog post.

Fix That Bad Boy

I think it’s odd how much comment spam I get about drugs for sexual dysfunction. Yes, I’m divorced and not dating but that doesn’t mean I’m like a cat in heat or a dried up spinster. I’m just fine, thanks for asking.

Actually, sometimes I’m kind of evil. I like daydreaming about men as sexual submissives, the situations they get into which bring them low. Today I was thinking of a group of women who bet each other their boyfriends will cheat, if given the opportunity. One woman stands up for her man. Of course, she loses that bet. Not because I think so little of men but because it makes a much more interesting story if the boyfriend isn’t an angel.

He gets picked up and taken back to “her place”. Once there the woman ties him to the bed frame and then, when he is stuck, she lets him know about the wicked plot. Also, just for fun… your girlfriend is coming over and is she ever peeved with you!

Can you see it in your mind? The scene, the set up and the consequences the boyfriend may suffer? Could you write it? Or would that be just too sinfully delicious?