Would you Host your own Radio Show?

Do you have a weird thing for stick figure drawings? Me too. I think that’s the main reason I started playing KOL (Kingdom of Loathing). The humour drew me in after that and kept me playing. Once I got to the point of being stuck in the game I was already listening to the KOL Radio, especially ADeadHeart, my friend who had sent me the link in the first place. She is taking a break from live radio, not on as often as she had been. But you can hear her on November 4th, 10:00 AM (depending on your time zone). If you do listen to her show you need to know ahead of time that it is not family friendly.

Have you ever thought about being a radio show host? What kind of show would you do? What kind of music would you play if you were a radio DJ? Or would it be a talk show about gardening, or auto repairs, or something else entirely?

Write a plan for doing your own radio show. Write your very first monologue to introduce yourself and the show.

New Journalism?

Where do you fit in on the idea of print versus online media? Do you think the end of local newspapers, radio and television stations is just a sign of the times (changing economy and changing technology) or do you see things differently?

From the Shores of Introspect and Retrospect posted about the closing of the local newspaper in Colorado.

I posted my own comment below:

It’s very foolish to think the “new media” will or can take the place of a published newspaper for an area. For one thing, there are few new media sources which focus on any one area. One person publishers can not be unbiased in their reporting and they can not be everywhere and find the news which a staffed newspaper can.

Also, though few would think it important, the advertising flyers which we rely on to find where the specials are each week. While newspapers are a great source of local events, local business reviews too, let’s not ignore the local sales too. Online media can not offer what a newspaper has to offer.

I think relying on bloggers and new media will not be good for our language skills either. Someone who has not be trained as an Editor or other type of English language professional makes mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. I like to think I am above average but I know I am not perfect. There are mistakes which I make (over and over without knowing) which a professional editor would catch, and fix.

This post is especially hitting home for me as we are seeing the possible end of your local TV station here in Barrie. Mainly a money thing. But, I think money is the symptom of the cause. People are relying on the Internet for news and entertainment. There is less of the market for TV, radio and print than there was before the Internet. But, I don’t think the old forms of media are invalid or no longer needed. Each fills a different need and utilizes the resources for news and communications in different ways.

In Loving Memory

Someone mentioned Anna Nicole Smith on the radio this morning. I don’t pay a lot of attention to American celebrities but her story, or the end to her story, strikes me as pretty sad. Whatever she had done and whatever you thought of her, isn’t it sad that her son died before her and her baby daughter will never know who her Mother was. Only what people tell her, never to really hear anything from her Mother herself.

If you could tell DannieLynn about her Mother what would you tell her? None of us are likely to have met Anna Nicole but I think everyone has at least heard of her, not all of it good. But, if you were to tell that young lady (sometime in the future) something about her Mother what would you say?

More Than the Eye can See

I can remember waiting for someone to pick me up from some event. I was still a kid and it was winter. A real wintery evening. Dark outside, snow blowing around and cold. Just plain cold, not bitter or frigid, but that kind of cold that is just there as if it had always been there.

One thing that brings back that memory strongly is the sound of the ding and ping from the Canadian flag blowing in the wind. I still have a clear imprint in my mind with how it looked but also the sound made as the wind blew the flag against it’s metal pole. I guess the flag had divots (I think that is the right term for them) which the rope ran through and it was those metal bits which made the noise.

Funny how something so small brings that memory so sharply into focus. I don’t know how long I waited outside or what the event was any more.

When you write a scene remember real life is more than just what the eye can see. Don’t forget to add sounds, smells, taste and touch. Think of all the things you remember based on just some song on the radio, the smell of a pie baking or how soft a cotton ball is.

Getting Into Audio

I bought an MP3 player. Thought it would get me out walking since it’s not something I look forward to with delight each day. Just trying to figure out how to use it, how to get music on it.

My Mom started listening to radio online too. I haven’t looked into this side of things much at all. Podcasts, radio online and downloading music has not been something I thought I would get into. Just goes to show how fate likes to prove you wrong.

Tonight I am going to join in the KOL Radio broadcast to talk and listen to DJHeartless. If she has time I know she can tell me what I need to get started on the audio side of online explorations.

Couch Surfing

I heard part of a radio show about couch surfing. A new plan where you visit people and just camp out on their couch a day or three in order to live some part of the day to day life in a different town. Much like what I used to think of as backpacking, but on a couch instead of a hostel.

Which couch would you want to camp out on? Think of a person living in a place you want to see or just a person you would like to spend time with, seeing the sites. What would your adventures as a couch surfer be?

Silence is a Sound

You’re in a room by yourself, it’s all quiet, not even the radio is on. Over your shoulder is an open window. The breeze floats in, stirring your hair. There is silence in the room and it’s quiet outside. But, what do you hear? Think of all the little sounds… the things you only hear when it’s quiet.

Writing Background Inspiration

Today I was thinking about what you like in the background as you write? Music is the most likely background. I flick on the radio to an oldies station and then I ignore it completely while I write. Some of it likely leaks into my brain but I couldn’t tell you even one of the songs that played.

Anyway, today as I was working I thought of a new background inspiration. Smell! So, I bought 4 bottles of aromatherapy/ cologne stuff. (I found some fairly cheap at the department store). I bought two of the Gingerlily so I could give one to my Mom for Mother’s Day. Here are the four scents: Gingerlily (for positivity), Green Tea (for enlightening), Tangerine (for energizing) and Jasmine (for sensuality). How does that sound? Well, it smells great. Gingerlily is especially interesting, though the smell fades faster than the others.

I bought them to give me a boost when I’m writing. You know those days when you feel like all your words have already been written, all your ideas have already been explored and all your thoughts are stale, having breathed their last during the first Ice Age. On those kinds of days an appeal to a different sense might help. After all, we may write about smells but we don’t use much of our sense of smell while writing. Its not so easy to tune out as the white noise of the radio either.

So, if you’re looking for some extra inspiration or something to keep you going give my idea a try. Or come up with something that appeals more to you.

Run Your Own Country

NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society’s less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the United Nations or remain a rogue state. It’s really up to you. Inspired by the novel: Jennifer Government by Max Barry.

The Feminist Test – Housewife

You scored 33% Gender-Abolitionist, 40% Sexually Liberal, and 0 % Socialist

You are the housewife feminist. You aren’t very philosophical or political, but rather personal and practical. Housewife feminists feel there is no need to drastically restructure society or government in order to help women. You tend to feel that individuals can make their own lives better, and restructuring society is either pointless or too extreme to achieve these goals. You are also a very moral type of person, and tend to see the plight of women through a moral lens, not wanting to oppress others in woman’s attempt to relieve their oppression. You also tend to see men and women as being very different from each other, and certainly not as equals. Some housewife feminists will even see women as superior to men because they have better qualities, such as more compassion. Normally, you would probably be classified as the “Cultural” feminist, because you emphasize the differences between men and women, tend to lack political motivation, and are not concerned with sexual liberation. I have called this position the housewife feminist, however, because someone in this category could easily be confused with a ’50s housewife–simple, non-political, accepting gender roles, holding traditional moral values, and having little sexual liberation. However, it is important to note that this does not mean the housewife feminist isn’t concerned with the women’s movement. Rather, they are concerned for women as individuals and see the radical philosophies of other feminists as impractical or misguided. You resemble a ’50s housewife on the surface, but beneath the exterior beats the heart of a true feminist.

So Quiet This Weekend

Kind of spooky. Like I wandered into one of those end of the world movies. Everyone has been evaporated from the planet but me. I’m left to wander around, which is pretty ok with me, alone going anywhere I please. Imagine all the stuff you could do. Banks and such wouldn’t matter, if your first thoughts went to amassing cash. Everything would be free for the taking. Haul away as much stuff as you can carry. I’d gather food, canned and jarred stuff like pickles (I especially love dill pickles). Then I’d pick out a place I really want to live, maybe two even. One in the city and one in the middle of nowhere, by the water.

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found you were the last person left on the planet? Possibly there are others but it could take you a lifetime (or a great amount of luck or skil) to find them.

I think it would be fun. Eventually I would miss having someone to talk to, I guess. I could always get a lot of blow up dolls from some adult store and have instant company. They’d be really quiet and not much help but at least they’d keep out of my way and not want to share any of my supplies.

I think I’d miss things like radio, TV and the Internet more than I’d miss having actual real people, physically there. They say you would go crazy being alone for a long time. I wonder… Even if I did go crazy I doubt I’d actually notice a huge difference in myself. I already talk to myself. I already talk to inanimate objects. There are times when I answer myself in these conversations. So, really, how would I know I was crazy? Maybe I’d imagine someone and they could tell me.

You never know…

For now, I’m missing Skye. Did she try to sneak away from her blog? Doesn’t she know about the blogging contract? How silly of her not to read the fine print. 😉