The Best Secret Door Ever?

People like a story with a secret. But there is more to a secret than the secret itself. How would you design the ultimate secret door? Would it be mysterious, dark and dangerous, sparkling and light or something no one ever noticed until…


I like this one. It blends into the wall. The painting covers the seam at the top of the door and who would think a secret door would just appear right in the middle of a big painting on the wall? Nice camouflage.

For me the ultimate secret door would be in plain sight. Anyone could have seen it if they had just noticed the tiniest of tiny seams in the wallpaper. Of course, the seam would be placed right on the stripe pattern of the wallpaper. A casual glance would have no hope at all in finding it. If someone actually looked, carefully… they would decide it was just their imagination and think a secret door is just romantic nonsense anyway.

Daisy Yellow’s Creative Experiments

Daisy Yellow is an art journalist with regular posts with Creative Experiments, Kick Start your Art Journal and Art Journalling 101.

Use familiar stuff in a new environment

This is easy. Take your show on the road. If you draw mandalas at night before bed, draw at a cafe. If you mostly shoot photos of your kids, photograph iron gates or weathered doors. If guitar is your thing, get friends together to play at your house.

Use new stuff in a familiar way

Build on something you know how to do. If you paint flowers with watercolors, paint the same subject with acrylics. Shoot a roll of black + white film instead of digitals. Sketch with thick markers rather than a black pen. Make orange-spiced pecan muffins instead of blueberry-walnut.

Use familiar stuff in a new way

This means playing with your materials! If you know do mono-printing with a rubber brayer, use a brayer to make an art journal background. If you embroider on aprons, try stitching on an art journal page.

Explore completely new stuff

What sparks your curiosity? What would you try if failure was irrelevant, just to try it? If knitting is your passion, experiment by making a bracelet with FIMO polymer clay. If you design digital graphics, try pottery or learn to knit a scarf. If you usually play guitar, try painting with watercolors. For me, freestyle embroidery was intriguing yet out of my comfort zone. You can also pursue this idea by taking a class ~ you can find a course (web or live) in hand dying fiber, photography, photoshop, watercolor, ceramics, jewelry making, sewing, guitar, sculpturing recycled junk, making bread.

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Has the Internet Made us Greedy?

I think the Internet has made people greedier in a way. We used to have more patience and be used to waiting for things. Not just business sort of stuff like phone calls, letters, communication in general. But, even personal things like waiting to read your favourite magazine once a month. Or, the delight of finding a painting, or some other illustration which has everything you love just the right way. It used to be once a decade you would happen to find something like that. Or, that perfect jewellery, furniture, wedding accessory, etc.

Now, with the access to the Internet we find great images and ideas almost every time we look for them. There is so much more and so much more is all so much more easier to find. It’s designed to be easy to find. We are spoiled and kind of greedy. Once something gets easy we just expect more. Almost no one is ever happy with what they have after all. Everyone just wants more.

Have we crossed some kind of line? Are we becoming a selfish and greedy bunch? I wonder what our ancestors would think of our lifestyle. Would they wish they had our indulgences and our easy access to so much – or would they see how much less we really appreciate all that we have.

eBooks Have No Feelings

It’s a shame they don’t still make books with hard covers, embossed titles, tissue thin pages between full colour illustrations, fore-edge painting. Those books had texture, they were touchable. New books don’t have that quality and ebooks have none at all.

It seems we always lose something sensual in a real, physical way when we move ahead with new technology. Will everything eventually be hands-off, untouchable in the future? The less people touch things the more it becomes something unusual, scary, even taboo eventually. Think not? What about all those people who won’t wash their hands any more because they’re afraid of germs? They don’t want to touch the taps, the soap, the towel to dry your hands…

I’m just waiting to see someone wearing latex gloves to the bookstore.

Mobilize Your Creativity At ArtCrawl

In addition to a 2-Day artist retreat at NYU ITP (October 1 & 2), we’re inviting artists (of all backgrounds and genres) to join us for some plein-air drawing, painting, photography, film and whatever else strikes your fancy at three super-inspiring locations in NYC.

Not a mobile digital artist? Well, that’s okay too.  “Analog” artists are welcome to join us too!

via Mobilize Your Creativity At This Year’s ArtCrawl.

This is in New York, US. But you could organize your own Art Crawl. Pick a day and visit art galleries, local museums and any other places where you can find art, culture and crafts in your area. Create your own personal Art Crawl right where you are. End the Art Crawl at a great coffee shop over a latte.

The Store With Everything

You walk into a store that sells everything, literally everything. You can buy a new hard drive for your PC, fresh fruit, a new mattress along with a new bed. You can even buy things like courage, pride, and a new soul if your current one has become a little stale, dusty or something like that. It’s really a store with everything and everything for it’s price.

At the front door you stop to read the map which shows where to find everything. You can even take a copy of the map with you, it even shows the shuttle routes though they only come buy once an hour. Your very first purchase, no matter what you choose to buy, is free. What do you choose as your first purchase. Think about the options first, you only get that one free purchase. Do you really want a new car or an original painting worth a fortune over something that could be priceless to you, personally?