A Sign of Twitters To Come?

The Love Ogre has made a home for itself on Twitter.

I’m a real person or ogre trying to help spread a little happiness and love advice from my own life.

As quoted from the Love Ogre’s response to a Twitter post. I think it’s a good use of the Twitter forum. A live question and answer advice feed. It doesn’t link to a blog in the profile, it is all on Twitter and only on Twitter as far as I can tell. A throw back to when people made webpages and didn’t cover them with ads. When the web was still free and the deers and the antelope roamed. A bit over done on that last part maybe. But I did get a little happy and nostalgic seeing this Twitter in my contacts tonight. It’s like when everyone still put up a page for the sake of creating something, just putting something out there and not expecting anything back.

Good luck Love Ogre. Now, will you answer my question?…

Twitter Me This

Design Reviver has a post with “25 of the Best Designed Twitter Homepages“. Nice to see what people have done within the limitations of Twitter profiles.  If you are on Twitter have you done anything more than the standard with your profile? It might not seem too important but each chance to stretch your creativity is a good thing. Have a look at the profiles picked by Design Reviver and see if you don’t feel inspired yourself.  You are welcome to add a link to yourself on Twittter with comments to this post. We can do our own “Best Designed”.

Me on Twitter. I haven’t done too much with mine yet.

I’ve found two places which help you with a Twitter background.  Twitter Backgrounds and Free Twitter Designer.

Insignificant, with Attitude

“I’m insignificant, with attitude”  –  found on Spicybug’s Twitter profile.

Who doesn’t feel insignificant at times. There are so many people in the world to compare ourselves to. Before we even begin to put our best foot forward we are far outnumbered. Save yourself, have some attitude. In the end you can only control yourself and no one else has that advantage. Just you. Go scare a few people, or at least surprise them!

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Idea for Uncluttering

The next thing someone needs to invent is a sidebar or widget that lets you list all your webrings, blogrolls and other groups you have joined in one widget which you stick on your sidebar instead of all those individual blogrolls, webrings, widgets and graphic linkbacks. I see it being something like the widget for Wink. But, instead of links to your profiles on Yahoo, Blogger and etc it would be a link to all those widgets which usually clutter up our sidebars.

It could even take you to a secondary page on the blog where all those widgets and such are listed in full. But the widget on your main page would not have all that mass of clutter. If you have seen Wink you might get a better idea of what I am thinking of.

Now it just needs some code type person to come along and do it. Any time now… don’t all rush at once.

Making Someone Look Good

Write a profile for someone you know well. A friend, your Mother, a cousin… whoever you pick. Make an in depth profile as if you were describing them to a prospective lover or an alien who doesn’t know what humans are or their children who are not born yet. What do you say about someone when it really matters and is really important to make them look good?

Association for Linguistic Typology


New link – http://www.linguistic-typology.org/

Typology linguistics. More word love.

The purpose of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT), founded in March 1994 and currently claiming more than 600 members, is to advance the scientific study of typology, that is, of cross-linguistic diversity and the patterns underlying it. To that end ALT seeks

  • to further mutual awareness, dialogue, and co-operation within the international community of typologists;
  • to give typology a higher profile within as well as outside linguistics, and in particular to act as an interest group of typologists in relation to the world of science and science funding.

ALT’s principal public activities are

  • the organization of annual or biennial meetings and occasional regional workshops;
  • the publication of a journal;
  • the regular awarding of a prize for outstanding typological research of prizes for outstanding typological studies and reference grammars.

As an association of linguists whose special professional expertise lies in linguistic diversity, ALT will share in the responsibility for a task of paramount cultural importance — the documentation and maintenance of this diversity that is in danger of being dramatically reduced in the near future.