The Site Fights

There are a lot of online communities. Most work with the standard message boards and include optional newsletters, chat and so on. There are few which offer something really unique as an experience you could not get at another community site. I would say NeoPets is one and another is The Site Fights. Both should be experienced rather than judged out of hand. I’ve been having fun with Neopets this past week. But, I knew The Site Fights long before NeoPets was online. It’s a community based on driving web traffic and encouraging webmastery: making graphics, learning HTML and other basics of having your own personal site. Don’t look at it and think it’s not “professional”. No, it’s not professional, that’s the point. It’s fun, time consuming and definitely something you will learn something from, somewhere along the way.

Esteem for Writers

The article is longer but these sections appealed to me and I want to remember them.

Affirm Your Esteem as a Writer
by Ron Kurtus (revised 3 April 2003)

Your esteem as a writer is established by self-appraisal of the quality of your work. You must constantly reaffirm that you area good writer. Self-esteem is fragile, and there are some who may try to lower your esteem through unfair criticism. You must not let others affect how you feel about your work. You should feel that your writing is good and certainly the best you can do.

Obviously, there are some people with more talented than you. Don’t compare yourself with the geniuses or the stars. Rather emulate them and use them as models.

Instead, compare yourself with the average and with your past abilities. If you are better than average, you can hold you head up high. If you are writing much better than you used to, it is something about which to be proud. That builds up your esteem.

There are also people looking to elevate themselves by putting others down. They will not only criticize your work but may make personal comments about you. “Your writing is terrible. And not only that, you’re fat too.”

Realize that such people aren’t talking about you. They are talking about themselves and their own insecurities. Consider the source and don’t let their opinions affect you. Rather, avoid getting an opinion from such people, if you can.

When you look at your work, you should be proud of what you did. You should feel that you do good work. You’ve got to constantly tell yourself this to overcome the negative people. Telling others may convince a few, but it may also be considered bragging.

One important thing in having pride in your work is to make sure that everything you write is well done. This includes letters to friends and relatives and e-mail. Always use a spell-checker before you send an e-mail. Use the spell-checker and grammar checker for any document written on a word processor, especially those you send to other people. Taking such care means you have pride in your work and affirms your self-esteem as a writer.

In conclusion
You must look at your work and feel it is well-done to have self-esteem as a writer. Compare yourself with the mass of writers. Remember that every writer is critiqued or edited. Don’t let critics get you down. Look at your work and reaffirm that you are a good writer. A writing career is a lot of work, but it is well worth the effort.

You do good work. You are a champion.

Word Play – Word Play

Exceptionally good personal site. Personality quizzes and other interesting bits.

Long Letter Ladies

    Long Letter Ladies (archived)

For women who like to write and read long pen pal letters. Sorted into age groups, not a new site/ group.

Welcome to Long Letter Ladies. This is a resource designed with the long letter lady in mind. Do you love long letters? Do people comment about how chatty you are? Do you often find yourself needing extra postage to send that bulky envelope in the mail? Do you type your letters because it is impossible for you to write without getting a hand cramp? Well if so, you are probably a long letter lady.

You’ve come to the right place! This page was designed exclusively for you – the adult long letter ladies. Sorry but no men are allowed and will be banished from the guestbooks. Usually women on these pages are married and are not seeking male penpals. It is truly nothing personal.

This site was designed originally in 1997 and has changed only in its appearance and not in its intent. It is still meant to bring together ladies from all over the world who have one thing in common: They love long letters. If you are seeking penpals, post an ad or come back often to see new penpal listings.