Google Knows Where you Live and They Want to Tell Everyone

Did you know Google keeps track of everything you do online, with any Google products, software, etc. You can’t make them stop, not really. (You would have to eliminate Google from your life). Also, if you do want to control how much they know and share about you, the most you can do it pause it. There is no stopping Google.

Google is not the only option for web searches. Even if you are only looking for your own site to see where it comes up in a search – why are you only looking at Google?!

The following screen captures are a mess due to problems with software I was using. Right now I don’t want to fix them. But, they tell the story, as messy as it is.

Is GoogleMe a Reality?

How nice that rhymes. Anyway, there is talk about a new thing coming from Google, competition for Facebook, maybe. They say it will be called GoogleMe. Here is what I wrote in a comment about the idea for GoogleMe at Regular Geek.

Google is on the wrong path if they target LinkedIn as a style for GoogleMe. Facebook is the model they should use. LinkedIn is pretty stagnant as far as I am concerned. Meanwhile Facebook continues to grow no matter what is said about it’s security and privacy of information. It’s those damned game applications in my experience. I can’t ever login in there without having a dozen or so invitations to join and requests to send cows and etc. Most come from relatives I hardly see otherwise. Anyway, GoogleMe should be geared down to the masses rather than geared to the professional types who want to connect socially in a professional way. If they design GoogleMe for the casual user they could have a real winner and competetion for Facebook in reality.

TechCrunch posted about GoogleMe and I commented:

I don’t see Google going casual enough to attract the Facebook market. Facebook works for people who are not professionals but just connect socially, play addicting and useless games and collect things. It is out of Google’s usual market and not their style.

Also, I noticed there is a business already using GoogleMe as their name. As an interesting sidenote.

Mashable, Wired, and PC World have posts about GoogleMe too.

What do you think? How should GoogleMe work if they want to compete with Facebook? What would it take to knock Facebook off it’s throne or at least shake them up a good bit?

Geotagging Your Blog

You don’t need to add a geotag to your site or blog. At the moment it is an interesting sidenote more than something practical. However, I can see it evolving and growing as we begin to use the Internet for more than just online socializing. There is offline socializing too, after all. People have been using geotagging on their photos more than on their site itself. One thing to consider is privacy. I would not give out the exact latitude and longitude to your house itself, settle for the town you live in rather than going for an exact location.

Find your location information (latitude and longitude included) at:

Add your geo meta tags to your blog.

Wikipedia: Geotagging Web Design: What is Geotagging?

Problogger: Geoblogging – How to Geotag your Blog.

Linux Journal: Geotagging Web Pages and RSS Feeds

The Open Geospatial Consortium “is a non-profit, international, voluntary consensus standards organization that is leading the development of standards for geospatial and location based services.”

W3C: GeoOnion

Even for all that Nice, Juicy Money?

“It’s so insidious and pointless. I think that takes away from getting to have this special moment where you go and see someone in a movie. That magic gets diluted because you see these people every hour, every day in something that’s bound together and called a publication.” Julia Roberts talking about how Hollywood has lost it’s glamour.

I think she is right. But it’s not all gone. Still, when you see them in their underwear, or wearing bikinis that show them as human and less than perfect and you see them all the time. They aren’t anything so special any more. At least here in Canada we don’t get bombarded by it quite so much. Even living in the midwest US I found there was more babble and propaganda about movie and TV stars than I encounter here.

Would you want to be a movie star in this day and age? Or would you find the lack of privacy too much to cope with, even for all that nice, juicy money?

No One Knows Where you Are

Assuming you are writing a personal blog/ journal/ diary why don’t you show your location to readers?

I know there are security, privacy and paranoid reasons to not give your home address but surely you can say which country you live in, maybe even your province/ state?

One of the things I like best about reading a new blog is knowing where the person I am reading about is from. It’s interesting to read about daily life in another country. It is also a warm feeling of coming home to be reading the blog of someone in your own country. Mine is Canada, Ontario to hit a bit closer to home.

Why not post your location. Stick up a little flag in your sidebar. Be proud of where you are.

The Grand Standing House

You inherit Great Aunt Maude’s mansion. The lawyer calls you to her office and gives you the value of the estate which includes a huge house and lands with landscaped gardens and a maze which has been a tourist attraction in the area. Locals are concerned that you will close it down to have privacy.

But, the lawyer informs you that the house and lands are not quite the dream you were hoping for. The house is full (literally an organizer’s nightmare) with clutter, garbage and newspapers which Great Aunt Maude could not bring herself to throw away. The lands are beautiful, somehow she managed to keep the gardening staff paid.

You have an offer from a land developer to buy the whole thing and take away that “headache” from you. But, the house was once an elegant, beautiful place. It is still well known for it’s architecture, the stone, iron and wood work were all done by craftsmen ages ago.

Do you try to keep the house, getting rid of the garbage inside an digging up those old antique treasures which are buried under all the debris? Do you sell to the developer to make it easy on yourself? Or do you come up with a third option that attempts to make everyone come out happy? – Defending the privacy of ezine subscribers

Service which ezine publishers can use to show they will not sell email addresses and other information from subscribers to the ezine. Good idea but maybe a touch anal for me. The more spam dished out in email the easier the email services are making it