Social Sustenance for the Self

The problem with joining other sites and networks is the time and energy required to get anything out of being a part of the network. I only have so much quota of social energy and then its gone. I can smile and nod but that takes my time, and patience and kind of belittles me. I’m able to fake having patience to the point where even I believe me. But, I know I really have almost none at all.

Anyway, back to the point, joining social and professional groups, networks and associations. I often think I’d like to be a member. I read the member benefits and think I’d like that. But, in actual practice, it just never works out for me. I lack the energy to be social enough to really get far in a community. A loner type never works out in a community unless they somehow own or founded the community and have others to do the actual social part.

Knowing this about myself I am making a late New Year’s resolution and unjoining several communities and groups which I’m not really gaining anything from. They feel like a drain on me. I can’t support them with the little social energy and patience I have.

What about you? Are you a good socializer? Do you love being part of a community and find your place in one? Or, are you quiet and never seem to quite find the time and energy to really join or do much to take part?

Remember, you have to decide what sustains you and what you sustain. Keep it balanced!

Thank You Gentle Readers

I just noticed that I went over 1,000 comments on my blog over the New Year. Thank you gentle readers.

Do you remember Ms. Manners using that, gentle readers? I always thought it was interesting. A way of giving a name to the nameless and faceless people who read what you write but don’t leave any sign of having been there. It is a way of feeling less alone in a crowd.

What would you call your readers? Think for a minute… be serious about it. You might use it as a sign off line, just as Ms. Manners used to (or still does?).

Blog Copyright

» Blog Copyright.

This is the plugin I use on my WordPress blog to change my copyright each year. You really don’t need a plugin for this. It’s quite simple to adjust the end date yourself. I like the plugin cause it keeps it in place (as part of my footer) no matter how many times I flip my blog theme around.

Don’t forget to change your blog copyright date at the start of the new year!

Happy New Year!

Make a List of a Different Kind

As read on, The Bright Side column: Make an I-did-it list.

… have you ever considered getting motivated for the new year by making an I-did-it list for all of the things you’ve already accomplished? … before you write out the things you want to do in 2011, take a moment to appreciate all the great things you did in 2010.

What things have you done that you could give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing? What did you cross off your to-do list? What deadlines and goals have you met.

Give yourself credit for a job well done before you think about all that you still have to do. Keep a balanced perspective.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Watching replays of Corner Gas this morning. I think the Comedy Channel is running them 24 hours a day over the New Year.

The one on right now is where Brent goes on vacation, a staycation. He is sitting right at the gas station, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, but ignoring everyone. He even sends postcards from Dog River as if he was sending them from exotic locations.

If you were taking a vacation like Brent how would you make sure no one knew you were actually home? Could you hide in plain sight? Write yourself into the ultimate staycation.

New Year Resolutions

It’s been awhile since I wrote any New Year’s resolutions. But, in the spirit of trying to get organized, turning over a new leaf and setting some goals for myself, I’m going to give it a try.

I am only going to make three resolutions:

  1. I will be more physically active, exercise or just getting myself out of this chair and out of this room/ house more often.
  2. I will make a plot/ plan for the fiction I want to write and use this to keep myself on track with the writing of the whole thing.
  3. I will keep drawing or in some way illustrating my own posts myself. Though, I give myself leeway to skip some days if I have too much on my plate at the time.

That will be enough to keep, or try to keep up with. Those are reasonable goals which I could manage to do. Also, they are things I am interested in doing rather than stuff I will have to push myself to do to a huge extent. Yet, challenging enough that I will have to work to meet these goals.

How about you? Even if you don’t make a list or tell anyone about them, do you have a goal for 2011?

Give a Blank for Christmas

Dear  _______________,

I’m   ___________  that I can’t be with you for the holidays.  I really   _____________  you both. Thanks for your  ___________  and your  __________  the past year. You are always  ___________  when I need ______________.  I don’t  ___________  what I would do without you.  I’m looking __________  to seeing you with a new  ___________  in the New Year.

Come up with something pretty outrageous to fill in all the blanks. Just for fun.