Bloggers Without a Goodbye

Have you had a blogger you enjoyed reading, even got to know through email, who just disappeared one day? The blog taken down so there wasn’t a thing left but what you remember. Strange when they do that isn’t it? Makes me feel none of it ever really mattered.

It is different when someone has died. The blog just stays idle and eventually disappears if it’s not on Blogger or one of the other free sites which keep everything.

Monique is posting about this. Was nice to read about other bloggers who have experienced and thought about mysteriously missing friends.

If Skye reads this… I still think of you.

A Love Letter from a Gentleman

You find an old hope chest from Great Aunt Daisy. It’s stuffed full of old linens, china and letters from her lifetime. Reading the letters is a trip back through time. One is a love letter from a man you know was not Great Uncle Edwin. It’s lovely, written by someone who very much cared, with romance, passion and not at all overly mushy or slutty.

Have you ever written a real love letter? How would you begin it and how would it end?

Chocolate for the Best Chocoholics

You’re on the chocolate diet. It’s absolutely fabulous, eat chocolate whenever you want, all kinds of great chocolate sweets and savoury dishes too. It is the most delicious diet you have ever tried. The only drawback is that your scale keeps reading wrong. You can’t possibly have gained four pounds, you’re on a diet after all.

What is your yummiest chocolate idea for a recipe? Non-diet of course.

Keeping Down the Leprechauns

You finally catch that snickering little leprechaun. This time he won’t be getting away. He’s caught in a small steel cage and you’ve even got it on wheels so you can just tow him along wherever you go. He’s not liking it. But that just makes you feel better after listening to him laughing at you all these past months.

You can’t take a caged leprechaun many places without someone else wanting to steal him away and you need to have quiet to hear when he tells you the secret to his treasure. Reading a book would be a good idea but you forgot to stash one in your purse. Going to the library or a coffee shop won’t do cause he’s making way too much noise arguing and complaining and trying to trick you into letting him go.

It’s going to take some time before he breaks down enough to tell you where his treasure is… how do you pass the time?

Chocolate Pudding Fiasco

Off Center needs some writing inspiration. If you are reading this click to visit and give her a writing tip for when you just have the blahs and inspiration seems miles away.

Meanwhile… You were visiting the chocolate factory. Oh yummy. There was a huge tank, a vat really, of chocolate pudding. It smelled so good you just had to lean in closer to get a really good whiff… then you fell in. Just like that kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Embarrassing.

But, the problem is getting out now. No one seems to have heard you calling for help. Which is kind of ok since you will likely get into a ton of trouble for contaminating a vat of chocolate. It was meant to be edible after all.

So, what do you do? I mean, after you’ve inhaled as much chocolate pudding as you can stand?

The Word You Use

Pick a word you don’t know. Find a dictionary (online or not), pick a letter and read down the lists of words until something unusual and unknown comes up.

Now write ad adventure for yourself based on the word you pick and it’s meaning. Make sure you use the word once and then write around it, showing the meaning so that no one reading your work would have to look up that word. Make the meaning clear through use of your story telling ability.


NaComLeavMo–National Comment Leaving Month (the national refers to wherever you are reading) from May 25th to June 25th. A full month of intense comment leaving. Leave 5 comments a day and return one comment a day for the month.

Was a nice plan. I just found it too late to join up. But left a comment on the post and she wrote back. Tomorrow she is taking votes on whether it should start again this coming month. Leave your comments too, if you’d like to get in on NaComLeavMo. I will.

Dinking and Drinking

Funky Midnight Writing for Soulfully Blonde. It’s midnight… close enough. Some weird elf comes into your room with two potions. One says “drink me” and the other says “no, dink me”. (No one said elves were good proofreaders).

The elf sets your potion of choice down on your nightstand, right beside the book you were reading. He gives you a look when he sees the title of your book. Elves are kind of prudish at times.

You dink the potion (or drink it if you were silly enough to pick that one which is only going to make you taller until your head buts through the roof of your home and causes you a lot of insurance headaches, now don’t you wish you had just dinked the other potion…?) the elf begins to look a lot taller, kind of sexy too. When did you develop this elf fetish?

So, do you tell the elf about his typo? Do you give him a talk about the importance of proofreading, spelling, punctuation and grammar? Once you’ve done all that, how does he take it? Sad, how little appreciation elves have for grammarians.

The New Curvy, Sexy You

You were just sitting in your favourite coffee place, enjoying a great latte, nothing much going on. You liked the book you were reading. You still have the same book and coffee in front of you. That’s a good thing. Cause almost everything else about you has suddenly changed. Other than the book, latte, your purse and your clothes you’ve just become another person on the outside. You need to get to a mirror to be sure. But, your legs are now long and slim. Your hair is long and very silky to the touch. Your figure is… perfect. You’ve suddenly become someone who looks like a curvy, sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie model. How does your day go from there?