Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries are Dead

My note to Energizer:

I have a pair of Advanced Lithium batteries, expiry date 03/2019. One of them has rusted out inside the remote control for the TV. They are no longer functional. Plus they have damaged the remote. From what I have read on your site they should have lasted much longer. How do I get these 2 AAA batteries replaced through Energizer? Also, will new batteries work now that the batteries have caused damage to the electronic device?

What do you do with dead batteries? I tried scraping the rust off and got them to work twice more. Now they are doing nothing. Annoying because you can’t buy just a pack of two when you go to the store. So there are two more somewhere, I just don’t know where. I don’t really care to use batteries from the same pack and risk more damage, so it’s not vital to find them. If I did keep them.

There is nothing else in the house which runs on AAA batteries. I’m careful not to get other sizes because I hate buying a battery which will only work for one thing. You end up never being able to just buy a pack of two so you’re paying double for the batteries right from the start.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can freeze these, dip them in vinegar, or anything to get them working. I wrote to Energizer but likely it will take days and then all I will get is a form mail reply worth absolutely nothing.

Project 52: Self Portraits

Frankly, I don’t like other people taking my picture. For some reason, their primary concern with the shot is not making sure my eyes sparkle and my double-chin is hidden.

I’ve only ever done arms-length or reflective self-portraiture. I’m becoming much more at peace with my tripod and my wonderful husband got me a remote shutter release for Christmas which opens up a world of new possibilities.

Daily Window: Tag Archives: Project 52.

Exploring the art of the self portrait. Different themes, styles and ideas for taking a photo of yourself, once a week, for a year.

What could you learn about yourself by getting closer to your own face, shape, light and shadow?

People with No Common Past

From “The Secret History of Moscow” by Ekaterina Sedia:

“It felt like a school trip, and Galina had to restrain herself from trying to hold hands with Timur-Bey; despite his diminutive stature, he appeared quite formidable. Besides, Galina thought, he had never been herded with a group of other children to a museum or an exhibition of the country’s agricultural prowess. It was frustrating, thinking of that man and realizing that they had never shared an experience; was it possible to be so remote in time and circumstance that there was simply no overlap?”

Galina was a modern woman who fell into an underground world (somewhere below Moscow) where people had fallen out of history and continued to live in this sub-world. I enjoyed the book and the look at another culture.

What about the idea of two people who share no common past? Is it possible for people to be so far apart in time that they have nothing in common? Sure there would be simple things like fire, ice, winter… basics that have been around for every generation and before. But, in the timeline of people, you don’t have to go too far back to find people who would not understand the current culture and traditions of people now.

Think of some things we take for granted in our modern culture that would seem bizarre to someone a hundred (or hundreds) of years ago.

Expression without Expression

Think of someone who is unable to express emotion. Maybe they grew up with the “stiff upper lip” theory of life or maybe they don’t want to upset or annoy someone by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time so they just say and express nothing at all. Whatever the background story, plan a character who can not express any emotions. At least not in words.

How does a person conditioned to be remote and expressionless reveal their emotions, in spite of themselves? What kind of body language do they have that will not show in their face (as they keep their face expressionless)?

Describe how this person changes as they become happy about a winning lottery ticket only to become very unhappy once someone points out the ticket was for a different month and does not have the right numbers after all.

Fail Blog

My nephew, Zack, introduced me to Fail Blog. A friend gave him the book for his birthday. I noticed it on his desk and he told me about it, even let me take it home to read it this week. (I do have to make sure the post-it notes from his friend stay on the book though, that was an important point).

Fail Blog is about people noticing their surroundings, signs that conflict each other (like a sign on a bus saying to use hammer to break glass in an emergency and a complementary sign saying to break the glass to use the hammer), mistakes in spelling that change the meaning of a sign, construction that doesn’t make sense (like a driveway to the garage that doesn’t connect to the gate coming from the road), failed products (like cookies saying they have double the chocolate chips but in the bag you find a cookie that has only one single chocolate chip), sarcasm (like the guy who taped his stereo remote to a handmade sign left for whoever stole the rest of the stereo set). I’m sure you get the idea now. Not the Darwin Awards, more like the sarcastic, the ironic and the confused (a lot like the Darwin Awards but with more photos versus news reports).

You’ve seen something, some where, some time that would fit into Fail Blog. Maybe you kept it to yourself. Maybe you just told a friend or two. But, did you take a photo? Why not share your photo on the blog?

Storytelling for the Ordinary

Think of three ordinary things around the house: can opener, laundry soap, remote control, last year’s calender (useless stuff counts too). Now pick one and write about why you have it, what it does and how/ where you keep it. Make it sound interesting! Why did you buy that one? Does it work well? Have you found a creative and yet practical  way to store it? Did you have to repair it? Does it smell nice? Exercise your storytelling spirit.

Are you Allergic?

There are tales of a cure of allergies from a tiny village in a remote area of South America, Peru to be just a bit more specific. You have had allergies for as long as you can remember and would be really glad to never suffer with them again.

But, to get to the village you have to travel on foot a long way, through jungle with tons of snakes, jaguars and poisonous plants. Assuming you can even find someone to guide you once you get there. Also, they say it is a very weird ceremony before the witch doctor offers you the cure.

Write about the journey through the jungle and what you found at the end, in the (so called) village.

Customer Service Nightmares: A New Show on TV

A customer is yelling at you on the phone. You have never dealt with this person before, yet they are yelling on and on about what “you” have done to their TV, dishwasher, etc. After a few minutes of listening to how everything is your fault you get tired of it. You push that secret button on your phone which “disconnects” the call.

What does the secret button really do? Send the customer to some remote place in the wilderness? Drop the customer into a vat mushy worms? Or, does it only disconnect the call, do you let the customer off so lightly, really?