21 Techniques for Writing Your own 101 List Post

  • Don’t be intimidated by the big number (101). Write down 10 and just keep going as long as you can.
  • Brainstorm, don’t edit your ideas until you are getting nearer to your goal for 101.
  • Don’t go to other sites or other sources for ideas right away. Start your brain thinking and work on your own ideas first. Give yourself the chance to get into it before you just give up and copy what others have done. If you don’t make this your own, unique post, it just won’t be all that interesting.
  • Take a break. Go for a shower, take a walk, grab the bus for a tour around town, make coffee, something that gets you away from your list but doesn’t fully occupy your mind. I get my best ideas when I stop trying so hard to get ideas.
  • Don’t pick a generic or overly general topic. Yes, 101 seems like a lot, but you will be surprised how quick you can come up with ideas once they start to flow.
  • Phone a friend. Get fresh inspiration from family and friends. You might not get anything from them but something they say could start you thinking along a new track.
  • Read forums in the niche/ topic your list fits into. Then read forums, and sites you find in the forum posts.
  • Use the numbered list when you type in your ideas. It saves you counting them plus, as you get past each mile mark you get a surge of accomplishment.
  • Read back the ideas you have already written. I always get new ideas that way.
  • Pick your topic wisely. Don’t try to write something you don’t really know anything about. It will show when people who do know the topic read your post.
  • Don’t write it just for SEO or keywords. You’re going to need a passion for your topic to stick with it for all 101.
  • Don’t think you have to have a fabulous idea for each of your 101. Go back to the basics for those might not know anything about your topic.
  • If your topic is a hobby or something you can physically do, do it. Pay attention to each step along the way. There are always little things you have come to take for granted.
  • If you stall out consider breaking your ideas up into categories. Sorting them out can show you ideas you overlooked.
  • Search for inspiration in unlikely places. There are so many feed type sites, just pick one like HubPages, Squidoo, etc.
  • Try something other than text based sources. Flickr is a photo sharing site with an amazing diversity of user groups for all kinds of ideas and topics.
  • Take a real break from it all. Put the whole thing away for a week and stick to that week. Don’t come back until you really want to.
  • Look for another angle. If you’re writing a list of people as resources mix it up by adding people on Twitter or skip people and link to places they could go to offline,  or a forum instead of links to blogs and websites.
  • Spelling and grammar count. Pay attention to spellcheck. If you aren’t sure about a word, don’t use it. Check the spelling for names of people, companies or sites.
  • Look for memes, and other 101 posts with your same topic or something similar/ related.
  • Turn it around, write about poor resources, tips that don’t work and ideas that didn’t pan out.

Creative Writing Related Memes

I think it’s a bit snobby to put down blog memes. True, it isn’t a good thing to over use them to the point where that is all you are posting. But, they are good as a way to give you something to write when you are running out of steam. Some of them are especially good and all of them would be glad to have more regular posters/ participants. I don’t think they deserve the reputation they have been given as a blight on blogging. Instead, think of them as very user friendly and try one, or two, now and then.

Friday Fill-Ins

The Friday Five

Saturday Six

Saturday 9

Sunday Scribblings

Word Beads

Manic Monday – No longer running but the list of topical words is still up in the sidebar.

Manic Monday – A different meme with the same name.

Wordless Wednesday

Unconscious Mutterings

Coffeeshop Confessional

Three Word Wednesday

Monday Musings

3X Thursday

Friday Frustrations

Only the Good Friday

Friday Questions

Thursday Thirteen

The Queen’s Meme

TMI Tuesday

One Word Project

The Weekly Musing

Meme Express

Smiley Saturday

Wednesday Weirdness – No recent posts but archives are in place.

Photo Hunter

Letters That I’ll Never Send

Poetry Play Thursday

Thursday Thunks

Curious as a Cat

Limerick Off’s

Snackie Sunday

Monday Crazy Questions – Meme is on hold until at least Spring next year.

Situation Sunday

That’s My Answer!

Sunday Seven

Random Meme – No updates since June, old posts are still available.

In Other Words

I Want… Wednesday

Illustration Friday

Four for Friday

Circle of  Words – Retired meme but kept in archives by a fan.

Meme about Blogging

  1. How long have you been blogging?
    Since sometime in 1998.

    2. Any advice to beginners?
    Keep it fun. If it begins to be a job you need to take some time off.

    3. What are the good things blogging has brought to your life?
    I’ve used it as a journal during some hard times. I have met a lot of people (even though it is just online) who I would not have met otherwise. I’ve also found new creative ideas and outlets, more all the time.

    4. What would you consider the pitfalls?
    The commercialness which started a few years ago and is building up like a giant puss-ball zit these days. I expect it will keep getting worse until someone finds the next great idea in spamming.

    5. Tell us about your blog name. Ever think of changing it? If so, to what? Why?
    That Grrl. It’s had a few other names (I’d have to think really hard to remember them) but I don’t think I would change is again now.

    6. Knowing what you know now, was starting a blog a good thing for you? Why or why not?
    I think it was a good thing. I love the creative aspect. I like seeing what I can do with my limited abilities in coding and graphics.

    7. How do you think blogging, bloggers, or the blogosphere has changed since you started?
    I started a long time ago. Things have changed in huge ways. I miss the old days when blogging was personal. I’m pretty sick of the commercial blogging stuff and the fast, fake friends in social network stuff now.

    8. Ultimately, what would you like your blog to accomplish for you or others?
    I don’t have a plan with a lot of goals and accomplishments. I’d like others to find something interesting maybe even useful. Mostly I blog for myself. To stretch my creativity and give myself a place to write when I want to tell myself something.

    I found this one on Sunday Stealing. It’s from a couple of weeks ago.

The Handwriting Meme

For the Handwriting Meme from Sanni-licious. I found the meme on Comedy Plus. Here are the rules from Sanni-licious.

1.) Go ahead, get a piece of paper and a pen. Prepared? Okay!
2.) Write a pangram* in your language. Sign your paper with your first name or your nickname (not your signature!!!). You can also include your blog URl if you want to.
3.) Take a picture.
4.) Post it on your blog! Leave a comment here (or a trackback) once you have posted.
5.) Link back and tag – don’t be shy!

Yes, it is that simple!

Coffee Cup Meme

What’s your favourite cup for coffee or tea? Post a photo if you can. Let’s make it a meme. Post your cup photo and pass it on to someone else.

I love the blue and white daisy design on this and seldom use it. I’d hate to see it fade away from going through the dishwasher. I’d handwash but pretty wasteful to use the water and soap for just one cup and saucer. So it sits in the cupboard and only gets used occasionally.

My sister was given a set of 4 of these by a friend for her first wedding. I loved them and looked and looked to get a set myself. Never found them. Then by chance I saw one cup and saucer at the local Sobey’s grocery store. Only one left and I have never seen them anywhere since then.

So not a great sentimental story behind it. I just treasure it cause it’s such a perfect pattern. I’d do my whole kitchen around that pattern if I had a kitchen of my own to do. 🙂