Trust Your Wings

From Twitter:

@jenniegarth: A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings.

I don’t follow Jennie Garth (the US actress) so it was just chance that I read her Twitter post after watching Holidaze (an Xmas romance) on TV last night. I love the quote. I haven’t looked for it to see where it originated.

How to Behave Like a True Princess

princessOriginally written for HubPages sometime in 2013. What does the idea of being a princess mean to you? Have you written about a princess (in a fantasy world or the modern world) before?

If you want to be treated like a Princess begin by acting like a Princess with poise, grace and pleasant manners.

The word Princess comes with so many labels, from a spoiled brat to a graceful lady. Assuming the Princess you want to be isn’t the spoiled brat, how do you become the lovely fairytale Princess admired by so many?

A real Princess isn’t a dainty little thing. She stands on her own feet and makes the world (or at least her own local world) a better place. Contribute an example of how to behave better so others will see and do the same themselves. Keep your poise, don’t get flustered or impatient too easily. Use your best manners and be polite – treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.

Still, a Princess is not a doormat. She stands a little above, on her pedestal. Not so high that she can’t join in and be apart of everything going on in her kingdom but still, she holds herself to high standards and she is proud of what she is and what she does.

Don’t rest on your laurels or think you know all you need to know. Take lessons in etiquette manners and ballroom dancing too.

A Princess with some education can make a career out of being a Princess. Become an etiquette consultant, a protocol specialist or even someone working with the Embassy of your own country or in a foreign country (if you enjoy the travel).

How to be a True Princess (or at Least Feel Like One)

  • Decide on your kingdom. Your room, home, or your neighbourhood?
  • Who are your subjects? Your friends and family?
  • Communicate well. Don’t speak too quickly and use a smooth, calm tone of voice.
  • Dress like a Princess. Be proud to look pretty and elegant.
  • Resist buying cheap, wait until you can buy quality clothing, furniture and accessories rather than finding yourself with something which doesn’t suit you.
  • Wear nightgowns to bed so you can sleep like a Princess too.
  • Design your bedroom, your most personal space, to be your Princess oasis.
  • Find an especially beautiful mirror which lets you see your whole Princess self: a refined, classy woman.
  • Enjoy flowers, even if they are artificial, they will brighten up your space.
  • Take care of your hygiene, keep cleaned, trimmed and well groomed.
  • Work hard, do your best to set a good example and show how wonderful a Princess can be.
  • Work to keep a good attitude, be happy and your kingdom and subjects will be happy too.
  • Keep your standards high when it comes to your own decorum and good behaviour.
  • Keep your mind open, be tolerant of other opinions, view points and ideas.
  • Be generous with your time and energy – give to charity when you can and volunteer to help.
  • A Princess attends functions, dances and balls. Make sure you are out to see movies, go ice skating and other events you enjoy.
  • Practice good posture, standing straight and tall with your shoulders slightly back.
  • Practice making an entrance and exit, not just from the room but vehicles too.
  • Practice how you sit. A Princess keeps her knees and feet together, especially when she’s wearing a skirt.
  • Walk with a light step rather than clumping around or dragging your feet.
  • Don’t hold onto negative things and emotions for too long.
  • Do things that make you happy, follow your bliss as they say.
  • Love yourself. Be kind to yourself.
  • Be grateful for what you have and thank people who help you. Show appreciation.
  • Create your own Princess crown (or tiara).
  • Learn how to gracefully curtsy.
  • Experiment and develop a Princess laugh.
  • Learn how to give a royal wave when you are on parade.
  • Host a Royal Event to show off your beautiful gown, your crown and your graciousness.
  • Read fairy tales. Write and draw your own story about your kingdom.
  • Be kind and generous to others and be true to yourself.
  • Have a fancy tea party and invite friends and other Princesses too.
  • Smile, bestow your smile generously for your subjects and others, even those who are not in your kingdom.
  • A Princess can be excited, exuberant even, but she does it graciously and with poise.
  • A Princess is never a poor loser or a gloating winner.
  • Sometimes being a Princess is all in the details: watch your fingernails for dirt and make sure your shoes are not scuffed.
  • Princesses respect the Earth. Don’t litter.

Be a classy Princess, never become snobby or act as if you’re better than everyone else. Don’t expect special favours but be thankful when you get them.

How to Curtsy

Begin by respectfully lowering your head.

Hold your skirt out sideways just enough to give you room to bend your knees.

Slowly lift your right foot and place it behind your left foot.

With one foot forward, and your upper body straight, bend your knees. Lower your eyes.

Rise up smoothly and slowly.

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Women are Afraid Men Will Kill Them

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” – Margaret Atwood.

Do you agree, or disagree? Does your opinion reflect your gender? Do men ever feel threatened with bodily harm, assault, torture, sexual violence or death on an average day?

My Dad and my brother both make light of anything like this. Women are over reacting, being silly… but the fact is that a woman does not feel safe out in the world and it’s not because of other women.

When you write about fear, what do you draw on? I draw on my feelings at the times I have been assaulted, molested and/ or attacked. It does make me wonder what men have to draw on when they write about fear. Do they have any real experience or is it all based on stuff they have seen on TV? Isn’t it handy then, that there are so many movies and TV shows where women are attacked so men will have something both entertaining and educational to have some understanding of what it feels like to be afraid for your life.

How to be OK with Criticism or Negative Feedback

This Hub (as people at HubPages call the articles posted to the site) started from a question asked on the site.

“What do you tell anti hubbers?”

The first thing that bugged me about the question was “hubbers”. Titles should be capitalized. The second thing that bugged me was the whole attitude of the question. It’s all WRONG!

First, why do we have to live as if everything is us and them?

Second, why is no one allowed to disagree? Why do we put down opinions that don’t agree with our own?

Third, why don’t people listen to criticism and use it to their advantage?

Fourth and lastly, why do people close their minds and then act proud of it? I admit, this attitude of being close minded and proud really annoys me. As if the arrogance isn’t enough; to be proud of being so close minded is just too much!

Turn a Negative into a Positive

I’m only going to write about the third point I made, using negative feedback to your advantage rather than closing your mind to it.

When we first hear something negative we get an instant reaction. Some will rebel or be aggressive, defend ourselves, ignore it and try let it slide off us, deny it all, or some of us hide away in our shell just that much deeper, unable or unwilling to cope with anything someone didn’t like about us or something we are doing. I tend to hide in my shell in that first moment but I have learned to see it differently, though it takes practice.

I won’t pretend it’s easy, but open your mind to the essence of the feedback or the opinion given. If you take out the negative delivery, the part of the comment just meant to cause a fight or hurt your feelings, there could be something of value in what was said. Even opinions which counter our own beliefs and values can have a bit of truth. Take the negative feedback, comment, opinion and use it to your advantage. Open your mind to the possibility that you can improve.

Some negative comments and opinions are a fantastic way to confirm your own ideals and values. My best example of this is from my own life as a Pagan. I do get feedback from other people, in other religions or even people who claim to have no religion or serious spiritual beliefs. Some of the comments are nasty, some are fear driven, some are aggressive and some are well meant. If I just listen to how the comments were delivered I could be offended, upset. But, what really works best is to listen to the comment, the information given. Sometimes the information confirms everything I already believe. Now and then I learn something completely new – that’s what I like best.

Of course, the great thing about listening to people who want to hurt you with their words is to turn it back to them, to surprise them by saying “Thank you” and meaning it. You can bet that confuses them. Unless they are foaming at the mouth, most people will be interested in what you have to say once they see you are actually listening to them. You won’t necessarily change their opinions (and you shouldn’t really try to) but you can start a conversation, have a discussion where both of you will learn a little or a lot and agree to disagree. At the very least, both of you have the opportunity to come away with your mind a bit less closed.

You might even find out you agree more than you disagree. It could be you have been arguing the same point from different sides. Even people from different religions want the same basic things, they just look at it from different points of view. In the end, it’s the big picture that counts. Little things mean a lot but there’s a reason big screen TV’s sell so well compared to the old smaller screens. The big picture shows more and makes a lasting impression.

Turn negative feedback/ comments/ opinions into positive action for yourself. Use new information to better yourself, to confirm you are on the right track or to understand how other people think. In this way you can turn something negative into a positive. A win-win situation for you!

Note: I don’t want to say anything for people who don’t like HubPages. They are welcome to their opinions. You’re a little foolish if you only value people who agree with you. It’s up to each person to listen to what is said and form our own opinion. Use the feedback to our advantage. It doesn’t have to be polite feedback in order to be true or right about things we could change to make HubPages, and our contributions to the site, better.

Attacking Animals

I’m watching a TV show (on National Geographic) about animals who have attacked people. Most of the people are tourists who want to camp or swim in areas where there are known predators. So, they are choosing to take a risk. The TV show is making it all look so shocking, as if these animals were daring to attack humans.

The problem is that the animals are trying to survive. Hunting meat is what they do.

I wish someone would make a TV show which would document more animal killings. Show how humans kill the predatory animals and how little room they have left to exist versus the space which humans take over. Not even counting areas which are long domesticated and urbanized. Just looking at the areas where predators like wolves, bears and such still have and notice how little space it really is when you discount areas where people are farming, have some sort of dwelling or use for tourist activities.

How is it we make so much drama about animals killing people and yet we hardly blink when it comes to how people are killing animals. Not only in the way we kill them for sport or as food but in the way we are gradually giving them no space left to exist on the planet.

Will it end up one day that we have no animals living in the wild at all? When they take the last of the wild areas to grow food for the over population of humans will the last of the animals be pampered pets, feral pets and animals in captivity, like zoos?

Don’t misunderstand, I do feel sad for the people killed by animals. I just see it blown out of proportion. If you think about the numbers, the humans are far more likely to be the killer than the one being killed.

If you were writing a story (non-fiction or fiction) about an animal attack would you be writing about an animal attack on the side of the animal or the human? Would you have some understanding of the animal or just be disgusted that an animal would attack a human?

Energizer Advanced Lithium Batteries are Dead

My note to Energizer:

I have a pair of Advanced Lithium batteries, expiry date 03/2019. One of them has rusted out inside the remote control for the TV. They are no longer functional. Plus they have damaged the remote. From what I have read on your site they should have lasted much longer. How do I get these 2 AAA batteries replaced through Energizer? Also, will new batteries work now that the batteries have caused damage to the electronic device?

What do you do with dead batteries? I tried scraping the rust off and got them to work twice more. Now they are doing nothing. Annoying because you can’t buy just a pack of two when you go to the store. So there are two more somewhere, I just don’t know where. I don’t really care to use batteries from the same pack and risk more damage, so it’s not vital to find them. If I did keep them.

There is nothing else in the house which runs on AAA batteries. I’m careful not to get other sizes because I hate buying a battery which will only work for one thing. You end up never being able to just buy a pack of two so you’re paying double for the batteries right from the start.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can freeze these, dip them in vinegar, or anything to get them working. I wrote to Energizer but likely it will take days and then all I will get is a form mail reply worth absolutely nothing.

Social Media Marketing In 15 Minutes A Day

Remember these two rules to social media marketing and you’ll be well on your way:

1. Don’t push a sale. Engage. Social media is all about conversation. It’s not a magazine or TV ad.

2. Only post relevant content. If you have nothing exciting to say, don’t post anything at all. It’s important to keep up a reputation for worthwhile, interesting content.

via Social Media Marketing In 15 Minutes A Day.

Will Cable TV Become Obsolete Before the Printed News?

I should start collecting information on this, but for now I’m just posting this link. (See below).

I think there’s a chance cable TV service will become a dinosaur/ obsolete before the print newspapers even. People talk about the demise of publishing in print, but it costs less than a dollar to buy a whole newspaper and a whole lot more to keep your cable account paid each month. Which would you stick with longer?

Nielsen: 1.5M U.S. households cut the cord in 2011 — paidContent.

The Awful Silence of Writing

Publishing online can be lonely. There should be some kind of cute name for it. Like cabin fever for when you have been indoors too long and desperately must get outside, break free of the inside space. It became known as cabin fever for the pioneers who were trapped inside their small farm houses most of the winter, snowed in or just too cold to leave. Publishing online is like that too. You keep posting, hoping to hear something besides the echo of silence all around you. No doubt that’s why we tend to write with the radio or TV on in the background.

Still there is the urge to be that pioneer, to try something, to start something and try to make it grow. We still do it. Independently or joining up other sites and networks as a smaller part of something big. But, there are days when you can feel overwhelmed by the to-do list you build up for yourself. There are days when the cabin fever of online publishing gets too much. We might go a whole day and realize we have not spoken a single word out loud to anyone but had typed thousands of them that day.

Writing is so very quiet. The only sound is the TV or the radio, the tapping of the keyboard. Blog comments that come in from others in their own quiet writing worlds are like life rafts of communication. You’re not just talking to yourself after all! There really are still people in the world.

Being inside too much also narrows your focus too much. Get out there, people watch or even talk to someone. Blow up your world again, remember what it’s like to be really social, face to face. It may be a bit scarier than talking online but we all need that interaction too. A breath of life in our quiet publishing world.

When you get back online comment in a few blogs, randomly. Spread that breath of life around. Yes, it’s good for your blog stats but more importantly, it’s really good for the blogging community too. Remind someone else that, just because it’s quiet, doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone out there, reading, listening, maybe laughing at the right parts too.

How do you battle that cabin fever of being a web writer, an online publisher?

This was originally posted to The Awful Silence of Writing – Toronto Writing |  – But I decided I’m not a good fit to write there and I’ve closed my account.