Important Tip for Content Curators

My biggest and most important tip for digital content curators is… don’t get sloppy!

  • Pick an image to go with the content and make sure it’s the right one, suitable. If not, don’t use an image.
  • Use the site name, give the site owner credit for the content you are curating. Don’t add your own keywords in place. That’s sloppy, ungrateful and *sploggy!
  • Add a description, especially if there is no image to give some explanation about the link, it’s contents/ purpose.
  • Add a title. A real title, not keywords or Twitter hashtags.
  • Check spelling and basic grammar. Don’t use too many short forms, it makes you and your content look sloppy and cheap.
  • Don’t just add anything. Use some discrimination, add quality content, not quantity.

* Splog – A spam blog. A blog existing to run ads, offering no content of it’s own.

The Rumours of my Death… #RIPrumors

I forget which celebrity it was, but an RIP for one of them became a trend post to Twitter last week. Turned out the rumours of his death were false. I posted “We should all do a fake RIP for each other just to see if anyone notices.” Well, Catherinette noticed and wrote an RIP for me. Thanks Catherinette.


RIP @thatgrrl she was an inspirational tweeter. I want her followers. #RIPrumors

RIP @Catherinette Well known for being gorgeous, glamorous and modest. Send chocolate to her home address. #RIPrumors


Pick someone and write a fake RIP for them and post it to Twitter (or keep it to 140 characters or less, if you don’t use Twitter).

Note: There is the issue of the Canadian spelling of ‘rumour’ versus ‘rumor’. I chose to stick with Canadian spelling for my post but kept the US spelling for Catherinette on Twitter. Does that make sense? Of course not. 🙂

Sounds Like Proper English at Tea

When you read your posts back to yourself (in your head, not out loud) how do you imagine you sound?

I don’t know why but I read my writing with an English accent, like a proper English lady sitting down to tea and crumpets. I don’t especially like an English accent. Maybe I just see myself as prim and proper, more than I really think I am.

PS- You should be reading your posts back to yourself. If you aren’t, start doing it. Spell check isn’t enough!

Do You Know Your Storey?

Do you know the difference between the story and the storey?

Even my spellcheck is catching it and trying to tell me I need to change my spelling of the word. But, spellcheck is missing something this time. Storey is a word. It’s the floor of a building, the layers that you travel up when you go for an elevator ride. Did you know the difference between the two words?

Note: It may be one of those words which come up differently between Canadian, US and UK spellings. I use Canadian spelling which means storey it is!

Are you Your Own Grammar Nazi?

How tough are you on your own spelling, grammar, punctuation and typos? I think everyone should be watching for mistakes. Whether English is your first language or not, if you are using English you should be able to have basic skills. At the very least you should not be letting stuff get by that spellcheck would have caught. Spellcheck isn’t perfect but it does know quite a bit. Why would anyone choose to ignore it or not use it at all?

I do think we are all going to have mistakes at some point, however. Unless you are an English major in university or a paid editor somewhere, we are all going to miss something somewhere. Do your best, use the tools at hand and proofread, self edit and get a friend to check it over now and then. Another person might catch something you don’t realize you are missing.

How are you on proofreading your own writing? Are you your worst grammar Nazi nightmare or do you tend to be pretty casual about it all?

Quoted from Darice de Cuba posting to the 9Rules Blog:

I would like to note that I don’t like what they call grammar nazi’s. Mistakes happens all the time and unless you have an editor or two going over your posts you should not be too hard on yourself.

Haiku for National Punctuation Day

National Punctuation Day is September 24th. This year they are looking for haikus with a literary theme. The site has several examples to give you added inspiration.

If you want to submit your haiku for the contest send your best 5-7-5 (syllables, that is) poetry to

Every culture
has spelling, letters and rhyme
in every land.

There’s my try at a literary haiku. Give it a try, don’t be shy.

Rescue Your Story

Word Dreams wrote: 10 Tips Guaranteed to Rescue your Story. Go to the post to read more about each point with suggestions on how to fix them in your story.

  1. The story is too passive.
  2. More dialogue. Less narrative.
  3. Don’t jump around in POVs so often.
  4. Your protagonist isn’t likable.
  5. Add detail.
  6. Fix your grammar and spelling.
  7. Your characters must grow.
  8. Vary your sentence length.
  9. Use picture nouns and action verbs.
  10. Limit adjectives and adverbs.

Coffee Shop Confessional

I’m so used to typing rather than writing by hand it’s confusing my brain. I’m second guessing all my spelling cause it feels so unusual to be writing out each letter in the word. In my mind I see them coming out in type, fully spelled and sorted. The long hand way makes them all look less sure of themselves.

The drawing above is my latest Coffee Shop Confessional. I bended the rules. Instead of drawing on a napkin I used my notebook and I didn’t draw more than the one first thing that came to my mind. I also flubbed the name when I wrote it down at the coffee shop last night.

Try the “I’m a Great Artist Spell” for NaNoWriMo

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo (beginning November 1st) and Halloween (today as of this posting) I bring you…

I’m a Great Artist Spell from “How to Turn your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells” by Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray.

For this spell you will need: some peppermint tea, a mirror, a scarf made of natural materials and a red lipstick or crayon.

When you really understand what magic is built on – the fact that all energy is connected – then any time you’d like a shot of inspiration, you can try this spell. The best time to cast this spell is at 7:00 in the morning or evening.

Make the peppermint tea and breathe in the aroma for a moment or two. Put all the items of enchantment on a flat surface in front of the mirror, and seat yourself in a relaxed position where you can see your reflection.

Drape the scarf around your shoulders. Take the lipstick or crayon and draw a large circle on the mirror while you recite these words:

The circle is cast, only the good can enter herein.

Now write the name of the great artist you’d like to connect with, in the middle of the circle, and write your name underneath the artist’s name. Then look directly into the mirror and recite these words:

I will learn the secrets of the soul I am one with the eternal universe I am connected with all greatness and genius.