Weird/ Odd Art Forms I Like

I’m taking part in the ProBlogger 31 Day Challenge to a Better Blog. On the second day, the assignment is to create a list post. Among the reasons for making a list post are readers who skim rather than read. I know about this type of reader as I do it a lot myself. So here is my list post:

Weird/ Odd Art Forms I Like

I found an article about this same idea on Web Urbanist. Do you know of any weird and/ or odd forms of art?


eListas, The Most Complete Mailing Lists, Groups and Newsletters System on the Net

I’m not seeing the magic word… free. But, I need to be up early tomorrow so I can’t stay to continue looking.

I’d like to see what lists are here. Any ASCII art, road trippers, day trippers, ex candy stripers, pixel art types, writers even? There are always writers. We come in packages of 50.