Pickled Mouse Feet

Your new alien neighbours (you keep forgetting how to say the name of their planet) bring over a jar of their own special, favourite jellied dessert topping. It looks like pickled mouse feet but you don’t want to say anything… well, not really. Is there a polite way to decline their offering without causing bad feelings between neighbours? Keep in mind they have a pet ‘dog’ that looks like it could swallow your house, whole.

Windows Vista is Nag Ware

I’ve got the new computer running. It’s different in small, strange ways from the old IBM. This one is an Acer, running Windows Vista (which should be known as nag ware) and I bought a flat screen monitor (ViewSonic) which has a warped sense of colour. I am trying to adjust them. The red on this is pretty awful. Which is not good when red is my favourite colour.

I’m also setting up Firefox, looking for my old favourite addons. I’ve got StumbleUpon back but still need to decide if I want the Google toolbar back or to keep that other one I found which was just as good and did not hog bandwidth nearly as much – a nice feature.

One problem I have found which is a biggie, are the USB ports. While this PC has about 8 – 10 USB ports the blasted thing will not let me use even one extra one to plug in my scanner. I have not even tried the camera yet. For some stupid reason the computer wants to run everything it has on a USB port: mouse, speakers and the keyboard are all USB connections. Even though there are ports just for the keyboard and mouse they don’t come with those connections to be able to plug into them. So here you buy this PC with so many extra ports and you think you’ve got it made when it comes to finding a port for your scanner, camera and other extras. But, no buddy, you’ve got a flock gathered and your extras won’t fit in cause the essentials are already at the USB feeding trough. This is bugging me immensely.

I’ve just bought a new PC and I already need to buy new hardware for it, day one. So, I will likely see what I can find at Staples or Zellers or some such place. I need a plug to adjust my mouse and keyboard from the USB port sucking space to the other spaces which they should have been working in.

I also need to buy my very first DVD. A blank one. Cause they don’t actually give you an OS when you buy a brand new computer. No, Microsoft is far too greedy/ paranoid for that. You get a preinstalled hunk of molasses slow junk (which nags at you endlessly) and you do not get a CD or a DVD. Instead you have to either burn seven blank CD’s or one DVD in order to have something to reinstall your OS when it crashes and burns. Until then, you are using it at your own risk. Also, I can not install Ubuntu on this baby with a dual boot cause I can not reinstall Windows. I’m not really keen on the idea of buying Windows just so I can continue to use Windows Vista. It doesn’t seem much different from the XP I have used on other computers. It is quite slow, likely to being clogged up with junk I don’t want and don’t really want to wade through to delete or tame in some way. Also, it nags and nags and nags at you each time you do anything, asking if that’s ok. Like a nervous paranoid chicken, it just does not shut up. Cross the road already!!!

Anyawy, not sure I can scan anything. I have over 200 photos I would like to take off the camera but may not be able to. But, I do have a new computer. Great, right?

Passionate About…

“The creative process is not computer software that provides all the answers at the click of a mouse. Rather, the process is a mysterious beast who comes to sit by your side and befriend you only after you’ve stroked and fed it every day for a long, long time. This beast demands your care and nuturing, it wants to build up your trust, and it craves your love, because in truth, that beast is you. More people don’t create than do because they cannot give themselves that critical extra bit of love.” – Suzanne Falter-Barnes

At the end of this chapter was a writing exercise: write down (for three minutes) everything you are passionate about. Here are mine.

-ideas -philosophy – marketing/ promotion
-old things -buildings – gadgets
-pirates -dragons
-sewing – creating – stitching -embroidery -quilting
-the rain – water -ocean, lake
-fire -wood -stone, rock, pebbles
-growing things -garden
-places -history -culture
-women as a culture -traditions
-nature -outdoors
-ice cream
-travel -backpacking -road trips
-Internet -web building
-optimism -cheery – positive
-singing/ dancing alone
-drawing -art – graphics -ASCII art
-nights and mornings
-mysteries -unknown -Wicca -possibilities -science fiction
-Victoria Holt and Shirley Jackson style writing/ books